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11 Feb 8:30 pm
CRS report – Saudi Arabia: Background and U.S. Relations, Christopher M. Blanchard Specialist in Middle Eastern Affairs, February 5, 2016. “The kingdom of Saudi Arabia, ruled by the Al Saud family since its founding in 1932, wields significant global influence through its administration of the birthplace of the Islamic faith and by virtue of its large oil reserves. Close U.S. – Saudi official relations have survived a series of challenges since the 1940s. I n recent years, shared concerns over Sunni Islamist extremist terrorism and Iranian government policies have… [read post]
11 Feb 8:29 pm
Computerworld: ENCRYPT Act co-sponsor learned tech ropes at Microsoft By Matt Hamblen: U.S. Rep. Suzan DelBene, a former Microsoft executive, is a co-sponsor of a bill to preempt states from enacting separate versions of encryption laws. One of four congressional sponsors of the ENCRYPT Act of 2016, which would preempt state and local laws banning encryption on smartphones, cut her teeth in mobile communications for Microsoft. U.S. Rep. Suzan DelBene (D-Wash.) worked as vice president of mobile communications at Microsoft from 2004 to 2007. That was her second stint at Microsoft; her… [read post]
11 Feb 8:27 pm
Brandon L. Garrett (University of Virginia School of Law) has posted The Constitutional Regulation of Forensic Evidence (Washington and Lee Law Review, Vol. 73, 2016, Forthcoming) on SSRN. Here is the abstract: The Constitution increasingly regulates the use of forensic evidence in criminal cases. This is a remarkable shift. In decades past, the U.S. Supreme Court declined to provide strong due process protection against destruction of forensic evidence or to obtain defense access to experts. In contrast, in recent years, the Court’s series of Confrontation Clause rulings… [read post]
11 Feb 8:23 pm
"2016 Henry J. Miller Lecture: Supreme Court Transparency." The video of today's luncheon program from the Georgia State University Law Review's symposium titled "Invisible Justices: Supreme Court Transparency in the Age of Social Media" can be viewed via this link. [read post]
11 Feb 8:22 pm
CRS Report – Iran’s Nuclear Program: Tehran’s Compliance with International Obligations. Paul K. Kerr, Analyst in Nonproliferation. February 8, 2016. “Several U.N. Security Council resolutions required Iran to cooperate fully with the International Atomic Energy Agency’s (IAEA’s) investigation of its nuclear activities, suspend its uranium enrichment program, suspend its construction of a heavy-water reactor and related projects, and ratify the Additional Protocol to its IAEA safeguards agreement. However, Tehran has implemented various restrictions… [read post]
11 Feb 8:14 pm
A new case was just opened in the Puerto Rico Bankruptcy Court. The case number and the debtor’s name/adversary complaint plaintiff(s) and defendant(s) are: 16-00994-11 ITALIAN OVEN CORP.. This is a breaking news story. More details about this bankruptcy court filing are available on [read post]
11 Feb 8:11 pm
“The U.S. unemployment rate reached 10% in October 2009, the highest since 1983, and the peak since the Great Recession ended in June 2009. Since then, unemployment has fallen steadily to its current level of 4.9%. Not all the nation’s industries have recovered at the same pace. Increased job opportunities and wage hikes have been far more common in some professions than in others. Just 0.1% of Americans who currently work or previously worked as dentists are unemployed, the lowest occupational unemployment rate in the country. By contrast, 26.1% of actors are out of a job,… [read post]
11 Feb 8:05 pm
Giora Rahav , Yoram Rabin and Ephraim Yaar (Tel Aviv University , College of Management Law School and Tel Aviv University - The Evens Program for Conflict Resolution Research) have posted Disparities between Jews and Arabs in the Israeli Criminal... [read post]
11 Feb 8:00 pm
“In this paper, [available for download as part of the Berkman Publication Series on SSRN at:] which is modeled on a similar effort in 1999 by researchers from George Washington University, Berkman Fellow Bruce Schneier and collaborator Kathleen Seidel together with Harvard College student Saranya Vijayakuma identify and survey 865 encryption products from 55 different countries, 546 of them from outside the United States. In contrast, the 1999 survey found 805 encryption products from outside the US. Very few products from the earlier survey… [read post]
11 Feb 7:55 pm
What do you want it to look like? You can either enjoy life or simply let it happen to you. Yes, Virginia, there is more to retirement planning than dollars and cents. Enter Kiplinger's magazine. Just last autumn it explored this subject in an article titled "The Biggest Oversight in Most Americans' Retirement Planning." This article warned about the perils of poor preparation for the mental and emotional demands of retirement. So, what are the challenges? Many folks head into retirement with a sense of excitement and a bit of anxiety, but with little thought devoted to… [read post]
11 Feb 7:53 pm
