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"If you have much to lose because of the return of the estate tax, they advise that you prepare for the worst." [read post]
"You really need professional planners that will help you "plan," not just sell you something. Believe it or not, I think the same advice applies to estate planning attorneys." [read post]
"Columnist John Norris writes convincingly that he thinks Congress will not act, and that the 2001 rules will go into effect next year. He suggests that if your estate exceeds $1 million, you consider getting yourself to an estate attorney." [read post]
8 Apr 2011, 9:21 am by leephillips
Check out the video that goes over how to avoid probate. Not as easy as you – or your lawyer – thought! [read post]
Strategic use of life insurance frequently is a key aspect of comprehensive estate planning, solving a wide variety of estate planning challenges from providing liquidity to pay estate taxes, to charitable bequests and ensuring the continuation of a closely-held business. [read post]
"Preparing for your 60s and beyond means more than assessing your financial health. Experts say the best time to start planning is in your early 40s." [read post]
"I have always suggested to clients that they have an estate planning team. I ran across an article at New Jersey online last week with advice about how to pick such a team of professional financial advisors." [read post]
23 Feb 2011, 3:35 pm by leephillips
Life insurance has always been an estate planning tool. Estate planning, life insurance, wills, and trusts have always gone together like bread and butter. But, life insurance estate planning techniques have taken a hit since the Obama tax extensions. Life insurance is sold on three premises. 1) Don’t you love your family, and don’t you want them to be comfortable if you die? 2) You have a large estate and are going to lose a ton of it in estate taxes when you die. You need liquidity (cash) in… [read post]
It’s official. The Indiana inheritance tax is repealed for deaths after Dec. 31, 2021. [read post]
" formalizing and documenting the arrangement, you make it legally acknowledged and transparent for both the care-giver and care-recipient." [read post]
People frequently ask what they should do when a loved one passes. Unfortunately, they usually ask this question from the midst of their grief. Making appropriate plans now can ease the burden of this difficult time. [read post]
Being asked by friends or family to be executor of an estate is a big honor, but the warm feelings can vanish once the job starts. [read post]
Not all trusts are created equal, especially when it comes to protection in a divorce. [read post]
Obama's budget proposal was recently released, and here are some of the proposed changes that involve estate planning. [read post]
24 Oct 2013, 4:00 am by Steven Frye
Valuation of an interest in a discretionary Trust - Part 2: What some of the factors to consider for determining value? [read post]
While you most certainly can write your own will, I believe that there are too many potential problems that can arise. [read post]
The death of Jobs has sparked conversation about the motivations and merits that surround anonymous giving. And for those who either eschew the spotlight or hold to a religious tradition that espouses anonymous donation, giving in secret sounds downright attractive. [read post]
"My father died and left the house he lived in to his wife, my stepmother... My father told me the house would be mine and that he had life insurance to pay it off if anything happened to him." [read post]