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November 2009 Top Blawgs

  1. Covers homebuying, mortgages, and homeownership. Ilona Bray.
  2. Provides answers to questions about copyright, trademarks and patents.
  3. Covers employment discrimination, harassment, FMLA, and workplace rules. By Lis Guerin.
  4. Covers estate planning and wills. By Liza Weiman Hanks.
  5. Covers legal issues affecting the workplace. By Dave Whitlock, Chris Parker and Jimmy Daniel.
  6. Covers pending cases and new decisions that will shape Texas law. By Don Cruse.
  7. Covers divorce, chil support, child custody and mediation.
  8. Covers software audits, including Microsoft, BSA, and Adobe audits. By Scott & Scott.
  9. Covers recent legal developments and trends affecting employers. By Porter Wright Morris & Arthur LLP.