January 2011 Paralegal Top Blawgs

  1. By the Indiana Paralegal Association.
  2. Covers the preparation of Chapter 7 and 13 bankruptcy petitions. By Victoria Ring.
  3. Created for professional paralegals. By Chere Estrin.
  4. News, opinions, job postings and continuing legal education information for the Central Illinois paralegal.
  5. Features information, tidbits, and stories of legal interest to California paralegals. By Lori Paul.
  6. Features legal information, stories and cases related to California family law. By Lori Paul.
  7. A paralegal's view on odd cases, strange laws and interesting legal decisions with a bit of domestic humor sprinkled in.
  8. Provides advice and solutions for paralegals. By Kim Walker.
  9. Covers paralegals, the legal market and the legal profession. By Misty L. Sheffield.
  10. Covers legal technology.
  11. Covers resources, organizational tips, ethics issues for paralegals. By Vicki Voisin.