December 2006 Criminal Law Top Blawgs

  1. By Moritz College of Law Professor Douglas A. Berman.
  2. Covers constitutional law, criminal law, DUI, drugs, First Amendment and immigration. By Jon Katz, P.C.
  3. Covers fraud and forensic accounting, including tax fraud and the Sarbanes-Oxley Act. By Tracy Coenen.
  4. News and information gateway to web based services provided by the New York State Supreme Court Criminal Term Library in New York County.
  5. By Stetson University Law Professor Ellen S. Podgor.
  6. By the Public Defender Investigator Network.
  7. Covers civil rights, criminal law, federalism, and Section 1983. By Norman Pattis and Michael Cernovich.
  8. Provides liberal coverage of crime-related political and injustice news.
  9. Forum for discussion about issues and appellate decisions of interest to Kansas defenders.
  10. Covers best practices in the criminal justice system. By Steve Hall.
  11. Covers criminal law.
  12. Covers appellate practice, Apprendi, bifurcation, capital cases, civil rights, confrontation clause, evidence, and more.
  13. Criminal law issues and commentary. Edited by University of San Diego School of Law Dean & Professor of Law Kevin Cole, contributions by Professors Lawrence A. Alexander, Donald A. Dripps, Yale Kamisar, Adam J. Kolber, and Jean Ramirez.
  14. Ex-prosecutor pontificates on current cases in the news. By Sarena Straus.
  15. Offers ideas and updates on law, procedure, and tactics to aid trial lawyers (and others) involved with allegations of wrongdoing. By Anthony Colleluori.
  16. Discusses recent cases and legislation in Virginia concerning criminal law and procedure, traffic and DUI law, and relevant constitutional issues. By Charles Homiller.
  17. Online supplement to Search and Seizure book. By John Wesley Hall, Jr.
  18. Covers drunk driving laws, news and false evidence. By Lawrence Taylor.
  19. Covers criminal law, violent crime and the judiciary. Previously known as the Judging Crimes blog.
  20. Covers news and case law for those interested in capital litigation. By Karl Keys.