April 2012 Evidence Top Blawgs

  1. The evidence blog of Professor Peter Tillers of the Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law at Yeshiva University.
  2. Covers rulings, news and marketing strategies for expert witnesses.
  3. Covers eDiscovery, social media archiving, and trial presentation solutions.
  4. Covers evidentiary privileges and outside counsel. By Todd Presnell.
  5. Expressions of interest, knowledge, and insight about the deeply important laws of evidence. By Jesse Langel.
  6. Focuses on the development of criminal law in New Mexico.
  7. Covers evidentiary privileges for corporate and outside counsel. By Todd Presnell.
  8. Covers Florida appellate, evidentiary, and trial perspectives and issues. By David M. Adelstein.
  9. Discusses evidentiary rules, objection practices, and court rulings. By Jesse Langel.
  10. Miscellany on law, narrative, art, and memory
  11. The official repository of the "Minnesota Judicial Training Updates," which provides judicial tips for judges and attorneys.
  12. Covers trials and appeals, depositions, and discovery. By Lamson, Dugan and Murray, LLP.
  13. Reviews some of his Texas and Federal criminal cases, criminal defense experience, and nuances in criminal law.