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Faculty Blog - Faculty of Law,…

Faculty Blog - Faculty of Law, University of Alberta

By Barbara Billingsley, Cameron Hutchison, Daniel Mol, David Cheifetz, Eran Kaplinsky, Eric Adam, Erin Nelson, James Muir, Lewis Klar, Q.C., Mark Amman, Moin A Yahya, Peter Carver, Russ Brown, Steven Penney
  • Jul 21

    Donald Trump Jr.

    Donald Trump Jr.
    Trump Jr.'s speech at the RNC convention was quite something. It even sparked some controversy, which turned out not be anything. It turns out the reason the speech was so good, is that the speechwriter is none other than my...
  • Jul 18

    2 weeks left to submit a proposal for Pro Bono Presentation Night

    2 weeks left to submit a proposal for Pro Bono Presentation Night
    Pro Bono Presentation Night - a series of short presentations (5-7 minutes) by lawyers and law students on pro bono law topics - is happening at the Law School, on September 15, 2016 at 6pm. Individuals interested in presenting are...
  • Jul 17

    Great News - Pokemon Go is here!

    Great News - Pokemon Go is here!
    Hooray!! Soon, Augmented Reality will become a reality. I look forward to the day when a Pokemon is appointed to the Supreme Court. When that happens, the PM will say 'because 2020'. I mean Pokemon already has an IV Judge:
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