November 2010 John Marshall Law School Top Blawgs

  1. By Professors Steven D. Schwinn and Ruthann Robson
  2. Covers emerging empirical legal scholarship, conference updates and empirical claims. Edited by Professors Michael Heise, Theodore Eisenberg, William Ford, Sara Benesh, William Henderson, Frank Cross, Carolyn Shapiro, anbd Christopher Zorn
  3. By John Marshall Law School Professor David Sorkin.
  4. By John Marshall Law School Professor Colin Miller, with Contributing Editors and Professors David Leonard, Joelle Moreno, and Myrna Raeder
  5. By Professor Mark E. Wojcik and Cindy Galway Buys.
  6. By Professors Nancy Soonpaa, Sue Liemer, Coleen M. Barger and Mark E. Wojcik.
  7. Devoted to the criminal laws regulating and punishing sex offenders. By Corey Rayburn Yung.