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Faculty Blog - Faculty of Law,…

Faculty Blog - Faculty of Law, University of Alberta

By Barbara Billingsley, Cameron Hutchison, Daniel Mol, David Cheifetz, Eran Kaplinsky, Eric Adam, Erin Nelson, James Muir, Lewis Klar, Q.C., Mark Amman, Moin A Yahya, Peter Carver, Russ Brown, Steven Penney
  • Jul 27

    Clueless Joe!

    Clueless Joe!
    Yup that was the headline in NYC when Joe Torre first signed up to manage the New York Yankees in 1996! Today, he is being inducted into the Hall of Fame! He joins three great players and two great managers....
  • Jul 22

    Andrew Wiggins is Canadian

    Andrew Wiggins is Canadian
    Yeah - so what? Well everyone seems to be making an issue of it. First, the question was whether he was too nice to survive the NBA? Now, apparently, Canadians aren't hungry enough for success in the NBA (aound 3.20):
  • Jul 21

    Prostitution Law

    Prostitution Law
    Did you know that prostitution was legal in Rhode Island (please no family guy jokes) from 2003 to 2009. I didn't either. It turns out that there was mayhem and chaos just like what Canada has been experiencing since the...
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