August 2011 Widener University School of Law Top Blawgs

  1. Offers perspectives on judicial decisionmaking and the legal process. By Professors Jim Chen, Alfred Brophy, Stefanie Lindquist, R.J. Lipkin, Chad M. Oldfather, Lori A. Ringhand, and Elizabeth Weeks.
  2. Tracks judicial, legislative, policy, and academic developments concerning medical futility. By Professor Thaddeus Mason Pope.
  3. Covers Pennsylvania workers compensation law. By Norfleet and Lafferty, LLC.
  4. Covers the constitutional, political, and cultural controversies which define the character of America. By Widener University School of Law Professor Robert Justin Lipkin.
  5. By Professors D. Benjamin Barros and Alfred L. Brophy.
  6. Covers accident and injury law. By Professors Sheila B. Scheuerman and Christopher J. Robinette.
  7. Covers intellectual property and other legal issues affecting the entertainment and fashion industry.
  8. Covers marriage equality, torts and public health issues. By Professor John G. Culhane.