By Ricardo Carvajal & JP Ellison – According to public communications by the restaurant chain Chipotle, the company has been served with subpoenas in a federal criminal investigation apparently arising out of one or more outbreaks of foodborne illness that appear to implicate certain of the company’s retail restaurants.  This type of investigation appears to be without precedent, but perhaps should not have come as a surprise. Historically, FDA has not sought to directly regulate the retail food sector (restaurants, grocery stores, coffee bars, etc.), and has left… [read post]
11 Feb 7:46 pm
According to Food Safety News, a sports bar in Irvine, Kentucky has voluntarily closed while county and state officials investigate a Salmonella outbreak that has sickened about 60 people. Eight have required hospitalization. Neither the Estill County Health Department nor the Kentucky Department of Public Health (KDPH) have named the restaurant, but CBS and NBC television news affiliates in Lexington are reporting that the Eagles Roost Sports Bar owner Don Wiseman has confirmed his business is linked to the outbreak. “I started hearing about people becoming ill and the… [read post]
11 Feb 7:38 pm
Every now and then, I e-file things at the Supreme Court that require me to attach a set of exhibits. There are a few categories of things that require you to petition for the Court to take your appeal. And when you do that, you have to put together your own record into a sort of proffer of what the record would show if the appeal were granted. In a way it’s much easier now than ever. There was a time, when this activity meant a trip to a copy shop or printer to make a huge set of binders with copies for each justice. Many trees died. Today, you e-file your exhibits. E-filing the… [read post]
11 Feb 7:30 pm
A 63 year old grandmother died in a truck accident yesterday in New York. The accident happened yesterday night at 8:48 pm at the intersection of Broadway and West 165th Street in Manhattan. Maria Minchala had just come out of the church and was on her way to work. She was crossing Broadway in the crosswalk when a flatbed truck hit her. The truck driver who was operating a NYC Tire and Auto Care Inc. truck, was making a left turn onto Broadway when he hit her. He stayed at the scene of the accident and told the police that he never saw the victim. He explained that as he… [read post]
11 Feb 7:25 pm
YEP. Bernie Sanders’ Female Supporters Are Finally Getting A Taste Of Their Own ‘War On Women’ Medicine. “Whether they realize it or not, female Sanders supporters are pushing back on the very type of deliberately divisive and harmful rhetoric that has been used for decades by their fellow Democrats – male and female, young and old – against their political opponents in attempts to shame them and shut down the debate.” [read post]
11 Feb 7:23 pm
In New York City, too many kids are seriously injured or even die every year because their day caregivers ignore safety regulations and break laws according to a special investigation that is being published Today in the New York Daily News. The newspaper investigated the 11,513 licensed day care centers in the city and found that “The New York City day care system is plagued with terrifying overcrowding and lack of oversight, putting the lives of children across the city in danger.” Over the last 3 years, five children died, 8 suffered serious personal injury… [read post]
11 Feb 7:12 pm
It seems so repetitious! The American economy is rigged... top 1%... free tuition....But I see my son John is carrying on the old live-blogging tradition, so I highly recommend that.AND: That was a bald-faced lie when she said she wasn't asking us to vote for her because she's a woman. I was walking away from the TV and the computer, but I had to come back to take note of that. Now that I'm here, I'll add that I liked what Bernie Sanders said when he was asked how he felt about standing in the way of a first woman President. He said that if he won, considering who he is, it would also… [read post]
11 Feb 7:08 pm
A new case was just opened in the California – Central District Bankruptcy Court. The case number and the debtor’s name/adversary complaint plaintiff(s) and defendant(s) are: 2:16-bk-11744-WB Blake Tek Yoon. This is a breaking news story. More details about this bankruptcy court filing are available on [read post]
11 Feb 6:32 pm
Two large vehicle manufacturing companies, General Motors and Volkswagen, are recalling more than 1.1 million vehicles combined. The first recall involves brake pedal defects in various 2016-2016 GM truck and SUV models. While no injuries or crashes have been reported, it is possible that nut that keeps the brake pedal in working order has the potential to come loose. If this nut were to loosen, the brake pedal might become inoperative which poses a significant risk to passengers, especially if this were to happen while the vehicle is in motion. The list of vehicles … [read post]
11 Feb 6:23 pm
In today's mail came the 2016 issue of North Carolina Super Lawyers®, a magazine published by ThomsonReuters that purports to identify the best lawyers in the state through a "patented selection process." Lawyers are nominated by their peers (and may not self-nominate), are "validated with third-party research across 12 key categories, conducted by an attorney-led research team," and then grouped into practice area categories and "reviewed by those attorneys who received the highest totals from each category." Every lawyer featured in the magazine is white, except for one… [read post]