October 2009 Top 200 Blawgs

  1. Covers adoption law issues in Georgia, including independent adoptions, agency adoptions, step-parent adoptions, relative adoptions, and international adoptions. By Stephen Worrall.
  2. Covers labor and employment law issues for employers. By Van Vleck Turner & Zaller.
  3. A chronicle of criminal defense practice for the client. By Stephen Gustitis.
  4. Features news and thoughts on issues in Georgia regarding wills, advance directives, living wills, healthcare powers of attorney, guardianship, and probate. By Stephen Worrall.
  5. Offers news about the Tablet PC and the experiences of a Georgia family law attorney using one. By Stephen Worrall.
  6. By Jordan E. Bublick.
  7. Covers compliance, employment and industry intelligence for investment professionals and investment, planning and regulatory intelligence for investors. By James J. Eccleston.
  8. Provides updates and commentary on current employment law headlines and topics. By Kohrman Jackson & Krantz PLL.
  9. Features commentary, news and analysis of cases involving the defense of toxic torts claims. By Barbara Adams.
  10. Covers issues and legal challenges facing California auto dealers. By Chris Bruni.
  11. Covers UK tax issues. By Mercer & Hole.
  12. Covers business development, client service and customer focus. By Mike Hellum.
  13. Covers insolvency and corporat restructuring in the UK, Europe, cross-border and beyond. By Mercer & Hole.
  14. Covers eminent domain news with a focus on Michigan. By Ackerman Ackerman & Dynkowski.
  15. Discusses tax law, tax legislation, and other IRS tax happenings. By Kreig Mitchell.
  16. Covers class action litigation in the Southeast and class action arbitrations nationally. By Carlton Fields Jorden Burt.
  17. Covers consumer fraud, consumer protection, securities and antitrust class actions. By Meiselman, Packman, Nealon, Scialabba & Baker P.C.
  18. News, stories, thoughts and insight on elder law in Connecticut. By Michael J. Keenan.
  19. Chronicles legal humor. By Nicole Black.
  20. Offers news and views on child support and child support enforcement.
  21. Covers personal injury legal news.
  22. Covers Florida family law cases and news. By Christopher Chopin.
  23. Reviews legal developments affecting airlines and travel agents.
  24. By a full-time legal secretary attending law school part-time at night.
  25. Covers Chinese franchise, torts, contracts and labor laws. By Brad Luo.
  26. A forum for dialogue and networking among women lawyers and aspiring lawyers.
  27. Covers video games, gambling and other legal discussions. By Mark Methenitis.
  28. Covers compliance rules, duty of disclosure, elder abuse and fraud. By the Hayes Law Firm.
  29. Covers child custody, child support and divorce.
  30. Covers the laws governing exports from the United States with an emphasis on export regulations administered by the Bureau of Industry and Security, the Directorate of Defense Trade Controls and the Office of Foreign Assets Control. By Clif Burns, Carolyn
  31. Features an appellate practitioner's take on practice and legal developments in the California Courts of Appeal, the California Supreme Court and the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. By Greg May.
  32. Discusses wrongful dismissal and employment law issues affecting Canadian employers and employees. By Whitten & Lublin.
  33. Covers personal injury, workers compensation and medical malpractice issues for Illinois and Iowa lawyers. By Michael J. Warner & Associates.
  34. Covers current events related to divorce and family law matters in Florida. By Christine Bauer.
  35. Covers business law, employment law, estate planning and intellectual property. By Sam Hasler.
  36. Covers news and regulation of wave, tidal and offershore wind energy. By Carolyn Elefant.
  37. Covers IRS problems and how to solve them. By Darrin Mish.
  38. Covers DWIs, Austin police, breath tests and intoxilyzers. By Ken Gibson.
  39. Covers nursing home abuse and litigation. By Poliakoff & Associates.
  40. Covers legal technology and practice management news.
  41. Focuses on issues of interest to adjunct law professors, including labor law, employment law, employee benefits law and education law issues. Edited by Mitchell H. Rubinstein.
  42. Covers venture capital, seed financings, convertible note bridge debt, M&A, option vesting and other matters. By Yokum Taku.
  43. An irreverant look at legal matters. By Justice William W. Bedsworth.
  44. Provides commentary on Utah injury law. By jared Faerber.
  45. Covers the Oregon State Bar and lawyering in Oregon.
  46. Edited by Brian J.M. Quinn, Afra Afsharipour, and Michael A. Woronoff.
  47. Covers issues of race, gender, and class, as well as how government and politics affect society.
  48. Offers step-by-step instructions showing how to get more out of Time Matters software.
  49. Covers various topics related to language translation, interpretation, and culture in the Legal Sytem. By All Language Alliance, Inc.
