October 2009 Law Practice Top Blawgs

  1. Covers managing in-house counsel groups. By Rees Morrison.
  2. Edited by S. Alan Childress, Michael S. Frisch, Jeffrey M. Lipshaw and Nancy B. Rapaport.
  3. Provides business information about the litigation support and electronic discovery industry.
  4. A collection of resources for lawyers, who write. By Raymond Ward.
  5. By Alexei Ghertescu.
  6. Offers news about the Tablet PC and the experiences of a Georgia family law attorney using one. By Stephen Worrall.
  7. A forum for dialogue and networking among women lawyers and aspiring lawyers.
  8. Covers partner transition planning at professional firms. By Practice Development Counsel.
  9. Covers solo practice, marketing and work/life balance. By Susan Cartier Liebel.
  10. Covers the use of technology and computers in the legal profession. By Finis Price.
  11. Covers associate development, coaching, culture, management, mentoring and succession. By Ronda Muir.
  12. Covers the practice of law in Greensboro, North Carolina.
  13. Covers disaster planning, law practice management, insurance, marketing and security. By Freedman Consulting.
  14. Covers building the law firm of the future, enabling lawyers to meet in person or in cyberspace, accessing resources and information over the Internet, and leveraging systems and tools. By Roger P. Glovsky.
  15. Law practice information and interviews with experts. By Ed Poll.
  16. Lists bar association news and events.
  17. Covers legal extranets, client workspace technology, litigation case management and litigation support. By the Xerdict Group.
  18. Covers buying and selling a practice, law firm management and legal marketing. By Ed Poll.
  19. Covers electronic discovery, law practice management, legal technology, gadgets and privacy and security. By Jeff Beard.
  20. Covers knowledge management within a law firm. By Tom Baldwin.