January 2011 Criminal Law Top Blawgs

  1. Covers sex offender laws and cases.
  2. Covers best practices in the criminal justice system. By Steve Hall.
  3. Covers fraud and forensic accounting, including tax fraud and the Sarbanes-Oxley Act. By Tracy Coenen.
  4. Covers issues affecting the poor and indigent.
  5. Covers violations of international humanitarian law, and international attempts to end individual impunity for heinous crimes. Includes review of international tribunals such as ICC, ICTY, and ICTR.
  6. Covers human rights, humanitarian law and international criminal law. By Nicki Boldt, Bjoern Elberling and Tobias Thienel.
  7. Covers developments in juvenile justice. By Mark Sorkin.
  8. Covers criminal defense law. By Mark Bennett.
  9. Covers criminal appellate law. By Stuart G. Friedman.
  10. Features analysis of recent legislation and case law impacting the successful pursuit of False Claims Act qui tam actions involving Medicare and Medicaid fraud. By Daniel W. Whitney.
  11. Covers Illinois criminal, DUI and traffic law. By Gainor and Gosch, PC.
  12. Covers criminal law, information technology and news for law librarians. By David Badertscher.
  13. Case summaries and commentary by Federal Defenders of the Seventh Circuit.
  14. Covers the U.S. v. W.R. Grace criminal prosecution. By the University of Montana School of Law and the School of Journalism.
  15. Features a skeptical lawyer's take on financial reform, Wall Street and white collar crime.
  16. Focuses on bad prosecutors and bad prosecutorial acts. By the Bennett Law Firm.
  17. Covers immigration and criminal law. By Hassan M. Ahmad.
  18. Covers California criminal defense and DUI law. By Hoffman & Associates.
  19. Covers the court of last resort on Texas criminal matters. By R. J. MacReady.