  50. Covers topics such as felonies, violent crime, assault and battery, drug offenses, as well as wrongful convictions. By Altman & Altman.
  51. Discusses boating, car, motorcycle, and pedestrian accidents. By Altman& Altman.
  52. For lawyers and law firms looking to create better practices and better business. By Simon Tupman.
  53. Covers strategy, management and client relations. By David Maister.
  54. Covers current developments of the criminal justice system in Calgary, Alberta. By Michael Bates.
  55. Covers legal education and the legal industry. By Professor Eric Goldman.
  56. Covers entrepreneurship and startup companies. By Ryan Roberts.
  57. Helps women navigate the intricacies of divorce and save money along the way. By Helene Taylor.
  58. Features updates and insights regarding California employment law. By Phillip J. Griego & Associates.
  59. Offers news and information from the intersection of intellectual property and business law. By Jim Singer.
  60. Discusses special education law topics. By Jim Gerl.
  61. Covers intellectual property protection litigation. By Mark Methenitis and Mary Goodrich.
  62. Covers legal issues related to the expansion of companies into Asia. By Mark Methenitis, John Vernon and Brad Luo.
  63. Covers legal issues facing the fashion, apparel and textile industry. By Sheppard Mullin.
  64. Covers collaborative law, divorce, family law and marriage. By J. Shannon Cavers.
  65. Covers international private law (conflicts of law) and international commercial arbitration law and jurisprudence (in Spanish). By Julio Cesar Cordoba and Maria B. Noodt Taquela.
  66. By Professors James Ottavio Castagnera and Patrick J. Cihon.
  67. Covers the marketing of expert witness services to attorneys, companies and insurers.
  68. Covers bankruptcy from a creditor's point of view, focusing on developments in California and the Ninth Circuit. By Dean T. Kirby, Jr.
  69. Covers bad faith, insurance coverage, D&O liability, excess and surplus lines, and more. By Edwards Angell Palmer & Dodge.
  70. Covers UK family law.
  71. Covers legal issues related to green building and sustainable development. By Shari Shapiro.
  72. The philosophical ruminations of an experienced trial lawyer who knows who he is and what he does and makes no apologies.
  73. By the Bennet Law Office.
  74. Covers family law and divorce in Australia. By Stephen Page.
  75. Covers the impact of relationship laws on gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and intersex people in Australia. By Stephen Page.
  76. Looks at conflict resolution, including mediation and negotiation, through the lens of neuroscience. By Stephanie West Allen and Jeffrey M. Schwartz.
  77. Features summaries of recent appellate court opinions on issues of law important to the Washington insurance industry. By Jason W. Anderson.
  78. Covers capital punishment.
  79. Covers issues in criminal defense. By Brian Tannebaum.
  80. Covers faulty eyewitness identifications in the American criminal justice system.
  81. Covers vehicle accidents, clergy abuse, personal injury and wrongful death. By Bisnar Chase.
  82. A Bay Area lawyer blogs about his life as a Bay Area lawyer.
  83. Features humorous legal news.
  84. By the Indiana Paralegal Association.
  85. Covers criminal law. By John M. Kaman.
  86. Covers lethal injection in the United States.
  87. Covers criminal law issues, news, and trials in the Pensacola Florida Area. By M. James Jenkins, & Associates.
  88. Offers information and articles related to injury and accident law, criminal law, and immigration law in New York. By the Law Office of Mark Siesel, Esq.
  89. Covers securities fraud, and other areas of securities law and banking and finance law. By Rich, Intelisano & Katz, LLP.
  90. Discusses the Nevada Supreme Court and criminal law in Nevada. By JoNell Thomas.
  91. Covers the politics of crime and prison legal issues.
  92. Devoted to the criminal laws regulating and punishing sex offenders. By Corey Rayburn Yung.
  93. Covers criminal law. By the Colorado Criminal Justice Reform Coalition.
  94. Covers affordable housing, elections, collections, boards and committees. By Beth Grimm.
  95. Covers news and analysis on copyright, trademark, Internet law, and culture. By Joe Gratz.
  96. Provides general information and commentary on child custody, support, divorce and separation, and visitation. By Heather Sunderman.
  97. Focuses on the ethical issues associated with the use of technology by legal professionals. By Professor David Hrcik and Peter Krakaur.
