August 2010 Maine Top Blawgs

  1. Covers personal injury and accident law issues in Maine. By the Law Offices of Joe Bornstein.
  2. Covers Maine drunk driving and criminal defense topics.
  3. Covers Maine car accidents, motorcycle accidents and products liability cases, news and laws. By Peter Thompson & Associates.
  4. Covers Maine family law, including divorce, separation, child support, mediation, spousal support, child custody and property rights. By Alan R. Nye.
  5. Covers library news, recent acqusitions, sponsered events, training sessions, legal news, and legal research tips. From the Donald L. Garbrecht Law Library at the University of Maine School of Law.
  6. Covers employment discrimination, whistleblower protection, and wage and hour laws. By Maine Employee Rights Group.
  7. Covers legal issues and developments for Maine members of the LGBTQIA (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersex, or Allies) community. By West End Legal, LLC.
  8. By the New Lawyers Section of the Maine State Bar Association.
  9. Focuses on drunk driving and drug-related issues in Maine and the northeastern United States. By John Webb.
  10. Provides information on Maine criminal defense law.
  11. Covers Maine criminal law issues.
  12. By Verrill Dana LLP. Provides a resource to craft beverage producers interested in keeping abreast of legal developments and navigating the challenges unique to the industry.
  13. Covers insurance law. By Law Offices of Russell J. Goldsmith.
  14. Legal practice blog with a focus on solo-small estate planning firm practice. By the Law Office of Smilie G. Rogers, PLLC.
  15. Provides updates and commentary on employee benefit plans and executive compensation arrangements. By Verrill Dana, LLP.
  16. Covers criminal law in Maine and beyond. By Luke Rioux.
  17. Covers car accidents, nursing home abuse, and medical malpractice in Maine. By Briggs & Wholey LLC.
  18. Covers legal developments in the labor and employment. By Verrill Dana.
  19. Covers maritime law. By Verrill Dana.
  20. Covers intellectual property litigation. By Peter J. Brann, Stacy O. Stitham, and David Swetnam-Burland.