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3 Mar 2:25 pm
Unquestionably, Marlon Brando was one of the leading actors of the 20th century. The well-known Godfather was always in firm control ... until it came to his estate that is. Marlon Brando never followed convention. He won his Oscar for Best Actor in 1973 for The Godfather, but Brando rejected the award as a protest to the treatment of Native Americans by the film industry. Too bad he failed to follow the norms when it came to estate planning. In part due to questions about his true intentions as expressed in his will and trust, Brando’s estate was involved in more than two dozen… [read post]
3 Mar 2:22 pm
Reuters profiles serial shareholder litigant Hilary Kramer whose many lawsuits have netted shareholders zero--as in nothing, nada, zilch--but her lawyers "got a payout for every settlement. Firms... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]] [read post]
3 Mar 2:19 pm
The IRCA, as construed by the Hoffman court, forcefully made combating the employment of illegal aliens central to [t]he policy of immigration law and the Supreme Court determined that the objectives of the IRCA outweighed Congress's policy choices in the area of labor relations, to the extent of precluding the NLRB's award of back pay to an employee who had obtained the employment at which he sought fair treatment by criminally subverting the IRCA's enforcement mechanism. There is no indication in the IRCA, however, that Congress intended to deprive undocumented aliens of their right… [read post]
3 Mar 2:08 pm
The following are currently sitting on assignment: Judge Helen Bendix of the Los Angeles Superior Court, will be sitting Pro-Tem in Division One until March 31, 2015 Judge Anne Harwood Egerton of the Los Angeles Superior Court, will be sitting Pro-Tem in Division Three until April 30, 2015 Judge Allan J. Goodman of the Los Angeles Superior Court, will be sitting Pro-Tem in Division Five until March 31, 2015 Judge Gail Feuer of the Los Angeles Superior Court, will be sitting Pro-Tem in Division Seven until April 10, 2015 Judge Bruce G. Iwasaki of the Los Angeles Superior… [read post]
3 Mar 2:06 pm
According to U.S. Senator Bill Nelson, Florida residents have been among the hardest hit when it comes to car part recalls in recent years. For example, after news broke of the Takata airbags — which reportedly have a defect that causes them to explode in certain humid conditions — it was revealed that Florida had 18 of the total 69 deaths and injuries resulting from the products. As a result, Senator Nelson would like to see changes made to make Florida residents safer. He has introduced a bill which would give employees incentives for reporting unsafe products. In the… [read post]
3 Mar 1:59 pm
From the Desk of Jim Eccleston at Eccleston Law Offices:According to FINRA, a former broker from Southwest Securities, Inc. Wade Lawrence, has been permanently barred  for failing to respond to requests for information concerning allegations that he misappropriated funds from customers. He likewise failed to pay an arbitration award.Lawrence allegedly conducted unauthorized trades in options, and made unsuitable investment recommendations to his customers. Some of the unsuitable investments appear to be in the Vixx volatility index (VXX). Trading in the Vixx is unsuitable for most… [read post]
3 Mar 1:57 pm
As reported in this local article, for "the first time in Florida history, a Broward jury acquitted a marijuana grower after finding he has a medical need for the illegal drug." Here is more about this notable trial outcome: Jesse Teplicki hid nothing from the detectives who showed up at...<img src="//" height="1" width="1" alt=""/> [read post]
3 Mar 1:56 pm
In late January, a U.S. District Judge sentenced a Cape Coral, Florida man to four years in federal prison and the forfeiture of almost $1 million after he pleaded guilty to the charge of tax evasion. Robert Faiella accepted the plea which was the lesser of the allegations charged against him for his role in a case that has direct ties to the headline grabbing “Silk Road” case that came to a conclusion in early February. Faiella’s codefendant, Charlie Shrem was sentenced to two years behind bars for the same crime just one month before this latest plea deal was… [read post]
3 Mar 1:53 pm
Larry Hamermesh reports that: Warren Buffett’s latest letter to Berkshire Hathaway shareholders is annotated in The Wall Street Journal by 30 professors, authors, and investors. The post also has a... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]] [read post]
3 Mar 1:38 pm
Once again we round up the stats for the Hawaii appellate courts for the previous month. In the month of February 2015, 89 decisions (in the form of opinions and orders) were issued by the courts, slightly down from 90 in January.  The following is a breakdown of how the numbers fell:   Hawaii Supreme Court Intermediate Court of Appeals Opinions 3 7   Memorandum Opinions   3 Summary Disposition Orders   29 Orders Granting Reconsideration   1 Orders Denying Reconsideration 1 2 Dismissal Orders – Lack of… [read post]