  98. Features commentary on recent tort and insurance developments in Kentucky. By Edward Brutscher.
  99. Covers associate development, coaching, culture, management, mentoring and succession. By Ronda Muir.
  100. Covers judicial news.
  101. Covers bankruptcy, chapter 7, chapter 13, credit reports, foreclosures, and asset protection.
  102. Covers New Jersey and Pennsylvania personal injury, criminal and traffic offenses legal developments. By Saile & Saile LLP.
  103. Covers news and legal issues for the Peninsula Virginia area in Southeast Virginia.
  104. Law and other thoughts by Lewis & Clark Law School Professor Jack Bogdanski.
  105. Covers electronic discovery and evidence. By Ira P. Rothken.
  106. Comments on technology deals and companies. By Harry Boadwee.
  107. Covers technology policy trends, insight and news. By Sean Garrett.
  108. Covers family and divorce law. By Barrow & Weigel.
  109. Thoughts, observation, commentary and notes on the field of business develoment and marketing for law firms. By Peter Darling.
  110. Covers the use of technology and computers in the legal profession. By Finis Price.
  111. Covers bankruptcy and debt collection.
  112. Covers the practice of law in Greensboro, North Carolina.
  113. Covers immigration law topics including all aspects of family and work visas. Published by Jacob Sapochnick.
  114. Covers Daubert, expert witness marketing, and expert witness testimony. By JurisPro Expert Witness Directory.
  115. Covers criminal defense law issues and topics. Published by Southern California criminal defense law corporation, Wallin & Klarich.
  116. Covers personal injury law issues and topics, including medical malpractice, product liability, and discrimination and employment law. By the Law Offices of Robin Frazer Clark.
  117. Covers personal injury law issues and topics, including medical malpractice, product liability, and worker's compensation.
  118. Covers issues and topics relating to consumer law as it relates to car lemon laws and auto dealer fraud. By Kemnitzer, Anderson, Barron, Ogilvie & Brewer.
  119. Covers consumer law, arbitration, credit card fraud, credit report errors, foreclosure, and identity theft. By Watts & Herring, LLC
  120. This blog covers all aspects of personal injury law, including topics such as automobile accidents, insurance issues, motorcycle accidents, and truck accidents. By Bernard Law Group, PLLC.
  121. Covers consumer credit law. By Anderson, Ogilvie & Brewer LLC.
  122. Covers worker's compensation and Social Security litigation. By Martin LLC.
  123. Covers criminal law topics such as drug charges, DUI, domestic violence, burglary, sex crimes, trepassing and vandalism. By Don Himmelberg of Higgins, Himmelberg & Piliponis PLLC.
  124. Covers criminal defense law. By Mark Bennett.
  125. Covers appellate practice in California and the Ninth Circuit. By Kimberly A. Kralowec.
  126. Covers the US Supreme Court. By Kedar Bhatia.
  127. Covers art, entertainment law, film finance and intellectual property.
  128. Covers mortgage fraud information, fraud schemes and indictments. By Rachel Dollar.
  129. Covers personal injury law issues and topics, including medical malpractice, product liability, and worker's compensation By Louthian Law Firm, P.A.
  130. This blog covers DUI law, science, and policy. Topics include celebrity DUI arrests, DUI consequences, and DUI legislation. Published by Southern California criminal defense lawyer, Neil Shouse.
  131. Covers child custody, divorce, and family law matters.
  132. Offers an open forum for patent practitioners. Sponsored by Patent Hawk.
  133. Covers jury issues, research, and verdicts. By Clay S. Conrad.
  134. Features news analysis, advice and insights on doing business in China.
  135. By Professors Byron G. Stier, Howard M. Erichson, Alexandra D. Lahav, Elizabeth Chamblee Burch and Sergio J. Campos.
  136. A Blog for Human Rights
  137. Covers affordable housing and sustainable housing ecosystems. By David Smith.
  138. Offers information and news about social security, injury and accident law in Indiana. By Theodore F. Smith, Jr.
  139. Covers a wide range of business litigation issues in the Southern California area. By Sylvester, Oppenheim, & Linde.
  140. Cover labor law and litigation. By Randy L. Braun.
  141. Features Interviews with senior attorneys on emerging legal issues. By Pepper Hamilton.
  142. Features news and commentary on intellectual property law. By McKee, Voorhees & Sease.
  143. Discusses how businesses should respond to software audits by the Software and Information Industry Association (SIIA). By Robert J. Scott.
