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November 2009 Top Blawgs

  1. Reviews legal developments affecting airlines and travel agents.
  2. Offers news and views on child support and child support enforcement.
  3. Covers personal injury legal news.
  4. By a full-time legal secretary attending law school part-time at night.
  5. Covers video games, gambling and other legal discussions. By Mark Methenitis.
  6. Looks at conflict resolution, including mediation and negotiation, through the lens of neuroscience. By Stephanie West Allen and Jeffrey M. Schwartz.
  7. Covers Chinese franchise, torts, contracts and labor laws. By Brad Luo.
  8. A forum for dialogue and networking among women lawyers and aspiring lawyers.
  9. Covers Florida family law cases and news. By Christopher Chopin.
  10. Covers compliance rules, duty of disclosure, elder abuse and fraud. By the Hayes Law Firm.