March 2011 European Union Top Blawgs

  1. Covers legal issues in the European Union. By Vihar Georgiev.
  2. Covers European Court of Human Rights documents and information.
  3. Covers European Union law, including antitrust, conflicts of law, criminal law, environment, free movement, fundamental rights, privacy, product liability, and trade.
  4. Discusses news, cases, legislation and anything to do with Intellectual Property law.
  5. Covers common German law, tax law, ADR and ODR. By Axel Hellinger.
  6. Graham Smith's blog on law, IT, the Internet and new media
  7. Covers anti-bribery compliance.
  8. Covers international commercial law in the European Union. By M D M Studio Legale.
  9. Covers European copyright law. By Wolters Kluwer.