3 Mar 1:35 pm
by Tammy Binford In a ruling that wasn’t a surprise, a federal judge has ruled against Nebraska’s ban on same-sex marriage. But the fate of the state’s constitutional amendment prohibiting same-sex marriage awaits an appeal to the U.S. 8th Circuit Court of Appeals. U.S. District Judge Joseph Bataillon issued the ruling on March 2. It is scheduled to take effect on March 9. Almost immediately after Bataillon’s ruling, the state appealed to the 8th Circuit, which is considered a conservative court, according to Mark Schorr, a senior partner at Erickson &… [read post]
3 Mar 1:30 pm
After the Congress put an aviation industry-friendly categorical exclusion into the FAA Reauthorization of 2012, the FAA could not figure out how to implement the provision that stated that in order for it to use the categorical exclusion, there had to be a “measurable reduction” in noise “on a per flight basis.”  So it handed the matter over to the NextGen Advisory Committee.  They came up with a solution that, although innovative in its approach, assumed away the biggest legal challenge – that the noise was not reduced on a “per flight… [read post]
3 Mar 1:22 pm
The title of this post is the title of this notable new UCLA Law Review comment by Jordan Cunnings. Here is its abstract: Marijuana is being decriminalized in many states and localities throughout the United States. While recreational use of marijuana is legal in only a handful of states, in...<img src="//" height="1" width="1" alt=""/> [read post]
3 Mar 1:15 pm
Last week, the Department of Justice (DOJ) announced that MetLife Home Loans LLC, successor of MetLife Bank N.A. (MetLife Bank) agreed to pay the U.S. Government $123.5 million to settle allegations that it violated the False Claims Act (FCA) by knowingly underwriting thousands of unqualified mortgage loans insured by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s (HUD), Federal Housing Administration (FHA).  As a consequence of MetLife Bank’s alleged falsifications, the FHA incurred huge monetary losses when the unqualified loans went into default leaving the… [read post]
3 Mar 1:09 pm
Yesterday I attended the Coral Gables Forum candidates’ debate for Coral Gables Commission Group V election. This is the race with the most candidates, making the events most difficult – they’re not real debates, and every candidate only gets to speak in short intervals – just 2 minutes for an answer, and a minute for a response. The six candidates are Ariel Fernandez, Jackson Rip Holmes, PJ Mitchell, Sandra Murado, Norman Anthony (“Tony”) Newell, and Jeanette Slesnick. It looks like in addition to the perennial issues of crime and whacking worker… [read post]
3 Mar 1:06 pm
Last month saw an interesting study emerge from the Maurer School of Law at Indiana University. It discusses the current and potential role of lawyers in the area of cybersecurity and the emerging, but still nascent, field of cybersecurity law. This is not a topic one sees today at CPD sessions for lawyers and that alone makes the paper worth reading, especially for corporate counsel. The Emerging Law of CyberSecurity has a lot of interesting tidbits, especially a survey of corporate law departments. According to this study, cybersecurity is: 1. Increasingly a legal… [read post]
3 Mar 1:05 pm
Recently, I appeared on Nashville’s News Channel 5 Talk of the Town Extra to talk about the basics of probate in Tennessee. If you have recently experienced the loss of a loved one, you know how hard things can be during such a trying time. For that reason, our firm is able to assist and advise you throughout the process. Whether you need help transferring a piece of real estate after someone has passed or need assistance with a small estate, The Higgins Firm is here to help you and your family. The following video provides some of the basic information about probate in… [read post]
3 Mar 1:03 pm
The title of this post is the headline of this lengthy new Politico article, which carries this sub-headline: "How the Kentucky senator picked a fight with the DEA and became one of Washington’s top drug policy reformers." Here is how the story gets started: Last May, a shipment of 250...<img src="//" height="1" width="1" alt=""/> [read post]
3 Mar 1:03 pm
By William W. Abbott Woody’s Group, Inc. v. City of Newport Beach (2015) 233 Cal.App.4th 1012. While formal court rules do not apply to local land use proceedings fundamental requirements for due process and fairness are part of land use decisionmaking as illustrated in Woody’s Group, Inc. v. City of Newport Beach. [Woody’s Wharf  -] The planning commission had granted a use permit to the restaurant permitting a patio cover, approval to stay open until 2:00 a.m., and indoor dancing. Four days later, City Councilman Henn sent the city… [read post]