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22 Jul 8:34 pm
CHANGE: I (was a lifer) am a Dem and I’m Voting for Trump. Let’s talk about it… #DemExit. [read post]
22 Jul 8:32 pm
A new case was just opened in the Bankruptcy Court. The case number and the debtor’s name/adversary complaint plaintiff(s) and defendant(s) are: 16-00159- VELEZ JUAN v. MOLINI VIVALDI et al. This is a breaking news story. More details about this bankruptcy court filing are available on [read post]
22 Jul 8:23 pm
The petition of the day is: Flytenow, Inc. v. Federal Aviation Administration 16-14 Issue: (1) What, if any, deference is due an agency’s interpretation when it predominately interprets terms of common law in which courts, not administrative agencies, have special competence; (2) whether the circuit court erred when it held, in contravention of this Court’s long-standing definition of “common carrier,” that pilots who use the Internet to communicate are “common carriers” when those pilots do not earn a commercial profit or indiscriminately… [read post]
22 Jul 8:15 pm
IDAHO STATE POLICE NEWS RELEASE - generated by our News Release ListServer DO NOT REPLY --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Idaho State Police District 5 5205 South 5th Ave. Pocatello, Idaho 83204-2299 (208) 236-6466 FAX: (208) 236-6068 For Immediate Release: 07/22/2016 9:10 p.m. Please direct questions to the District Office On Friday, July 22, 2016, at approximately 6:39 p.m., Idaho State Police investigate a two-vehicle crash southbound I-15 near the Arimo Road Exit, in Bannock County, ID. Nicholas L. Tuttle, 38, of Castle Dale, UT, was… [read post]
22 Jul 8:14 pm
When I first saw the CNN coverage of the Munich massacre this afternoon, I noticed that the broadcasters went out of their way, with exactly zero evidence, to suggest that the killer might have been a right wing extremist, not a Jihadist.Tonight's CNN story has this buried after the tenth paragraph:A witness who will only be identified as Lauretta told CNN her son was in a bathroom with a shooter at the restaurant. "That's where he loaded his weapon," she said. "I hear like an alarm and boom, boom, boom... And he's still killing the children. The children were sitting to eat. They… [read post]
22 Jul 8:03 pm
Have you ever defined your highest “value proposition” – both to your current company and in… [read post]
22 Jul 7:55 pm
(Michael Strauss, Pix from The Global Journal)The Association for the Study of the Cuban Economy (ASCE) will hold its 26th Annual Conference in Miami 28-30 July 2016. The conference theme this year is "Cuba: Assessing the Reforms." Conference papers will focus on the current economic and political situation in Cuba in the wake of normalization of relations with the U.S. and of the significant discussion about the future course of Cuban macro economics undertaken during the course of the 7th Congress of the Cuban Communist Party in April 2016. For more information see HERE.My… [read post]
22 Jul 7:36 pm
Kate Andrias (University of Michigan Law School) has posted Building Labor's Constitution (Texas Law Review, Vol. 94, No. 7 (2016): 1591-1621) on SSRN. Here is the abstract: In recent years, in the face of the Great Recession and skyrocketing economic inequality, there has been a resurgence of economic justice movements among low-wage workers. Take the "Fight for $15," which began with a few hundred workers in New York but is now national in scope. Fast-food workers, airport and retail workers, home-health aides, and even adjunct professors all now demand substantially higher wages and… [read post]
22 Jul 7:34 pm
IMAGERY: Ivanka Trump is the Anti-Bill Clinton: Two featured family members paint the convention choice between new and inspiring, old and tired. Bill’s not looking so good these days. It’ll be interesting to see what they do with him at the Convention. [read post]
22 Jul 7:26 pm
Virginia Senator Tim Kaine – the newly chosen Democratic nominee for vice president. Virginia Senator Tim Kaine, Hillary Clinton’s newly chosen vice presidential running mate, deserves great credit for his principled stance on constitutional limits on presidential power. Over the last two years, he has repeatedly emphasized that the war against ISIS is “illegal” because it lacks constitutionally required congressional authorization. Kaine is not opposed to fighting ISIS. He believes it is important to vanquish this terrorist menace. But he also recognizes that… [read post]
22 Jul 7:22 pm
