December 2011 Top 200 Blawgs

  1. Distilling a million label approvals down to the ones that affect you. Tracks legal trends in beer, wine and spirits product approvals. By Lehrman Beverage Law.
  2. Covers a wide range of business litigation issues in the Southern California area. By Sylvester, Oppenheim, & Linde.
  3. Blogging resources, ideas and news for law firm bloggers. By Kevin O'Keefe.
  4. Covers compliance, corporate governance, management, regulations, tactics and technology.
  5. Reports on judicial decisions of significance to business and shareholders. By Mack Sperling of Brooks Pierce LLP.
  6. Covers recent developments affecting business law. From the University of Illinois College of Law.
  7. Covers news and updates in business litigation, IP, trademark, copyright law. By BerlikLaw, LLC.
  8. Resource for in-house counsel, business executives, human resource managers and others who monitor litigation and legal issues affecting Oregon businesses. By Ater Wynne.
  9. Covers estate planning, probate, taxes, elder law, business law and employment law issues. By Law Office of David M. Goldman PLLC.
  10. Covers appellate law and advocacy.
  11. Features news analysis, advice and insights on doing business in China.
  12. Member of the law professor blogs network.
  13. Covers legal technology, technology law and other musings. By Dennis Kennedy.
  14. Covers consumer law, arbitration, credit card fraud, credit report errors, foreclosure, and identity theft. By Watts & Herring, LLC
  15. Covers real estate, contracts and agreements. By The Libby Law Firm.
  16. Covers employment law and bankruptcy.
  17. Covers class action litigation, fraud, consumer law and shareholder disputes. By DiTommaso Lubin.
  18. Covers corporate & franchise law issues. By Raymond McKenzie.
  19. Covers Virginia drunk driving, reckless driving and speeding offenses.
  20. Provides legal and practical tips for small businesses. By Gibson Ferrin Riggs.
  21. Focuses on complliance, corporate governance, disclosure, mergers and tax issues. By Sheppard Mullin.
  22. Covers ERISA, insurance coverage, and insurance bad faith. By Stephen Rosenberg.
  23. Includes topics such as copyright litigation, licensing, patent litigation, TTAB, trademark applications, and trademark litigation. By Los Angeles, California intellectual property lawyer, Milord A. Keshishian.
  24. Covers family law, criminal law, and social security SSD/SSI ssues in Ohio. By the Law Offices of John T. Nicholson.
  25. Covers tax controversies involving the IRS and California Franchise Tax Board, as well as California probate, estate planning matters and business transactions. By Mitchell A. Port.
  26. Blog on legal news and contracts.
  27. Covers business formation and business litigation news and updates in California. Published By Donald Oder.
  28. Covers breach of contract, implied contract, oral contracts, defamation, and unjust enrichment. By Tamari & Blumenthal, LLC.
  29. Covers business litigation, employment law, franchise law, incorporation and starting a business. By Rush Nigut.
  30. Covers mergers and acquisitions, investment banking, IPOs, private equity, hedge funds, venture capital and law. From The New York Times.
  31. Covers international laws of war, international law, related human rights topics, international NGOs, and the theory of the just war. By Professor Kenneth Anderson.
  32. By Eugene Volokh, Dale Carpenter, David Kopel, David Bernstein, David Post, Erik Jaffe, Ilya Somin, Jim Lindgren, Jonathan Adler, Kevan Choset, Orin Kerr, Randy Barnett, Russell Korobkin, Sasha Volokh, Stuart Benjamin, Todd Zywicki & Tyler Cowen.
  33. Covers landlord-tenant, bankruptcy, small business and family law. By Richard C. Koman.
  34. Cover business and corporate law issues. By Parr Richey Frandsen Patterson Kruse.
  35. Covers acar accidents, motorcycle crashes, and trucking accidents. By Ryan Bradley.
  36. Covers securities class action case law. By Christopher S. Jones.
  37. Covers personal injury news involving truck, ATV and highway accidents. By Estey & Bomberger, LLP.
  38. Summaries and Commentary on Supreme Court Cases. From Tim Cone.
  39. Covers building, protecting and distributing wealth. By Samuels Yoelin Kantor LLP.
  40. Covers gay rights and the law.
  41. Law school blog and podcast from Canada.
  42. Covers personal injury topics such as auto accidents, premises liability, worker's compensation, wrongful death, medical malpractice, nursing home abuse, and dog bites. By Abels & Annes, P.C.
  43. Covers First Amendment Issues. From the First Amendment Project.
  44. By Professors Byron G. Stier, Howard M. Erichson, Alexandra D. Lahav, Elizabeth Chamblee Burch and Sergio J. Campos.
  45. Protecting Native Nations for the Seventh Generation. News, views, and opinions about federal Indian law and tribal governance by law professors who teach in the field.
