March 2009 Arkansas Top Blawgs

  1. Covers divorce, child custody and family law issues, focused on Arkansas law.
  2. Covers boat accidents, motorcycle accident, and nursing home abuse in Arkansas. By Pfeifer Law Firm.
  3. Covers estate planning and elder law.
  4. Covers current happenings in education law and policy in Arkansas and throughout the nation. By Jennifer Williams Flinn.
  5. Discusses Arkansas DWi and criminal law issues. By Brad J. Williams.
  6. Covers Title VII, wage and hour, and employment law in Arkansas. By Cox & Sterling.
  7. Covers the firm and recent developments in state and federal law.
  8. Follows Arkansas energy, oil, gas, law along with environmental, public utilities, and real estate law.
  9. Covers significant developments in appellate practice in Arkansas and decisions from Arkansas’s Appellate Courts. By Tasha C. Taylor.
  10. Covers estate and trust conflicts, inheritance battles, and will contests.By Matt House.