Hillary Clinton has picked Tim Kaine as her running mate. What a dull, uninspiring, lackluster choice. He seems as exciting as Mike Pence. But, it really didn't matter who she picked. No one will honestly claim they have decided to vote for... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]] [read post]
22 Jul 7:09 pm
WHAT, YOU THOUGHT HILLARY WOULD CHOOSE A RUNNING MATE WHO WASN’T CORRUPT? Kaine accepted clothes, vacation as gifts. [read post]
22 Jul 7:04 pm
VICTOR DAVIS HANSON: The Dream of Muslim Outreach Has Become a Nightmare. “When President Obama entered office, he dreamed that his hope-and-change messaging and his references to his familial Islamic roots would win over the Muslim world. The soon-to-be Nobel Peace Prize laureate would make the U.S. liked in the Middle East. Then, terrorism would decrease. But, as with his approach to racial relations, Obama’s remedies proved worse than the original illness.” [read post]
22 Jul 7:03 pm
HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE, LEGAL EDUCATION EDITION: Georgetown 3L: Law School Is A Terrible Idea For Most People. Of course, that’s true of any graduate program. Or college major. [read post]
22 Jul 6:47 pm
This week’s Friday’s Five covers five misconceptions about California employment law that can land employers in a lot of hot water: Meal and rest breaks see so trivial. The topic for the uneducated (or out of state) employer does seem trivial.  However, with the penalty owed to employees of one hour of pay for each missed meal or rest break (i.e., up to two hours of penalty pay per day) these violations add up to significant amounts of liability very quickly.  Wal-Mart’s 2005 verdict in California for meal and rest break violations for $172 million is a good… [read post]
22 Jul 6:46 pm
USDA news release: “Today, the Obama Administration is announcing four final rules that implement important provisions of the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act (HHFKA) building on the progress schools across the country have already made in the improved nutritional quality of meals served in schools. As a key component of First Lady Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move! initiative to raise a healthier generation, the rules will ensure that children have access to healthy snacks and that nutrition standards for the foods marketed and served in schools are consistent. The rules will… [read post]
22 Jul 6:39 pm
Via POGO:  “In a new report, London-based watchdog Global Witness sheds light on the dangers of anonymously-owned companies in government contracting. The recent Panama Papers scandal has raised concerns of how money stashed in anonymous shell companies is used to evade taxes and fund international crime. In a similar vein, a Global Witness report titled Hidden Menace: How secret company owners are putting troops at risk and harming American taxpayers is a fascinating and startling look at how money lost to anonymously-owned contractors engenders waste, defrauds taxpayers,… [read post]
22 Jul 6:35 pm
Another recall spurred by metal fragments in sugar from an unnamed supplier was issued Friday evening, this time for 30 bakery products sold by Weis Markets. The Weis recall includes muffins, cookies, shortbread and bread products distributed to the Pennsylvania-based retailer’s stores. It operates more than 160 stores in Pennsylvania, Maryland, New York, New Jersey and West Virginia. “This voluntary action is being taken due to our supplier’s recall of the sugar ingredient,” according to the company’s recall notice on the Food and Drug Administration… [read post]
22 Jul 6:31 pm
Via recode: “Verizon is closing in on a deal to buy Yahoo’s core business for about $5 billion, according to sources familiar with the talks. The telco giant has long been considered the favorite to buy Yahoo’s internet assets, which it wants to combine with AOL, which it bought last year for $4.4 billion. Part of Verizon’s pitch to Yahoo’s board is that it is the logical choice, since it is already operating a similar business. The concept of such a deal is to combine its advertising tech assets and become the third alternative to leaders Facebook and… [read post]
22 Jul 6:30 pm
RJC Statement on Clinton's VP Selection The Republican Jewish Coalition released the following statement in response to Hillary Clinton’s selection of Senator Tim Kaine of Virginia as her vice presidential candidate: “After leading President Obama’s disastrous foreign policy in the Middle East, Hillary Clinton’s selection of Senator Kaine as her running mate further proves she cannot be trusted to keep our country safe,” said RJC Executive Director Matt Brooks. “Whether it’s his vote for the Iran deal, which paves the way to a… [read post]