  46. Covers national and Maryland state tort and workers compensation legislation. Also focuses on boating, car, motorcycle, pedestrian and truck accidents, as well as medical malpractice and wrongful death. By Lebowitz & Mzhen.
  47. Offers information about parliamentary procedure and Robert's Rules of Order. By Dan Lynch.
  48. Covers library legal issues, legal information sources, and notices for the Harvard Law community. From the law librarians of Harvard Law School.
  49. Covers municipal, zoning, and land use law in Pennsylvania. Published by Jeff Osmond of Osmond Law.
  50. Offers critical comments on EC competition law and policy. By Professor Damien Geradin and Nicholas Petit.
  51. News and information of interest for the New England School of Law OUTLaws, and other members and supporters of the GLBT law school community.
  52. Covers Los Angeles personal injury and car accident information. By Robert B. Reeves.
  53. Features news and commentary on intellectual property law. By McKee, Voorhees & Sease.
  54. Provides information on Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy. By Gregory A. Holbus.
  55. Group blog with a broad emphasis on legal topics. By Professors Daniel J. Solove, Kaimipono Wenger, Dave Hoffman, Frank Pasquale, Deven Desai, Danielle Citron, Lawrence Cunningham, Sarah Waldeck, Jaya Ramji-Nogales, Solangel Maldonado and Gerard Magliocca.
  56. Covers communications, firm branding, firm leadership, firm operations, legal industry trends, marketing and strategic planning. By Michelle Golden.
  57. Covers law and politics. By Garry J. Wise.
  58. Covers feminism in Alaska, Alaskan and general family law policy, child and parent-raising, and the meaning of life.
  59. Covers Chinese law, business and society. By Tom Chow.
  60. Covers criminal law, information technology and news for law librarians. By David Badertscher.
  61. Covers medical malpractice, traumatic brain injury, and other personal injury topics. By Ragland & Jones, LLP.
  62. Covers corporate and securities law. By Broc Romanek.
  63. Covers No Child Left Behind, privitization, religion, school law, special education and more. By the National School Boards Association.
  64. Covers compliance, records management, and legal service provider relations. By Rick Wolf.
  65. Covers patents, copyrights, trademarks, trade secrets and Internet issues. By Gene Quinn.
  66. Provides news and links of interest to the law school community.
  67. Offers bio/pharma patent news. By Stephen Jenei.
  68. Covers corporate law, mergers & acquisitions, takeovers as well as finance and capital markets law.
  69. Law practice and law school tips and information. From Andrew Flusche.
  70. From the University of Texas School of Law in Austin, Texas.
  71. Covers various topics that arise in the defense of pharmaceutical and medical device product liability litigation. By James M. Beck and Mark Herrmann.
  72. Covers laws which regulates actions or events that transcend national frontiers, including human rights, environmental law, immigration, intellectual property and space law. By Derek Deavenport, John Dermody, Travis Hodgkins and Christine Ngo.
  73. Covers government contracts, bid protests, and contract disputes. By Brown Rudnick.
  74. Features ideas and thoughts on servicing business clients as valued customers in American law firms. By Dan Hull.
  75. Covers medical malpractice topics, including anesthesia, cancer, expert testimony, infection, and trial. By Leon Aussprung.
  76. Covers legal issues facing Muslims in the United States.
  77. Covers appellate litigation. By Howard J. Bashman.
  78. By University of Miami law professor Michael Froomkin. Covers civil liberties, the Internet, Guantanamo, Iraq attrocities, politics and more.
  79. Highlights web research and information relatd to refugees, IDPs and forced migration. By Elisa Mason.
  80. Covers corporate governance.
  81. Covers employment and business law in California. By Sayer Fausto LLP.
  82. Covers patents, claim drafting tips, patent cases, patent legislation and patent prosecution. By Dennis Crouch.
  83. Covers various accident, injury, and medical malpractice topics including nursing home abuse and wrongful death. By Farber Law Group.
  84. Hghlights legal issues facing nonprofits. Hosted by Tim Mooney.
  85. Covers directors and officers liability. By Kevin LaCroix.
  86. Covers complex personal injuries.
  87. Discussion forum among insurance industry professionals, risk managers, attorneys, policyholders, students, and others with an interest in the development of American insurance law.
  88. Webcasts of selected events from the Law Library of Congress.
  89. From the Dallas Association of Law Librarians.
  90. Blog about law library, library events, legal writing and research, online legal resources, government documents, digital information, environmental law, courts and decisions, current news, legal trends and more.
