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2 Sep 2011, 1:09 pm by Jeff Gamso
I could, I suppose, make this an update to the post I put up a little while ago about the Parole Board's recommendation against clemency for Bill Slagle.Good news, however temporary and however little it may mean in the long run, remains good news. And its rare enough that it deserves its own place.Besides, it's not really more than incidentally and coincidentally related to what the Board did.Kasich called off the killing.Not permanently.Not for reason having anything to do with Billy Slagle.But… [read post]
17 Apr 2013, 8:20 pm by Jeff Gamso
Call it mercy or grace.  Call it generosity of spirit if you're made uncomfortable by the seemingly religious sound of those words.  (This atheist isn't.  I believe deeply in mercy and in grace.)Whatever the name, the idea is that like all gifts, it reveals the giver.So it is, as I've said repeatedly, for clemency.  Do we open our hearts and offer? Or do we hold fast to righteousness?  Do we repay hatred with kindness?  Do we say we won't do unto you as you did?For the… [read post]
4 Jul 2013, 7:57 am by Jeff Gamso
When Tim McGinty ran for prosecutor in Cuyahoga County, he said he'd take a different approach to the death penalty.  No more would they just charge capital cases right and left.  No more pursuing death just to use the charges as bargaining chips.  Care, consideration, what's really appropriate.  That's what he said.There was a fair amount of eye-rolling.But the numbers are down.  McGinty's office has, in fact, brought far fewer capital indictments than his predecessor.And… [read post]
2 Sep 2011, 12:00 pm by Jeff Gamso
Mercy.Alas, we're back to that.As the powers that be try to convince Judge Frost that they'll actually obey they'll actually obey their new protocol despite years (and piles of bodies) ignoring the old ones, the Parole Board issued its report and recommendation in Billy Slagle's case.  Slagle's been sitting on death row for 23 years, sentenced for the murder of Mari Anne Pope 24 years ago.  The Board was unanimous.He should be killed. The mitigation was examined at trial. The aggravating factors… [read post]
24 Jul 2013, 8:43 pm by Jeff Gamso
Damned if I know.Just over a year ago, on July 10, 2012, Governor Kasich ignored the Parole Board's recommendation that Jeff Eley should be murdered (the Board's vote in favor of killing was 5-3) and commuted his sentence to life in prison.That was so last year.Today, the same governor obeyed the Parole Board's recommendation (by a 6-4 vote) that Billy Slagle should be executed.  Kill him, he said.  And for explanation?  The Parole Board said to do it.   Kasich denies… [read post]
16 Jul 2013, 9:08 pm by Jeff Gamso
It was August 13, 1987 when Billy Slagle, 18 years old, brutally murdered Mari Anne Pope.  Nine months later, to the day, just over 25 years ago, Slagle arrived on death row.  He's still there.Two years ago he was scheduled to be executed.  The Parole Board did it's thing and gave a unanimous recommendation to the governor:Kill the SOB.Didn't happen.  Kasich gave him a reprieve.  It's now run out. Slagle's next up, scheduled to be killed on August 7.But things can… [read post]
5 Aug 2013, 5:30 pm by Jeff Gamso
There are, as I've surely said before in this blawg, no guarantees in this business.Juries surprise.  Judges surprise.  God knows witnesses surprise.  And if clients didn't surprise, there wouldn't be clients.  (OK that last isn't exactly true, but you get the idea.)And so, when Billy Slagle hanged himself in his cell, it was a surprise.  If only he'd known.  If only his lawyers had got hold of him to tell him.   If only they'd learned a little earlier.Because… [read post]
4 Aug 2013, 7:05 pm by Jeff Gamso
Billy Slagle hanged himself in his cell.  He was found there early this morning.  I don't know just why he did it.  Probably he didn't know just why, either.  But here's what we do know.Just under 26 years ago, Billy murdered Mari Anne Pope.  He was 18 years old.  He's been in custody ever since.  First in the county jail.  Then on death row.   For all those years, Billy and his lawyers have been fighting for his life.Last month, the Cuyahoga County… [read post]