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Focuses on legal issues impacting the consumer products industry, including retailers, manufacturers, distributors and innovators. Provides commentary and analysis on all aspects of product safety and regulatory compliance issues, consumer product recalls, defense of enforcement proceedings and consumer class actions. By Norton Rose Fulbright.
Last Updated: April 20, 2016 - Rank this Week: 1301
News, editorial comment and legal information for California community associations. By SwedelsonGottlieb.
Last Updated: April 18, 2016 - Rank this Week: 1533
Provides information about the law for startup and early-stage companies. By Dana H. Shultz.
Last Updated: April 13, 2016 - Rank this Week: 1676
Covers criminal law news, updates and commentary. Published By Hoffman & Associates
Last Updated: April 6, 2016 - Rank this Week: 1812
Covers consumer credit law. By Anderson, Ogilvie & Brewer LLC.
Last Updated: March 31, 2016 - Rank this Week: 1326
Covers topics such as sales and payroll tax problems, offers in compromise, tax audits, tax debt, tax disputes, tax fraud, tax litigation and tax controversy, and tax preparer penalties. By Brager Tax Law Group.
Last Updated: March 31, 2016 - Rank this Week: 1544
Covers current events in divorce. By John E. Harding.
Last Updated: March 28, 2016 - Rank this Week: 1285
Covers legal news. By Reid & Hellyer.
Last Updated: March 22, 2016 - Rank this Week: 1842
Covers personal injury law. By Mark C. Blane.
Last Updated: March 7, 2016 - Rank this Week: 2061
By the Law Offices of Daniel A. Gibalevich.
Last Updated: January 29, 2016 - Rank this Week: 1683
Covers labor and employment law issues for employers. By Van Vleck Turner & Zaller.
Last Updated: January 17, 2016 - Rank this Week: 1700
Covers lead and phthlate laws, product safety and products liability.
Last Updated: January 15, 2016 - Rank this Week: 1315
Covers criminal justice, family law and Orange County DWI news. By Lauren Johnson, Attorney At Law
Last Updated: January 15, 2016 - Rank this Week: 2043
Covers California divorce and family law blog, with a focus on Orange County.
Last Updated: January 11, 2016 - Rank this Week: 1736
Covers securities regulation, fiduciaries, and securities disputes news and updates. Published By Alcala Law Firm.
Last Updated: December 31, 2015 - Rank this Week: 1754
Discusses current cases and issues in the law. By Kurt T. Koehler.
Last Updated: December 30, 2015 - Rank this Week: 2049
Covers law firm news.
Last Updated: December 22, 2015 - Rank this Week: 1305
Covers California car accident, malpractice and products liability law. By Hersh & Hersh.
Last Updated: December 13, 2015 - Rank this Week: 1402
Covers criminal law news, cases and developments. By Jack Joseph Gold.
Last Updated: December 11, 2015 - Rank this Week: 2052
Shares insights about bankruptcy law and practice.
Last Updated: December 8, 2015 - Rank this Week: 1830
Covers land use law for developers, owners and businesses. By Jeffer Mangels Butler & Mitchell LLP.
Last Updated: November 4, 2015 - Rank this Week: 1827
Looks at personal injury, pharmaceutical, and medical news from around the Sacramento area.
Last Updated: November 3, 2015 - Rank this Week: 1689
Features information, tidbits, and stories of legal interest to California paralegals. By Lori Paul.
Last Updated: October 26, 2015 - Rank this Week: 1928
Covers fashion intellectual property, licensing, and the Design Piracy Prohibition Act (DPPA). By Fox Rothschild LLP.
Last Updated: October 5, 2015 - Rank this Week: 1836
Covers criminal record removal. By Higbee & Associates.
Last Updated: September 21, 2015 - Rank this Week: 1901
Covers eminent domain news in California. By the California Eminent Domain Law Group.
Last Updated: August 31, 2015 - Rank this Week: 1494
Covers consumer finance developments, trends and analysis. By O'Rielly & Roche LLP.
Last Updated: August 5, 2015 - Rank this Week: 1600
Covers California criminal law, juvenile law, and domestic violence. By the Law Offices of Rudolph E. Loewenstein.
Last Updated: July 23, 2015 - Rank this Week: 1821
Covers estate and tax planning.
Last Updated: July 13, 2015 - Rank this Week: 1823
Features legal information, stories and cases related to California family law. By Lori Paul.
Last Updated: April 23, 2015 - Rank this Week: 1924
Covers safety and personal injury news.
Last Updated: April 20, 2015 - Rank this Week: 1348
Discusses consumer law, class action lawsuits, advertising law, business law, copyright, and other topics. By Khorrami, LLP.
Last Updated: November 17, 2014 - Rank this Week: 1732
Covers class action issues, both in California and Nationwide. By Matt C. Bailey.
Last Updated: November 3, 2014 - Rank this Week: 1316
A lawyer's look at the weird, wacky, wonderful world of the entertainment industry. By Greenberg Glusker.
Last Updated: August 21, 2014 - Rank this Week: 1789
Features car accident news and discussions on motor vehicle safety issues. By Michael Ehline.
Last Updated: August 19, 2014 - Rank this Week: 1867
Includes student, announcement and faculty blogs.
Last Updated: February 5, 2014 - Rank this Week: 1340
Covers intellectual property law, open source software, and technology. By Mark Radcliffe.
Last Updated: January 12, 2014 - Rank this Week: 1496
Focuses on emerging legal issues and news stories relating to video games, comic books, anime, and other nerd culture. By John G. Nowakowski and Christina R. Evola.
Last Updated: November 12, 2013 - Rank this Week: 1799
Covers employment class actions, damages, and laws. By Fakhimi & Associates.
Last Updated: September 30, 2013 - Rank this Week: 1570
Covers California criminal law. By Applegate Law Office.
Last Updated: September 20, 2013 - Rank this Week: 1910
Covers recent happenings in the world of environmental and climate change law. By Steven M. Taber.
Last Updated: September 9, 2013 - Rank this Week: 1416
This blog covers DUI law, science, and policy. Topics include celebrity DUI arrests, DUI consequences, and DUI legislation. Published by Southern California criminal defense lawyer, Neil Shouse.
Last Updated: June 17, 2013 - Rank this Week: 1342
Covers divorce, adoption, child support and child custody issues. By Lorna Jaynes.
Last Updated: September 9, 2012 - Rank this Week: 1961
Covers Orange County crimes and criminal defense. By Lieber Williams & Labin.
Last Updated: June 7, 2012 - Rank this Week: 1825
Covers police brutality and excessive force. By Okorie Okorocha.
Last Updated: February 20, 2012 - Rank this Week: 2059