  91. Provides summary and commentary on selected court and administrative decisions and related matters affecting public employers and employees in New York State. By Harvey Randall, Esq.
  92. Covers corporate, company and commercial law in the UK.
  93. By Professors John Dzienkowski, Brad Wendel, John Steele, David Hricik, Andrew Perlman, David McGowan, Laura Appleman, Steve Lubet, Anita Bernstein, Don Burnett, and Steve Berenson..
  94. Covers biker and motorcycle legal issues, safety tips, motorcycle ride reports and personal injury information. By Norman Gregory Fernandez.
  95. Covers German corporate law, takeover law, M&A, finance and capital markets law issues.
  96. Covers recent happenings in the world of environmental and climate change law. By Steven M. Taber.
  97. Covers legal news and resources. By the Servies Collection Development Department of the Hong Kong University Library.
  98. Covers securities class action litigation. By Lyle Roberts.
  99. Covers hedge fund laws and starting a hedge fund.
  100. Offers scholarship, news and new ideas in legal history. By professor Mary L. Dudziak.
  101. Covers issues such as usury, form compliance for federal and state consumer transactions, UCC and securitization issues. By Sheppard Mullin.
  102. Covers Indiana court decisions.
  103. Features news, commentary and musing about Massachusetts real estate law and litigation. By Richard D. Vetstein.
  104. Covers Rhode Island divorce and family law. By Chris Pearsall.
  105. Covers Chinese franchise, torts, contracts and labor laws. By Brad Luo.
  106. Provides news and opinions on current US immigration issues and developments. By Franklin W. Nelson.
  107. Covers news and opinions from the Texas Supreme Court. By Shawn Rabin.
  108. Covers criminal law, landlord tenant law and personal injury law. By Kira Fonteneau.
  109. Informs local attorneys of major legal developments important to their practice. By Sue Altmeyer.
  110. Covers issues affecting the poor and indigent.
  111. Encourages thoughtful discussion of the Endangered Species Act. By Keith W. Rizzardi.
  112. Insight and information on Louisiana law, litigation and legal culture. By Kean Miller.
  113. Dedicated to issues in the world of business and law. By Kirk Nevada Walker.
  114. By Levine Segev LLC.
  115. By Paul Lomio, Erika V. Wayne, Kate, Wilko and George Wilson. The authors are law librarians and advanced legal research instructors at Stanford Law School.
  116. Provides information and opinion on the U.S. litigation system. By the Manhattan Institute and AEI Liability Project. Contributors include Professors Michael Krauss, David Bernstein, Lester Brickman, Michael DeBow, Richard Epstein, Daniel P. Kessler and Stephen Presser.
  117. Covers personal injury legal news.
  118. Resources and personal experiences for students interested in law school.
  119. Features law, marketing, Internet legal resources and technology news. By Sabrina I. Pacifici.
  120. Covers first party coverage issues and bad faith for Oklahoma. By Buckman & Roach.
  121. Covers intellectual property in China.
  122. Covers trade secrets, non-competes and computer fraud. By Seyfarth & Shaw LLP.
  123. Summaries of recent Wyoming Supreme Court decisions and law library information. From the Wyoming State Law Library.
  124. Covers false advertising and intellectual property issues. By Professor Rebecca Tushnet.
  125. Covers legal research tools, notable websites and blogs, web site design, search engine optimization and marketing for law firms.
  126. Devoted to practice in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Texas, with special emphasis on patent litigation. By Michael C. Smith.
  127. Covers business operations and real estate. By McKee Law Office.
  128. Covers professional licensing matters and related regulatory issues for health care professionals. By the Leichter Law Firm.
  129. Covers technology, libraries, and the Internet. By Jason Eiseman.
  130. Covers insurance law for claim professionals and practitioners. By Thomas Little.
  131. Covers law, information technology, intellectual property and new media. By Andis Kaulins.
  132. Covers bankruptcy and foreclosure. By Jason S. Buckingham.
  133. Covers feminism, sexism, reproductive rights and women's health. By Professors Ann Bartow and Bridget Crawford.
  134. Discusses how businesses should respond to software audits by the Software and Information Industry Association (SIIA). By Robert J. Scott.
