October 2009 Top 200 Blawgs

  1. Covers healthcare, disclosure, medical error, product safety, standard of care, surgery, and travel risks. By Patrick Malone.
  2. Discussion forum among insurance industry professionals, risk managers, attorneys, policyholders, students, and others with an interest in the development of American insurance law.
  3. Covers healthcare arbitration and mediation, end-of-life decisions, and medical malpractice claims. By Healthcare Neutral.
  4. Covers building safety, cars, health insurance, legislation, medical malpractice, mental health, product liability, and vaccines. By Patrick Malone.
  5. Covers Admiralty & Maritime Law, Crime Victims Rights, Defective Products, Medical Malpractice, Motor Vehicle Accidents, and Security Negligence. By Gerson & Schwartz.
  6. Covers consumer rights under debt collection laws. By Joseph A. Mullaney III.
  7. Bibliography of current articles on the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, the TEACH act and other copyright issues. Maintained by Claire Stewart, Northwestern University Library. With contributions from Paul Clough, Stu Baker and Brian Nielsen.
  8. Covers law topics such as Criminal Defense, Personal Injury, DUI Defense, Bankruptcy, and Products Liability. By B. Joseph Davis.
  9. Covers Swiss legal news. In German.
  10. Covers personal injury trends, resources, verdicts and legislation. By D'Amore & Associates.
  11. By Robin Effron, Cynthia L. Fountaine, Patricia Hatamyar Moore and Adam Steinman.
  12. By Professor Donna Byrne.
  13. Covers food poisoning law. By Bill Marler.
  14. A member of the Law Professor Blogs Network.
  15. By Andrea Schneider, Michael Moffitt, Sarah Cole, Art Hinshaw, Jill Gross, Cynthia Alkon, Paul Kirgis and Jennifer Reynolds.
  16. Covers dissolution and other disputes among New York corporations, LLCs and partnerships. By Peter A. Mahler.
  17. Examines interesting and new developments regarding grand juries and trial juries. By Thaddeus Hoffmeister.
  18. By Professors Sara R. Benson and William B. Turner.
  19. Covers the information security and data privacy laws.
  20. Covers Panama law (in French).
  21. Covers Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy in Alabama, along with debt management and budgeting help. By Richard L. Collins.
  22. Covers DMCA, technology and e-commerce issues and litigation.
  23. Provides a summary of an Appellate Division case of special interest to New York practitioners.
  24. Covers online branding and the law.
  25. Covers land use, environmental, and real estate law in California.
  26. Covers intellectual property management.
  27. Covers European patent law (in French).
  28. Covers court decisions, news and developments affecting federal criminal practice in New York. By JaneAnne Murray.
  29. Covers TN visa and green cards for Canadian professionals. By Brian D. Zuccaro.
  30. Covers educational law topcis, including constitutional issues, labor and employment and special education. By Berchem, Moses & Devlin, P.C.
  31. Focuses on complliance, corporate governance, disclosure, mergers and tax issues. By Sheppard Mullin.
  32. Seeks to inform the Cleveland-Marshall College of Law community about key legal education, research, practice, and law library news, with a particular focus on Cuyahoga County and Ohio as well as faculty research interests.
  33. Covers criminal law, landlord tenant law and personal injury law. By Kira Fonteneau.
  34. Covers employment law and bankruptcy.
  35. Covers current issues in Massachusetts divorce and family law. By Steven Ballard.
  36. Covers electronic discovery. By Aaref Hilaly.
  37. Discusses news in the Copyright and Fair Use industry, as well as updates to the Stanford Copyright and Fair Use site.
  38. Covers Prenuptial Agreements, Postnuptial Agreements and Reconciliation Agreements in Georgia. By Stephen Worrall.
  39. Covers software audits, including Microsoft, BSA, and Adobe audits. By Scott & Scott.
  40. Covers recent legal developments and trends affecting employers. By Porter Wright Morris & Arthur LLP.
  41. Covers community associations law in Texas. By William G. Gammon.
  42. Provides answers to questions about copyright, trademarks and patents.
  43. Covers estate planning and wills. By Liza Weiman Hanks.
  44. Covers employment discrimination, harassment, FMLA, and workplace rules. By Lis Guerin.
  45. Covers homebuying, mortgages, and homeownership. Ilona Bray.
  46. Covers the intrapersonal and the professional/technical world of being a family mediator. By Lawrence F. King.
  47. Covers the international treaties and copyright laws that govern foreign works. From the University of Texas Libraries.
