October 2009 Intellectual Property Law Top Blawgs

  1. Covers the harm of excess copyright enforcement. By Howard Knopf.
  2. Discusses news in the Copyright and Fair Use industry, as well as updates to the Stanford Copyright and Fair Use site.
  3. Review of copyright law, copyright litigation, art litigation and relevant current events. Discussions of recent case law and federal rules of civil procedure. By Ray Dowd.
  4. Duke's source for advice and information about copyright and publication issues.
  5. Bibliography of current articles on the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, the TEACH act and other copyright issues. Maintained by Claire Stewart, Northwestern University Library. With contributions from Paul Clough, Stu Baker and Brian Nielsen.
  6. Covers content theft, plagiarism, and copyright issues on the Web. By Jonathan Bailey.
  7. Provides answers to questions about copyright, trademarks and patents.
  8. Covers software audits, including Microsoft, BSA, and Adobe audits. By Scott & Scott.
  9. Covers the international treaties and copyright laws that govern foreign works. From the University of Texas Libraries.
  10. Covers intellectual property and technology, law. Published by Fish & Richardson attorney Adam J. Kessel.
  11. Listen to lectures by and discussions with the faculty of the University of Chicago Law School.
  12. Covers legal, regulatory, marketplace and cultural issues affecting the information, communications and entertainment industries. By Rob Frieden.
  13. Covers search engines and copyright issues.
  14. Provides news, analysis of important case law, summaries of pending litigation, statistical information, and commentary relating to intellectual property issues affecting Maryland businesses and individuals. By Brian Wm. Higgins.
  15. Covers intellectual property law in Poland.
  16. Covers intellectual property management.
  17. Covers European patent law (in French).
  18. Covers online branding and the law.
  19. Covers DMCA, technology and e-commerce issues and litigation.
  20. One reporter's notes on the IP beat. By Joe Mullin.