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By Dichter Law Office.
Last Updated: December 8, 2016 - Rank this Week: 269
Covers celebrity crime, felonies, DUI, three strikes offenses, and white collar crime cases. By Michael Kraut.
Last Updated: October 31, 2016 - Rank this Week: 302
Covers drunk driving defense. By Sammis Law Firm.
Last Updated: August 13, 2016 - Rank this Week: 243
Covers criminal defense, family law, divorce, juvenile law, business law, discrimination, personal injury, and related matters in the states of Illinois and Iowa.
Last Updated: January 30, 2016 - Rank this Week: 233
Covers criminal law. By the Colorado Criminal Justice Reform Coalition.
Last Updated: December 15, 2015 - Rank this Week: 255
Covers DUI and traffic law issues. By W. james Kotlowski.
Last Updated: August 18, 2015 - Rank this Week: 240
Covers criminal law topics. By Stephen Bilkis & Associates
Last Updated: May 29, 2015 - Rank this Week: 293
Covers developments in criminal law, federal case law, and statutes. Published by Alan Leibman of Fox Rothschild.
Last Updated: April 8, 2015 - Rank this Week: 313
Covers South Carolina personal injury and criminnal law news.
Last Updated: December 18, 2014 - Rank this Week: 296
Covers Illinois DUI law, including penalties, evidence (breath, blood and urine testing), and defenses. By Lewis B. Gainor.
Last Updated: April 23, 2014 - Rank this Week: 224
Provides analysis of crimes and sentences for Florida state and federal criminal offenses. By Silber Criminal Law Firm.
Last Updated: October 23, 2013 - Rank this Week: 250
A chronicle of criminal defense practice for the client. By Stephen Gustitis.
Last Updated: July 5, 2013 - Rank this Week: 256
Covers DWI evidence, blood testing, and breath alcohol testing.
Last Updated: February 24, 2017 - Rank this Week: 461
Covers drunk driving in Massachusetts. By the Law Offices of Jeffrey S. Glassman LLC.
Last Updated: February 23, 2017 - Rank this Week: 397
Covers public criminal justice and defense. By Luftman, Heck & Associates LLP.
Last Updated: February 22, 2017 - Rank this Week: 473
Addresses issues faced by license professionals and regulated businesses in civil, business, administrative and criminal matters with an emphasis on health care. By Green & Associates.
Last Updated: February 21, 2017 - Rank this Week: 459
Addresses issues common to fraud, public corruption and other white collar crime cases. By The Goolsby Law Firm, LLC.
Last Updated: February 19, 2017 - Rank this Week: 490
Covers Massachusetts drug, weapons, theft and other criminal law news. By Michael DelSignore.
Last Updated: February 18, 2017 - Rank this Week: 493
Covers False Claims Act and related statutes. By Ben Vernia.
Last Updated: February 17, 2017 - Rank this Week: 415
Covers Illinois DUI laws and news. By Harvatin Law Offices.
Last Updated: February 3, 2017 - Rank this Week: 344
Covers Jacksonville criminal law and criminal defense issues. By The Mussallem Law Firm, P.A.
Last Updated: February 2, 2017 - Rank this Week: 521
Answers common questions about arrests, court procedures and penalties that apply to the Fort Walton Beach & Destin, Florida area. By Shawn Lupella.
Last Updated: January 31, 2017 - Rank this Week: 420
Covers DUI charges and legal defenses. By Matthew W. Reisig.
Last Updated: January 16, 2017 - Rank this Week: 401
A legal blog written by a recent graduate of UCLA School of Law. Posts cover a wide range of topics, but areas of focus include criminal law, constitutional law, law and technology, and commentary on scholarship and legal education.
Last Updated: December 6, 2016 - Rank this Week: 460
Provides New York criminal law updates and commentary. By Easton Thompson Kasperek.
Last Updated: October 14, 2016 - Rank this Week: 502
Covers expungements, drug offenses, domestic violence and other criminal offenses in Florida. By the Sammis Law Firm.
Last Updated: October 13, 2016 - Rank this Week: 352
Forum for discussion about issues and appellate decisions of interest to Kansas defenders.
Last Updated: October 1, 2016 - Rank this Week: 424
Covers California criminal law topics, including DUI, search and seizure, white collar crimes and sex crimes. By Sean F. Leslie.
Last Updated: July 17, 2016 - Rank this Week: 504
Covers news and information related to criminal law and life. By Charles M. Rowland II.
Last Updated: March 28, 2016 - Rank this Week: 435
Tracks developments in notable white collar and securities enforcement actions. By Brune & Richard LLP.
Last Updated: December 9, 2015 - Rank this Week: 370
Covers Texas criminal and DWI law, with an emphasis on Greater Houston cases. By Scheiner Law Group.
Last Updated: July 24, 2015 - Rank this Week: 359
Covers Florida criminal law and defenses.
Last Updated: June 16, 2015 - Rank this Week: 500
Covers white collar crime news. By Jef Henninger.
Last Updated: May 23, 2015 - Rank this Week: 513
Covers Washington State and Seattle DUI defense, information and news. By Leyba Defense PLLC.
Last Updated: April 18, 2015 - Rank this Week: 499
Covers Arizona state crimes. By Koplow & Patane.
Last Updated: April 9, 2015 - Rank this Week: 452
Covers Washington State criminal matters including DUI issues.
Last Updated: December 9, 2014 - Rank this Week: 550
By Daniel Brown.
Last Updated: June 5, 2014 - Rank this Week: 346
Covers criminal law and drunk driving. By Jeremy J. Richey.
Last Updated: April 17, 2014 - Rank this Week: 469
Covers criminal laws and cases.
Last Updated: May 29, 2013 - Rank this Week: 485
Covers drunk driving. By Garth O'Brien.
Last Updated: March 20, 2012 - Rank this Week: 457
Devoted to the criminal laws regulating and punishing sex offenders. By Corey Rayburn Yung.
Last Updated: August 30, 2010 - Rank this Week: 511
Covers the court of last resort on Texas criminal matters. By R. J. MacReady.
Last Updated: June 2, 2010 - Rank this Week: 439
Temas de Derecho de preferencia, también de debate en otras áreas del quehacer humano e intereses personales del autor. By José Guillermo Anderson Anderson.
Last Updated: February 25, 2017 - Rank this Week: 600
By Matt Keenan.
Last Updated: February 24, 2017 - Rank this Week: 990
Covers Florida criminal law. By Robert Hambrick.
Last Updated: February 24, 2017 - Rank this Week: 1192