  144. Covers England and Wales case law, legislation, and legal news. From the Inner Temple Library.
  145. Covers laws, news, and thoughts on juries and jury trials. By Anne Reed.
  146. Covers voir dire, cause challenges, juror concealment, non-verbal behavior, and peremptory challenges. By Robert W. Kelley.
  147. Covers developments in New York Law. By Thomas Swartz.
  148. Covers politics, society and current news. By Charley Moore.
  149. Covers divorce and family law news. By Kevin W. Chern.
  150. Covers car accident cases, and personal injury cases in the news. By Kevin W. Chern.
  151. Covers personal injury topics.
  152. Focuses on appellate law and military law.
  153. Covers Prenuptial Agreements, Postnuptial Agreements and Reconciliation Agreements in Georgia. By Stephen Worrall.
  154. Covers advertising law. By Natalie Gauthier.
  155. Covers mediation, arbitration and family/divorce law in NJ.
  156. Discusses news in the Copyright and Fair Use industry, as well as updates to the Stanford Copyright and Fair Use site.
  157. Covers food poisoning law. By Bill Marler.
  158. A member of the Law Professor Blogs Network.
  159. By Robin Effron, Cynthia L. Fountaine, Patricia Hatamyar Moore and Adam Steinman.
  160. By Professor Donna Byrne.
  161. Covers the harm of excess copyright enforcement. By Howard Knopf.
  162. Review of copyright law, copyright litigation, art litigation and relevant current events. Discussions of recent case law and federal rules of civil procedure. By Ray Dowd.
  163. Discusses current legal issues.
  164. Commentary on estate planning, tax law, and elder law. By Nathan J. Dosch.
  165. Discusses legal news, law office technology, culture and legal research.
  166. Features United States labor immigration law news and analysis. By the Capitol Immigration Law Group LLC.
  167. Duke's source for advice and information about copyright and publication issues.
  168. Covers issues dealing with personal injury and consumer protection.
  169. Covers domain name disputes and cybersquatting law.
  170. Covers best practices in online legal marketing. By Joshua Fruchter.
  171. By Andrea Schneider, Michael Moffitt, Sarah Cole, Art Hinshaw, Jill Gross, Cynthia Alkon, Paul Kirgis and Jennifer Reynolds.
  172. By Professors Sara R. Benson and William B. Turner.
  173. Covers the information security and data privacy laws.
  174. Covers consumer rights under debt collection laws. By Joseph A. Mullaney III.
  175. Seeks to inform the Cleveland-Marshall College of Law community about key legal education, research, practice, and law library news, with a particular focus on Cuyahoga County and Ohio as well as faculty research interests.
  176. Focuses on complliance, corporate governance, disclosure, mergers and tax issues. By Sheppard Mullin.
  177. Covers employment law and bankruptcy.
  178. Covers criminal law, landlord tenant law and personal injury law. By Kira Fonteneau.
  179. Covers educational law topcis, including constitutional issues, labor and employment and special education. By Berchem, Moses & Devlin, P.C.
  180. Bibliography of current articles on the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, the TEACH act and other copyright issues. Maintained by Claire Stewart, Northwestern University Library. With contributions from Paul Clough, Stu Baker and Brian Nielsen.
  181. Covers law topics such as Criminal Defense, Personal Injury, DUI Defense, Bankruptcy, and Products Liability. By B. Joseph Davis.
  182. Covers personal injury trends, resources, verdicts and legislation. By D'Amore & Associates.
  183. Covers dissolution and other disputes among New York corporations, LLCs and partnerships. By Peter A. Mahler.
  184. Examines interesting and new developments regarding grand juries and trial juries. By Thaddeus Hoffmeister.
  185. Covers Swiss legal news. In German.
  186. Covers healthcare arbitration and mediation, end-of-life decisions, and medical malpractice claims. By Healthcare Neutral.
  187. Covers Admiralty & Maritime Law, Crime Victims Rights, Defective Products, Medical Malpractice, Motor Vehicle Accidents, and Security Negligence. By Gerson & Schwartz.
  188. Covers healthcare, disclosure, medical error, product safety, standard of care, surgery, and travel risks. By Patrick Malone.
  189. Discussion forum among insurance industry professionals, risk managers, attorneys, policyholders, students, and others with an interest in the development of American insurance law.
  190. Covers current events and issues in personal injury and medical malpractice law. By Levine & Slavit.
  191. Covers IRS tax problems. By Richard Close.
  192. Westminster Law Library's news and updates. Includes legal research tips, updates on resources (books, databases, websites etc.), event announcements and a news feed from Jurist. For the University of Denver's Sturm College of Law community.