  48. Provides information about the Texas approach to Collaborative Law. By Dick Price.
  49. Discusses family law and divorce issues. By Dick Price.
  50. Discusses employee benefit issues for group health plans. Covers ERISA, third party administrators, insurance brokers and agent, legal planning and risk management. By Roy F. Harmon III.
  51. Encourages thoughtful discussion of the Endangered Species Act. By Keith W. Rizzardi.
  52. Covers consumer legal issues in Alabama. By Lewis & McAtee.
  53. Covers complex personal injuries.
  54. Covers legal issues affecting nonprofit and tax-exempt organizations. By Gene Takagi and Erin Bradrick.
  55. Tracks the work of the Virginia legislature on juvenile justice issues. By the Mid-Atlantic Juvenile Defender Center.
  56. Covers divorce, chil support, child custody and mediation.
  57. Covers pending cases and new decisions that will shape Texas law. By Don Cruse.
  58. Covers domain name disputes and cybersquatting law.
  59. Covers best practices in online legal marketing. By Joshua Fruchter.
  60. Duke's source for advice and information about copyright and publication issues.
  61. Covers issues dealing with personal injury and consumer protection.
  62. Review of copyright law, copyright litigation, art litigation and relevant current events. Discussions of recent case law and federal rules of civil procedure. By Ray Dowd.
  63. Covers advertising law. By Natalie Gauthier.
  64. Covers mediation, arbitration and family/divorce law in NJ.
  65. Covers the harm of excess copyright enforcement. By Howard Knopf.
  66. Features United States labor immigration law news and analysis. By the Capitol Immigration Law Group LLC.
  67. Discusses current legal issues.
  68. Features commentary and updates on brain damage, concussion and coma. By Gordon Johnson.
  69. Reviews Indian corporate and business law. By Umakanth V.
  70. Covers legal issues affecting the workplace. By Dave Whitlock, Chris Parker and Jimmy Daniel.
  71. Covers IRS tax problems. By Richard Close.
  72. Covers current events and issues in personal injury and medical malpractice law. By Levine & Slavit.
  73. Commentary on estate planning, tax law, and elder law. By Nathan J. Dosch.
  74. Discusses legal news, law office technology, culture and legal research.
  75. Covers Alabama divorce and family law issues. By Steven D. Eversole.
  76. Covers Arizona DUI laws, DUI penalties, field sobriety tests and vehicular assault. By Koplow & Patane.
  77. Focuses on developments in Michigan construction law.
  78. Covers strategies to develop and lead law firm libraries. By Nina Platt.
  79. By Christian Frank Fas.
  80. Covers criminal and personal injury topics such as auto accidents, criminal law, medical malpractice, practicing law, and products liability. By Miller & Zois.
  81. Focuses on personal injury, professional malpractice and unfair claims handling by insurance companies.
  82. Covers online law firm business development, including profile building, branding and law firm SEO. By Steve Matthews.
  83. Law school blog and podcast from Canada.
  84. Focuses on bad prosecutors and bad prosecutorial acts. By the Bennett Law Firm.
  85. Covers intellectual property law in Poland.
  86. Provides news, analysis of important case law, summaries of pending litigation, statistical information, and commentary relating to intellectual property issues affecting Maryland businesses and individuals. By Brian Wm. Higgins.
  87. Reviews information, news, and discussion concerning women in the practice of law.
  88. Covers public law and legislation. By Professor J.R. Chaves.
  89. Covers social science approaches to law and legal institutions, legal doctrine and legal policy implementation, and profession issues for academics. By Professors Jeff Yates and Andrew Whitford.
  90. Covers sex offender laws and cases.
  91. Covers employment law. By Mark Toth.Covers employment law. By Mark Toth.
  92. Covers marketing, productivity, personal development, and wealth creation.
  93. Covers library legal issues, legal information sources, and notices for the Harvard Law community. From the law librarians of Harvard Law School.
  94. Covers criminal defense, civil litigation and whistleblowers.
  95. Covers real estate law and the real estate business. By Doug Cornelius.
  96. Covers search engines and copyright issues.
  97. Covers various topics related to language translation, interpretation, and culture in the Legal Sytem. By All Language Alliance, Inc.
  98. Covers topics such as felonies, violent crime, assault and battery, drug offenses, as well as wrongful convictions. By Altman & Altman.