  135. Covers issues of race, gender, and class, as well as how government and politics affect society.
  136. Chronicles the high cost of our legal system.
  137. Denise's musings about life in law school, transgender issues, and other odds and ends.
  138. Covers knowledge management, web development and law library management. By Steve Matthews.
  139. A civil justice defense blog. By the Drum Major Institute for Public Policy.
  140. Covers legal and library news. By Lee Sims.
  141. Covers affordable housing, elections, collections, boards and committees. By Beth Grimm.
  142. Covers legal research tips. By Paula Doty and Christine Timko.
  143. News about law professors and law schools. By University of Texas School of Law Professor Brian R. Leiter.
  144. Covers housing law, legal aid and other topics.
  145. Provides information about the death penalty in Asia.
  146. Covers residential landlord and tenant law in the UK.
  147. Covers computer game and technology law.
  148. Edited by S. Alan Childress, Michael S. Frisch, Jeffrey M. Lipshaw and Nancy B. Rapaport.
  149. Covers Indian law, courts and the Constitution.
  150. Covers abortion, contraception, pregnancy and fetal rights. By Caitlin E. Borgmann.
  151. Blog for various Georgetown Law faculty to post about legal topics of interest.
  152. Covers accounting news, events and opinions by Big Four alumni.
  153. Offers information and insights for consumers regarding personal injury law, insurance, and the tort system. By Jonathan G. Stein.
  154. Covers the appellate record, constitutional analysis, jurisdiction, mootness, rehearings and the standard of review. By Steven R. Merican.
  155. Covers Indian legal developments.
  156. Covers legal deveopments involving the military and military personnel.
  157. Examines business law, contracts and unfair and deceptive business practices. By Thomas Kerner.
  158. News and commentary on the evolving law, science, and policy of renewable energy development. By Shems Dunkiel Kassel & Saunders.
  159. Covers copyrights, cyberspace law, music, patents, privacy, trade secrets and trademarks. By Weintraub Genshlea Chediak.
  160. Covers administrative rulemaking processes and administrative law issues. For members of the Administrative Codes and Registers (ACR).
  161. Covers family law Issues in Georgia, including divorce, alimony, and child support. By Stephen M. Worrall.
  162. Covers the RIAA's lawsuits of against ordinary working people.
  163. Provides business information about the litigation support and electronic discovery industry.
  164. Covers new developments in business entity law. By Seattle University School of Law Professor Eric A. Chiappinelli.
  165. Covers the current state of asbestos defense litigation in New York State, with resources for the insured and self-insured defendant, as well as defense counsel. By Eric C. Genau.
  166. Explores mediation as a better solution for resolving any type of dispute. By Paula M. Lawhon.
  167. Covers clean air/emissions, FERC, natural gas and more. By Bracewell & Giuliani.
  168. Covers legal issues surrounding nanotechnology. By Porter Wright Morris & Arthur.
  169. Discusses accidents and injuries. By Edith A. Pearce.
  170. Covers insurance news.
  171. Covers boating safety and laws. By Dwayne Clark and Kristen Watson.
  172. Covers alimony, child support, child custody, divorce and more. By the Rotolo Law Firm.
  173. Covers managing in-house counsel groups. By Rees Morrison.
  174. Covers California litigation issues, including product liability, busines litigation, Proposition 65, Unfair Competition Law, and employment litigation. By Bruce Nye.
  175. Offers news and commentary on specialty insurance, risk management and private equity, with an emphasis on professional liability and entrepreneurship. By Tennant Risk Services.
  176. Discussions on Insurance, Liability Law and Economics. By Martin F. Grace and J. Tyler Leverty.
  177. Provides competition results & news, resources & commentary about interscholastic appellate advocacy. By Chicago-Kent College of Law Professor Kent Streseman.
  178. Feature case summaries and commentary by the Federal Defenders office in New York City.
  179. Case summaries and commentary by Federal Defenders of the Third Circuit.
  180. Thoughts on recent Ninth Circuit and California appellate cases, by University of San Diego School of Law Professor Shaun Martin.
  181. Covers recent criminal cases from the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit. By Russell Wheeler.
  182. Covers the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit and its opinions. By Sanford Hausler.
  183. Features case summaries and commentary by Federal Defenders of the Sixth Circuit.
  184. About law, literature and the humanities. By the Law & Humanities Institute.
  185. Provides case summaries and commentary. By Federal Defenders of the Ninth Circuit.
  186. Cover qui tam law and the process of bringing a case. By Getnick & Getnick.
  187. Covers qui tam lawsuits. By Nolan Law Firm.
  188. Dedicated to Texas Law. By Bryan Owens.
  189. Covers agricultural law, farming, and GM crops.
  190. Describes the interplay between legal responses to exogenous change and the law's own endogenous capacity for adaptation. By Louis D. Brandeis Dean Jim Chen.
  191. Covers laws and cases, with a focus on Cincinnati and Ohio. By the Cincinnati Law Library Association.
  192. About life in law school.
  193. Covers judges who support women's rights. By the National Women's Law Center.
  194. Covers family law, child custody, child & spousal support, and property division. By Jeffrey Behrendt.
  195. Features discussions between judges and lawyers in the Richard E. Gerstein Justice Building.