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Faculty Blog - Faculty of Law,…

Faculty Blog - Faculty of Law, University of Alberta

By Barbara Billingsley, Cameron Hutchison, Daniel Mol, David Cheifetz, Eran Kaplinsky, Eric Adam, Erin Nelson, James Muir, Lewis Klar, Q.C., Mark Amman, Moin A Yahya, Peter Carver, Russ Brown, Steven Penney
  • May 2

    Beards and Baseball

    Beards and Baseball
    Co-blogger sent me this great piece! Vin Scully, long-time Dodgers commentator, discusses the history of beards and beards and baseball. There is some law in there too: Your browser does not support iframes.
  • Apr 26

    A (veiled) hint at the future of Canadian corporate law jurisprudence?

    A (veiled) hint at the future of Canadian corporate law jurisprudence?
    Please check out my case comment on the SCC's recent decision in Chevron Corp. v. Yaiguaje in the Canadian Business Law Journal - you can read the decision here and the comment here. The Court's decision is primarily concerned with...
  • Apr 25

    Party Bus Liability

    Party Bus Liability
    When a bus is called a Party Bus, the question is whether it is a bus or party - or something like that! In a case aptly titled Party Bus Atlantic Inc. v. Temple Insurance Company, 2016 NSSC 96, Justice...
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