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Faculty Blog - Faculty of Law,…

Faculty Blog - Faculty of Law, University of Alberta

By Barbara Billingsley, Cameron Hutchison, Daniel Mol, David Cheifetz, Eran Kaplinsky, Eric Adam, Erin Nelson, James Muir, Lewis Klar, Q.C., Mark Amman, Moin A Yahya, Peter Carver, Russ Brown, Steven Penney
  • Aug 19

    Why (not) Study Law?

    Why (not) Study Law?
    Michael Krauss, who teaches at Geroge Mason University School of Law, my law school, has some advice to incoming first-year law students. Read the whole thing, but his punch line(s) is: Are you interested in pursuing Justice, in making the...
  • Aug 18

    Housing Cost

    Housing Cost
    Anytime you see a city that has expensive housing, one needs only to look for some regulation that keeps them so:
  • Aug 17

    Bad Brief

    Bad Brief
    How do you write a bad brief? Easy! Just follow these 12 simple rules: Make it a “long,” not a brief. ... Throw issues against the wall. ... Flunk the giggle test. ... Commit purposeful errors. ... Make unreasonable arguments....
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