  99. Discusses boating, car, motorcycle, and pedestrian accidents. By Altman& Altman.
  100. For lawyers and law firms looking to create better practices and better business. By Simon Tupman.
  101. Covers strategy, management and client relations. By David Maister.
  102. Covers current developments of the criminal justice system in Calgary, Alberta. By Michael Bates.
  103. Covers legal education and the legal industry. By Professor Eric Goldman.
  104. Covers personal injury topics.
  105. Focuses on appellate law and military law.
  106. Covers Federal Tort Claims Act, Injuries to Minors and Children, Land Owner Liability, Motor Vehicle Accidents, Products Liability, and Toxic Torts. By Levin & Perconti.
  107. Covers business, legal and government-related news. By The Daily Record.
  108. Covers law and technology in Spain and the EU. Javier Muñoz.
  109. Covers topics such as boating and car accidents, as well as medical malpractice and slip/trip and fall accidents. By Joseph I. Lipsky.
  110. Covers DUI topics such as breathalyzer and constitutional issues, field sobriety tests, and DUI procedures and rights. By Bruce M. Robinson.
  111. Covers topics such as DUI Defense, Judicial Misconduct, Police Misconduct, Search & Seizure, and Probation cases. By Mary Frances Prevost.
  112. Covers personal injury news.
  113. Covers the law and business of digital media and traditional entertainment. By Jonathan Handel.
  114. Adventures in law and technology at the Shepard Broad Law Center of Nova Southeastern University in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.
  115. Covers personal injury topics such as auto accidents, premises liability, worker's compensation, wrongful death, medical malpractice, nursing home abuse, and dog bites. By Abels & Annes, P.C.
  116. Covers legal topics such as appeals, drug crimes, internet crimes, white collar crime, and federal criminal trials. By Kish & Lietz.
  117. Covers personal injury law. By the Law Offices of Stephen Bilkis & Associates.
  118. Covers consumer law issues, such as car dealership fraud, pay plan lawsuits, lemon law, and recalls. By Carton and Rudnick.
  119. Occasionally irreverent thoughts on the law. By Professor Marc J. Randazza.
  120. Covers workplace harassment in California. By Bitton & Associates.
  121. Covers business transactions and international small business law. By Daniel H. Erskine.
  122. Covers quirky questions in employment law. By Dorsey & Whitney LLP.
  123. Covers topics such as accounting, breach of fiduciary duty, breach of trust, elder abuse, intestacy, trust litigation, and undue influence. By Theodore M. Hankin.
  124. Covers construction law, development, mechanic's liens, mortgage lending, premises liability, real estate law & news, rural water utilities, and Texas Supreme Court Updates. By Aimee Hess.
  125. Covers Alabama criminal law and procedure, including DUI,, theft crimes, and violent crimes. By Steven D. Ebersole.
  126. Covers Texas DWI laws, blood tests, breath tests and field sobriety tests. By Jamie Spencer.
  127. Covers asset searches, fraud investigations, and legal strategies for recovering hidden assets. By Fred L. Abrams.
  128. Focuses on brain and spine injury awareness, education, news and information. By Timothy Titolo.
  129. Covers radio, advertising, the FCC, indecency and intellectual property. By Davis Wright Tremaine LLP.
  130. Discusses appeals, drug crimes, sex crimes, violent crimes, and white collar crimes. By Mark Eiglarsh.
  131. One reporter's notes on the IP beat. By Joe Mullin.
  132. Answering your questions about podcasting, new media and the law.
  133. Provides legal commentary on Bangladeshi law and English common law. By Adnan Karim.
  134. Covers recent decisions of the California Courts that are of interest to the civil litigation practitioner. By Pamela Fasick.
  135. Covers parenting, alimony, child support, divorce and more. By Gerald O. Williams.
  136. Listen to lectures by and discussions with the faculty of the University of Chicago Law School.
  137. Covers legal, regulatory, marketplace and cultural issues affecting the information, communications and entertainment industries. By Rob Frieden.
  138. Covers military law.
  139. Covers the law of tax exempt entities. By Jedediah Bodger.
  140. Covers estate planning, probate, taxes, elder law, business law and employment law issues. By Law Office of David M. Goldman PLLC.
  141. Features developments in labor and employment law. By Daniel A. Schwartz.
  142. Covers the law of homeowners associations, property owners associations, condominium associations, cooperatives and other community associations. By D. Ryan McCabe.
  143. Covers research, studies, and court cases related to sex offender issues.
  144. Covers intellectual property and technology, law. Published by Fish & Richardson attorney Adam J. Kessel.
  145. Covers auto loans, car rankings, car manufacturers, consumer warranties, and lemons laws. By Kevin Le.
  146. Covers legal issues affecting the entertainment industry, particularly the issues which arise in litigation. By the Avanzado Law Firm.
