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Covers bonds, DUI, drug crimes and probation. By The Forbess Law Firm.
Last Updated: June 17, 2014 - Rank this Week: 1056
The intermittent musings of a pedantic public defender. By David Feige.
Last Updated: May 17, 2014 - Rank this Week: 1188
Covers criminal cases and news. By Law Office of Vladimir Gagic PLLC.
Last Updated: February 11, 2014 - Rank this Week: 1018
Covers the legal ramifications of financial fraud related to multinational corporations, multinational financial institutions, foreign governments, foreign officials and high-profile individuals in sensitive regulatory, civil and international criminal matters. By Michael Diaz, Jr.
Last Updated: February 5, 2014 - Rank this Week: 1088
Covers issues affecting the poor and indigent.
Last Updated: March 29, 2013 - Rank this Week: 1079
Covers the imposition of life without parole sentences on juveniles.
Last Updated: July 11, 2012 - Rank this Week: 1041
Published By The Chahine Law Firm
Last Updated: August 12, 2011 - Rank this Week: 992
Covers criminal law. By Keith J. Bruno.
Last Updated: June 9, 2010 - Rank this Week: 1162
Focuses on bad prosecutors and bad prosecutorial acts. By the Bennett Law Firm.
Last Updated: July 9, 2009 - Rank this Week: 1146
Covers DUI and traffic tickets. By Leifert & Leifert.
Last Updated: November 28, 2014 - Rank this Week: 1541
Covers DWI and DUI law, cases and sentences in California. By Michael Kraut.
Last Updated: November 26, 2014 - Rank this Week: 1316
Covers criminal defense law topics such as DUI, domestic violence, drug and federal crimes, search and seizure, theft, and white collar crime. By Shorstein, Lasnetski & Gihon.
Last Updated: November 26, 2014 - Rank this Week: 1414
Covers New Jersey and Pennsylvania personal injury, criminal and traffic offenses legal developments. By Saile & Saile LLP.
Last Updated: November 26, 2014 - Rank this Week: 1540
By Brett A. Podolsky.
Last Updated: November 26, 2014 - Rank this Week: 1373
Covers Oklahoma criminal and personal injury law.
Last Updated: November 25, 2014 - Rank this Week: 1524
Covers decisions and opinions by The Georgia Supreme Court, Georgia Court of Appeals, and The Supreme Court of the United States regarding DUI law, Search and Seizure, and arrest procedures. By George C. Creal Jr.
Last Updated: November 18, 2014 - Rank this Week: 1386
Covers DUI offenses in Tampa, Florida. By Law Offices of Whittel & Melton, LLC.
Last Updated: November 18, 2014 - Rank this Week: 1282
Covers DWI/DUI news, issues and defenses. By Charles A. Ramsay.
Last Updated: November 7, 2014 - Rank this Week: 1675
Covers news and updates on Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) and DWI Topics Of Interest. By The Law Office of Mark A. Siesel, Esq.
Last Updated: November 4, 2014 - Rank this Week: 1353
Discusses appeals, drug crimes, sex crimes, violent crimes, and white collar crimes. By Mark Eiglarsh.
Last Updated: October 22, 2014 - Rank this Week: 1285
Covers Utah criminal law and criminal defense. By Utah Defenders.
Last Updated: October 21, 2014 - Rank this Week: 1307
By Law Office of Daniel A. Gross, PLLC.
Last Updated: October 14, 2014 - Rank this Week: 1637
Covers Florida violent crimes, drug offenses, DUIs, traffic offenses and federal crimes. By Blake & Dorsten, P.A.
Last Updated: September 24, 2014 - Rank this Week: 1419
Covers California criminal law topics, including DUI, search and seizure, white collar crimes and sex crimes. By Sean F. Leslie.
Last Updated: September 7, 2014 - Rank this Week: 1495
Covers Ponzi schemes. By Jordan Maglich.
Last Updated: August 21, 2014 - Rank this Week: 1548
Covers Texas DWI laws, blood tests, breath tests and field sobriety tests. By Jamie Spencer.
Last Updated: August 4, 2014 - Rank this Week: 1329
Covers criminal law topics such as drug charges, DUI, domestic violence, burglary, sex crimes, trepassing and vandalism. By Don Himmelberg of Higgins, Himmelberg & Piliponis PLLC.
Last Updated: July 28, 2014 - Rank this Week: 1656
Covers tax crimes, fraud and federal sentencing. By the McKeller Law Firm, PLLC.
Last Updated: July 14, 2014 - Rank this Week: 1550
Explores new technology, recent legal developments, and interesting arguments at the intersection of computers and the law. By Jeffrey Brown.
Last Updated: July 9, 2014 - Rank this Week: 1653
Covers news and developments in NY Federal Criminal Law. By Joseph Potashnik.
Last Updated: May 27, 2014 - Rank this Week: 1370
Covers Texas DUI/DWI, blood tests, breath tests, and field sobriety tests. By Hunter Biederman.
Last Updated: April 7, 2014 - Rank this Week: 1356
Information about the criminal and civil consequences of domestic violence in Washington State.
Last Updated: November 5, 2013 - Rank this Week: 1642
By the Public Defender Investigator Network.
Last Updated: August 30, 2013 - Rank this Week: 1366
Features DUI news and commentary. By Kapsack & Bair LLP.
Last Updated: July 16, 2013 - Rank this Week: 1351
Covers California criminal law news. By Takakjian & Sitkoff.
Last Updated: June 10, 2013 - Rank this Week: 1343
Covers Miami drug, domestic violence, and sex crime news. By the Law Office of A. Antonio Tomas.
Last Updated: June 10, 2013 - Rank this Week: 1587
Covers criminal laws and cases.
Last Updated: May 29, 2013 - Rank this Week: 1328
Covers the arrest process and other criminal procedures. By Suhre & Associates.
Last Updated: April 15, 2013 - Rank this Week: 1376
Covers Michigan criminal law and criminal defense news. By the Reeves Law Group.
Last Updated: March 22, 2013 - Rank this Week: 1358
Covers criminal law, violent crime and the judiciary. Previously known as the Judging Crimes blog.
Last Updated: February 10, 2013 - Rank this Week: 1657
Covers California criminal law developments, including in the areas of DUI and search and seizure. By The Law Office Of Nancy King.
Last Updated: December 26, 2012 - Rank this Week: 1428
Covers the theory and reality of criminal law from a practitioner's viewpoint. By Ken Lammers.
Last Updated: November 28, 2012 - Rank this Week: 1382
Covers Florida criminal law and criminal defense. Published by the Law Offices of Law Offices of Richard Tendler, P.A.
Last Updated: November 9, 2012 - Rank this Week: 1678
Covers drunk driving. By Garth O'Brien.
Last Updated: March 20, 2012 - Rank this Week: 1395
Tracks new legal developments and research relating to long prison sentences. By Marquette University Law School Professor Michael O'Hear.
Last Updated: November 28, 2014 - Rank this Week: 2112