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2 Sep 2015, 11:56 am by Matthew R. Arnold, Esq.
If, as many suspect, the use of such technology continues to increase, there needs to be steps taken to ensure that a person’s privacy is not unknowingly violated by curious insurance companies eager to avoid paying out on a claim. [read post]
2 Sep 2015, 7:48 am by F. Paul Pittman
Such an approach can cause uncertainty about what privacy practices the FCC deems compliant. [read post]
2 Sep 2015, 5:53 am by Thaddeus Mason Pope, J.D., Ph.D.
Underlying these and many other potential uses, however, are a series of legal and ethical challenges relating to, among other things, privacy, discrimination, intellectual property, tort, and informed consent, as well as research and clinical ethics. [read post]
2 Sep 2015, 5:38 am by Jennifer Campbell Goddard
We also always include links to the disclaimer page and privacy policy in the footer. [read post]
1 Sep 2015, 7:14 pm by Kevin LaCroix
  Defendants responding to these allegations will want to know not only whether such allegations meet Article III standing requirements, but whether the terms of their network security/privacy liability policies insure the allegations and damages claimed. [read post]
1 Sep 2015, 5:42 pm by Wetenkamp
If taxpayer is not permitted to retrieve the personal data or ensure that the device has been scrubbed, this poses potential privacy concerns where a third party purchaser would have access to the taxpayer’s home address and maybe even access to the garage. [read post]
1 Sep 2015, 4:54 pm by Theodore Harvatin
The court concluded that, while the breath tests indeed constituted a Fourth Amendment search, the privacy interests implicated were minimal and were outweighed by the state’s important governmental interest in preventing fatalities on public roads. [read post]
1 Sep 2015, 4:27 pm by Paul Levy
Most lawyers agree that such right to be forgotten rulings could not extend to the United States, consistent with the First Amendment, but there are some privacy advocates such as Marc Rotenberg at EPIC who are campaigning forcefully for such a right; and even some well-known free speech advocates, such as Marc Randazza, have lent their names to that cause. [read post]
1 Sep 2015, 4:18 pm by INFORRM
The UK’s data privacy watchdog has waded into the debate over the enforcement of the right to be forgotten in Europe. [read post]
1 Sep 2015, 3:14 pm by Andrew Bartholomew
Master Whitaker went on to describe the U.K. as being in somewhat of a “halfway camp" with respect to the data privacy protection. [read post]
1 Sep 2015, 2:27 pm by Mark Jaycox
Warshak by amending the Electronic Communications Privacy Act to require warrants for email and other stored content. [read post]
1 Sep 2015, 2:18 pm by Olivier Moréteau
The Examples of China, Brazil and RussiaGert BrüggemeierSelected Conference ProceedingsCrowding It the Cloud, Data Protection and Permissible Business Models - Conference "Getting around the cloud(s) - Technical and legal issues on Cloud services”Célia Zolynski, Romain PerrayI Soggetti Coinvolti nel Trattamento dei Dati Personali nel Cloud Computing: la Rottura del Dualismo Controller-Processor- Conference "Getting around the cloud(s) - Technical and legal issues on Cloud… [read post]
1 Sep 2015, 1:53 pm by admin
Under Florida law, the standard of living includes the following services be provided at every Florida nursing home: Access to medical services, medication, and emergency services Exercise and appropriate physical activities Social activities Nutritional meals and support Mental health support Privacy Families who believe that their loved one is being neglected or abused have the right to question the actions of the nursing home, and if abuse or neglect is suspected, they have the right to… [read post]
1 Sep 2015, 12:39 pm by VMaryAbraham
The financial services industry struggled with the tension between data privacy and security. [read post]
1 Sep 2015, 12:34 pm by aling
“They know that how complicated a privacy policy is, how it’s presented, can create barriers to opting out. [read post]
1 Sep 2015, 12:25 pm by aling
James Rule writes for Los Angeles Times, August 3, 2015 Establishing a right to the privacy of our data, and creating meaningful choice over how it can be used, might not take privacy off the endangered species list. [read post]
1 Sep 2015, 12:01 pm by Morse, Barnes-Brown Pendleton
MBBP Senior Attorney Faith Kasparian’s article on M&A privacy and compliance concerns (M&A Privacy and Compliance with Applicable Privacy Laws and Sharing of Customer Information) drew the attention of Reporter Katie Rucke of Communication Daily, who consequently called upon Faith to comment for a story Ms. [read post]
1 Sep 2015, 10:17 am by Taylor Gillan
[JURIST] Privacy International [advocacy website] reported [materials] Monday that Colombian intelligence agencies have been developing surveillance tools to collect large amounts of data without a warrant. [read post]
1 Sep 2015, 9:07 am
As red light cameras, security cameras, and cell phone cameras take over our society it can feel like privacy no longer exists. [read post]