  147. Covers drug crimes, legislation, sex crimes, sex offenses, and violent crimes. By Shouse Law Group.
  148. Covers personal injury law including, medical malpractice, nursing home abuse, worker's compensation, and wrongful death. By Steven D. Eversole.
  149. Covers criminal law, information technology and news for law librarians. By David Badertscher.
  150. Covers medical malpractice topics, including anesthesia, cancer, expert testimony, infection, and trial. By Leon Aussprung.
  151. Covers acar accidents, motorcycle crashes, and trucking accidents. By Ryan Bradley.
  152. Covers California punitive damages litigation. By Horvitz & Levy LLP.
  153. Westminster Law Library's news and updates. Includes legal research tips, updates on resources (books, databases, websites etc.), event announcements and a news feed from Jurist. For the University of Denver's Sturm College of Law community.
  154. Features news and views from Ernester, the Hofstra School of Law Deane Law Library Virtual Cat.
  155. Covers child abuse, clergy abuse, doctor sexual abuse, priest abuse, prison abuse, teacher sexual abuse, and other sexual abuse topics. By McKiggan Hebert.
  156. Offers an eccentric look at law, politics and the Supreme Court.
  157. By the Digital Curation Centre.
  158. By Professor David Friedman.
  159. By William J. Brotherton.
  160. By the Law Office of Jonas M. Grant PC.
  161. Covers public policy and business issues involving the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine.
  162. Covers consumer bankruptcy and debtor issues. By Goldstein and Clegg LLC.
  163. From the Donald E. Biederman Entertainment & Media Law Institute at Southwestern Law School.
  164. Edited by Professor Jacob Katz Cogan.
  165. Focuses on legal architectures for information technology management. By John R. Christiansen.
  166. Covers knowledge management, technology and the practice of law. By Doug Cornelius.
  167. Covers green cards and immigration news. By Paul M. Heller.
  168. From the University of Haifa, Faculty of Law.
  169. Highlights web research and information relatd to refugees, IDPs and forced migration. By Elisa Mason.
  170. Covers identity theft.
  171. Covers clean air laws and policies.
  172. Covers gay rights and the law.
  173. Covers various ERISA, disability, health, and life insurance issues. By Kantor & Kantor.
  174. Covers criminal defense law topics such as DUI, domestic violence, drug and federal crimes, search and seizure, theft, and white collar crime. By Shorstein, Lasnetski & Gihon.
  175. Covers property law, property development and related thoughts.
  176. Covers estate planning topics such as conservatorship, guardianship, health care and advanced directive, living trusts, and probate. By Law Office of Scott D. Soady, A Professional Corporation
  177. Alaska Law Blog covers commercial, business, banking, construction, engineering, real estate, and employment law litigation. By Atkinson, Conway & Gagnon.
  178. Covers intellectual property law rights in Germany.
  179. Covers topics such as technology and the law, computer forensics and cyber crime defense. By David S. Seltzer.
  180. Covers automobile injuries, aviation claims, brain & spinal cord injuries, drug claims, bad faith insurance, product liability and psychological injuries. By Atkinson, Conway & Gagnon.
  181. Covers New York insurance coverage cases and issues. By Roy A. Mura.
  182. By the New Lawyers Section of the Maine State Bar Association.
  183. Features DUI news and commentary. By Kapsack & Bair LLP.
  184. Covers news and developments about rabies medical exemptions for sick and senior pets.
  185. From the librarians of the Barco Law Library, University of Pittsburgh School of Law.
  186. Covers Class III weapons topics for all of the 50 states. By Law Office of David M. Goldman PLLC.
  187. Covers product liability topics such as car recalls, defective consumer products, defective drugs, and FDA recalls. By Niedenthal Law Firm.
  188. Covers various accident, injury, and medical malpractice topics including nursing home abuse and wrongful death. By Farber Law Group.
  189. Covers Florida personal injury topics such as auto, truck, motorcycle, and bicycle accidents, as well as insurance. By the Law Offices of Lazarus and Lazarus.
  190. By the Michigan Telecommunications and Technology Law Review.
  191. Covers intellectual property law, open source software, and technology. By Mark Radcliffe.
  192. Covers condemnation and real estate law. By David B. Snyder of Fox Rothschild, LLP.
  193. Covers Texas criminal defense and related issues. By the Law office of Walter M. Reaves.
  194. Covers legal issues, news, and regulations relating to the construction industry. By K&L Gates.
  195. Information and insight for people struggling with divorce and family law matter. By Kysa M. Crusco of Crusco Law Office.
  196. Covers law and policy news around transgendered employees in the workplace.