October 2009 Legal Information Top Blawgs

  1. Covers business, legal and government-related news. By The Daily Record.
  2. Covers library legal issues, legal information sources, and notices for the Harvard Law community. From the law librarians of Harvard Law School.
  3. Offers an eccentric look at law, politics and the Supreme Court.
  4. Covers issues and ideas in politics, law, and education.
  5. Features announcements, featured content and legal information factoids. From the Legal Information Institute.
  6. By Thomas R. Bruce of the Legal Information Institute at the Cornell Law School.
  7. By Brian Cuban.
  8. Thoughts and comments on Business Law, Elder Law, Estate Planning and Tax Law. By Deirdre R. Wheatley-Liss.
  9. On law, surfing and politics. By Tim Kevan.
  10. Covers law, adoption, culture & lifestyle, and politics.
  11. Covers law, technology, economics and history. By Nick Szabo.
  12. About law, literature and the humanities. By the Law & Humanities Institute.
  13. Covers the US Supreme Court. By Kedar Bhatia.
  14. Covers news and legal issues for the Peninsula Virginia area in Southeast Virginia.
  15. Offers scholarship, news and new ideas in legal history. By professor Mary L. Dudziak.
  16. A Bay Area lawyer blogs about his life as a Bay Area lawyer.
  17. Covers politics, society and current news. By Charley Moore.
  18. Covers Christianity and law. By Stephen Bloom.