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15 Aug 2012, 10:20 am by D. Todd Smith
The Texas Supreme Court has issued an order incorporating word counts into the Texas Rules of Appellate Procedure. The order amends Rules 9, 38, 49, 52, 53, 55, 64, 68, 70, and 71. Some highlights of the amendments include (for computer-generated briefs in civil cases): a minimum 14-point font (12-point for footnotes); a 15,000-word limit for briefs or responses; a 7,500-word limit for reply briefs; aggregate briefing limits of 27,000 words per party in the intermediate courts of appeals; a 4,500… [read post]
15 Aug 2012, 9:20 am by D. Todd Smith
The Texas Supreme Court has issued an order incorporating word counts into the Texas Rules of Appellate Procedure. The order amends Rules 9, 38, 49, 52, 53, 55, 64, 68, 70, and 71. Some highlights of the amendments include (for computer-generated briefs in civil cases): a minimum 14-point font (12-point for footnotes); a 15,000-word limit for briefs or responses; a 7,500-word limit for reply briefs; aggregate briefing limits of 27,000 words per party in the intermediate courts of appeals; a 4,500… [read post]
25 Aug 2010, 11:03 pm by Steve Baird
Welcome to another edition of AlphaWatch (the next one in our queue), where we explore the reach of single-letter trademarks, this time focusing on the letter Q and the single-letter branding cues it might suggest to consumers: Are you able to name the un-truncated version of this single-letter mark and brand? My daughter could. The answer is below the jump. Now, given Quizno's federally-registered rights in the single-letter Q logo, what is the likely fate of this baby q logo, recently filed… [read post]
14 May 2012, 2:44 am by Gmlevine
www.udrpcommentaries.comWords and phrases in common use are attractive equally to purveyors and domainers. That one has a trademark does not disqualify the other from registering an identical or confusingly similar composition as long as proof fails to demonstrate bad faith. While registration confers distinctiveness, trademarks on the lower rung acquire this virtue over time. Trademarks qualified for registration under Section 2(f) of the Lanham Act (15 U.S.C. §1052(f)) for example are concededly… [read post]
1 Jul 2013, 12:19 am by Steve Baird
What an honor it was to be part of the 2013 Dieline Package Design conference at HOW Design Live, last week in San Francisco, thanks again for the opportunity Andrew! The Editor’s Choice winner for the 2013 Dieline Package Design Awards is Method’s visually stunning Ocean Plastic Dish and Hand soap container, shown to the left, and discussed this way: “The more ocean plastic we’re able to reuse means less demand for virgin materials and a cleaner planet. We may… [read post]
9 Oct 2011, 11:30 pm by Steve Baird
What does Google have in common with Sasquatch? Well, perhaps one possible point of similarity is that if you mess with either, you might get yourself seriously messed up in the process. With respect to the defensive power of Sasquatch, a local Wisconsin business success story, Jack Link's Beef Jerky, has gotten much notoriety with its series of hilarious 30-second television commercials, featuring their own character and version of the Sasquatch who firmly retaliates when he is bullied,… [read post]
5 Jul 2011, 7:04 am by Deborah Savadra
One key to increasing your efficiency in Microsoft Word (in addition to letting Word fix your typos) is keeping your hands off the mouse as much as possible. To do that, though, you need to know a few handy shortcut keys so you can format as your fingers fly. Try some of these and see if you don’t agree that it speeds things up. Note: In these key combinations, CTRL refers to the Control key and SHIFT to the Shift key, located at the bottom of your PC keyboard. The plus sign… [read post]
4 Dec 2011, 10:22 pm by Steve Baird
The strategic use of color can make all the difference in the world -- particularly the trademark world -- when creating the visual identity for a brand, as color can be a very helpful legal tool in communicating the brand's underlying meaning. And the meaning of a brand and its trademark, or a portion of its trademark, can have many legal implications, including but not limited to whether the mark is descriptive or suggestive, strong or weak, inherently distinctive or not, whether a… [read post]
6 Apr 2012, 2:03 pm by Accellis Technology Group
I’ve have friends call me all the time, inside and outside the legal industry, because I know a few things about computers. Regarding Microsoft Word, the number one complaint is always this: “Mike, every time I open up Word it’s set to Calibri, 11-pt. font, and is double spaced with 10-pt. after-spacing. How do I set it to something normal so that every time I open up a new document, I don’t have to waste my time trying to figure out how to fix it?” I’m glad you asked. When you open up… [read post]
10 Jul 2010, 11:26 pm by Steve Baird
Apparently, if you own one of the diminishing number of retail shops that specializes in tobacco products, it doesn't really matter if you have a brand or a distinctive name, or not. Tell them what you sell, tell them you're open for business, and they will come, I guess. This image got me thinking about how often this marketing strategy -- if it can be called a strategy -- works, and the circumstances that might permit a business to succeed, despite being brand-less, on the wrong end… [read post]
