February 2011 Animal and Dog Law Top Blawgs

  1. Covers animal law and animal rights. By Gary L. Francione.
  2. Covers listing decisions, critical habitats and endangered species litigation. By Nossaman LLP.
  3. Covers animal cruelty, animal law, pet trusts, factory farming and animal neglect.
  4. Covers elections, ballot measures, and legislation. By the Humane Society Legislative Fund.
  5. Updates and articles on equine law. By Alison Rowe.
  6. Covers animal cruelty, animal trusts, animal ordinances, endangered species, and pet lemon laws.
  7. Covers animal law, ethics and policy. By Professor David N. Cassuto.
  8. Covers news and developments about rabies medical exemptions for sick and senior pets.
  9. Covers how to make sure that our pets are cared for if we, the pet owner, die or are incapacitated. By Ken Begun.
  10. Provides information and resources to dog bite victims. By Daniel L. Buckfire.
  11. Tuck is a legal beagle who works in a law office in Georgia. Tuck muses on animal rights, animal law, animal health, recent animal cruelty cases in all 50 states, and current events pertaining to animal rights and health (mainly dogs).
  12. Covers animal law, animal rights, animal cruelty cases, animal health, and current and newsworthy events pertaining to the treatment of animals (mainly dogs).
  13. Covers business litigation, real estate, and equine law. By Adina T. Stern.
  14. An agricultural law blawg providing information and updates on legal issues and case law in Iowa and Missouri. By Orsborn, Milani, Mitchell & Goedken, L.L.P.
  15. Covers personal injury topics related to Phoenix, Arizona.
  16. Covers animal law and legal issues. By Fox Rothschild LLP.
  17. Covers companion animal law issues, including pet trust, dangerous dog statutes, zoning and land use.By Heidi Meinzer.
  18. Musings about the law, especially recent decisions, proposed legislation, employment law, and legal angles on feminism and animal rights. By Piper Hoffman.
  19. Discusses horses and the laws that affect the equine world. By Corinna M. W. Charlton.