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23 Apr 2014, 9:44 am by Robin Berg, Deputy Project Director
 In usual instances, judges defer to our written compliance recommendations attached to each warranted file which generally preempts the presence of a court representative. [read post]
23 Apr 2014, 9:37 am by Robert Friedman
I’m mostly just a believer in keeping the earth inhabitable for future generations. [read post]
23 Apr 2014, 9:35 am
Despite the general acceptance of WTO accession practice, important questions concerning its legality and legitimacy remain unanswered. [read post]
23 Apr 2014, 9:34 am by Joseph Potashnik
The cap had been set at $123,200, with varying levels of contributions allowed to individual campaigns during primaries and general elections, and to party committees. [read post]
23 Apr 2014, 9:26 am by Neil Rosenbaum
  Although authorities have long approved in general terms of efforts to coordinate discovery proceedings between state and federal courts in mass litigation, practical resources for practitioners looking to implement coordination in practice have been scant. [read post]
23 Apr 2014, 9:12 am by Mark Weidemaier
I suppose we can say that option 2 grants US courts more rather than less enforcement authority and so is generally consistent with Argentina's promise to, you know, actually pay its debts. [read post]
23 Apr 2014, 9:07 am by Lyle Denniston
  But, in order to aid the judges in this task, Justice Kennedy laid out some general principles. [read post]
23 Apr 2014, 9:00 am by Guest Blogger
In distinguishing the Hunter case from the prior case of Joseph, the court noted the importance of flexibility by stating, “…while the principles in the Joseph case do inform our decision here, we make the not uncommon observation that each case spins on its own facts”.[3] Law firms are ultimately better suited to handle the salacious matters of their partners and associates than the Law Society, who ought to be more concerned with policing conflicts of interest… [read post]
23 Apr 2014, 9:00 am by JWT
  [Closing documents are generally forms that you can't negotiate anyway, governed by extensive state and federal laws -- this should all be stock, repetitive work. [read post]
23 Apr 2014, 9:00 am
Generally, educational debt incurred before a marriage is considered separate property and barring some predetermined contractual agreement, it stays that way after a divorce. [read post]
23 Apr 2014, 8:54 am by Dennis Crouch
However, the “general class of patients” interpretation would require evidence that the result is generally expected in all patients. [read post]
23 Apr 2014, 8:46 am by Gavin Johnson
Though not required, members will also generally want to draft an operating agreement that includes exit strategies. [read post]
23 Apr 2014, 8:36 am by Kaid Benfield
  It found an immense range of correlations between nature and public health, from reduced headaches to longevity: “Nature and green spaces contribute directly to public health by reducing stress and mental disorders, increasing the effect of physical activity, reducing health inequalities, and increasing perception of life quality and self-reported general health. [read post]
23 Apr 2014, 8:29 am by russell
This week the Attorney General, Eric Holder, announced that the United States would be offering more pardons and clemency for federal drug offenders. [read post]
23 Apr 2014, 8:28 am
 ■ "Section 125 Plans (also known as a Cafeteria Plan or Premium Only Plan (POP), must follow the general principle that employees' pre-tax elections are irrevocable for the plan year, except under certain conditions"Generally speaking, you only get to change your "cafeteria plan" choices once a year - at Open Enrollment. [read post]
23 Apr 2014, 8:27 am by Serena Rwejuna
by Serena Rwejuna While the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (“FERC” or the “Commission”) has never required a uniform structure for reactive power compensation, in light of the growing number of new technologies, particularly wind and solar photovoltaic generation facilities, the changing landscape of the electricity industry and emerging reliability concerns, the Commission held a workshop on April 22, [...] [read post]
23 Apr 2014, 8:24 am
For example, when seeking to sue in federal court, litigators must evaluate whether the 11th Amendment, which generally prevents federal-court actions seeking damages from a state, will hamper their efforts. [read post]