2 Apr 2012, 7:30 am by bteam
By Jessica Orquina Have you heard of six-word essays or flash fiction? It’s a unique genre of writing that focuses on sharing a meaningful story or idea in just six words. The idea of very short stories began before the digital age, but has begun to thrive recently as people share their stories via social networks. Six-word essays recently came to my attention and I thought it would a great way to celebrate the environment. Today at EPA, we are launching the Six Words for the Planet project in… [read post]
29 Dec 2009, 11:29 am by Shannon Moore
What is Immoral or Scandalous Matter? Some may think this is a very subjective definition, but I assure you, the USPTO sees it differently. Here is what they have to say about it: “Section 2(a) of the Trademark Act, 15 U.S.C. §1052(a), is an absolute bar to the registration of immoral or scandalous matter on either the Principal Register or the Supplemental Register. Although the words “immoral” and “scandalous” may have somewhat different connotations, case law has included immoral… [read post]
11 Feb 2010, 6:44 am by Steve Baird
Frequently brand owners find themselves in the position of wanting or needing to explain the thinking behind their name, mark, and/or brand. Sometimes the explanations appear publicly on product packaging, websites, catalogs, brochures, advertising, and frequently in press releases, or perhaps in statements to reporters, especially when trademark litigation concerning the brand is involved. Such explanations about the brand's meaning also can be found in consultant's naming briefs that are… [read post]
9 Aug 2011, 5:11 am by Graham Martin
A few months ago Adobe released a new online service called ExportPDF, which converts PDFs to Word documents while retaining the formatting. For $19.99 per year (automatically renewing) one can convert unlimited PDFs to Word documents. It seemed interesting and potentially useful, so I signed up. As with any service, there are advantages and disadvantages not only to using Adobe ExportPDF, but the mere existence of the service. On the upside, for instance, you now have a simple method for turning… [read post]
21 Apr 2011, 8:29 pm by David Oxenford
The FCC's indecency rules have, in recent months, twice been declared unconstitutional by the US Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit - essentially finding that the FCC's policies imposed unconstitutional restrictions on speech as they did not give broadcasters any way of determining what was permitted and what was prohibited.  After seeking several extensions of time to determine whether to seek Supreme Court review of the Court of Appeals decisions, the FCC today released its Petition for… [read post]
11 Dec 2013, 2:00 am by Vivian Manning
Break up with your mouse! You know that old chestnut from composer Burt Bacharach, “Make it easy on yourself, ’cause breaking up is so very hard to do?” Well, that’s what I want you to do. I want you to break up — with your mouse. And I’m going to show you how to make it easy on yourself, by giving you a list of the most common, useful keyboard shortcuts in Microsoft Windows, Internet Explorer, Word and Outlook. You’re probably using a few of these… [read post]
31 Aug 2011, 12:40 pm by David Lat
During 2011, Paul Hastings has been picking up partners. We previously mentioned their acquiring two prominent leveraged finance lawyers, Michael Michetti and Rich Farley, from Cahill Gordon. Additional hires, including Michael Baker from Shearman & Sterling and Steven Park from Finnegan Henderson, are listed on the PH website.Like any large firm, however, Paul Hastings loses partners too. We’ve just learned of two partners who are ankling PH for Nixon Peabody.Let’s find out who they are, get… [read post]
12 Dec 2013, 7:11 pm by Sam Glover
It is easy to add hyperlinks to legal documents, but it seems to intimidate lawyers, because they rarely do it. I get a lot of Word documents as draft posts for Lawyerist, and very few of them contain hyperlinks. And I’ve seen a lot of pleadings and memoranda in state and federal court litigation, but none of them (other than my own) have had hyperlinks.Adding hyperlinks to Word documents is easy, it is useful, and it is something you really need to know how to do.Inserting Hyperlinks in Word… [read post]
11 Jun 2012, 2:00 am by Gmlevine
www.udrpcommentaries.comWe appear to have reached a stage on the Internet in which every dictionary word and many combinations have been spoken for as domain names. So much is this so that owners of newly minted trademarks composed of common words (who have not investigated domain name availability) find themselves having to buy the corresponding domain names from holders who have anticipated them. Although there have been quixotic proceedings to capture domain names, those acquired prior to… [read post]
2 Nov 2011, 12:42 pm by Joshua Auriemma
We got our hands on a new feature from the Fastcase Cloud Printing Suite recently that we’ve been looking forward to sharing with our readers. In our last review of the Fastcase Cloud Printing Suite, I mentioned that I was looking forward to experiencing the Cloud Printing integration with Microsoft Word. This feature takes your Word documents, parses through them, identifies the case citations within, and allows you to pull up any or all of the cases in one fell swoop. While the browser plugin… [read post]