July 2012 California Top Blawgs

  1. Features ideas and thoughts on servicing business clients as valued customers in American law firms. By Dan Hull.
  2. Covers criminal law issues. By C. Zadik Shapiro.
  3. Covers overtime, meal breaks, rest breaks, and pay checks. By Steven G. Pearl.
  4. Covers California securities law, corporate governance, mergers & acquisitions and securities litigation. By Keith Paul Bishop.
  5. Left-leaning, social justice-minded slant on law and justice issues, the death penalty, politics, and current events.
  6. Covers California's Unfair Competition Law. By Kimberly A. Kralowec.
  7. Covers various nursing home abuse and elder neglect issues such as signs and symptoms of neglect, and California Elder Abuse and Neglect Law. By Walton Law Firm LLP.
  8. By Mandour & Associates.
  9. Covers vehicle accidents, clergy abuse, personal injury and wrongful death. By Bisnar & Chase.
  10. Covers car accidents, dog bites, injuries, insurance disputes, motorcycle accidents, truck accidents and wills and trusts. By Allen Flatt Ballidis & Leslie.
  11. Covers consumer bankruptcy, debt settlement, foreclosure and loan modification. By Howard Law, P.C.
  12. Covers public policy and business issues involving the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine.
  13. Thoughts on recent Ninth Circuit and California appellate cases, by University of San Diego School of Law Professor Shaun Martin.
  14. Cover California divorce and family law issues. By The Law Office Of David P. Schwarz.
  15. Includes topics such as copyright litigation, licensing, patent litigation, TTAB, trademark applications, and trademark litigation. By Los Angeles, California intellectual property lawyer, Milord A. Keshishian.
  16. Covers legal issues affecting nonprofit and tax-exempt organizations. By Gene Takagi and Erin Bradrick.
  17. Covers car accidents, personal injury and wrongful death. By Howard Law, P.C.
  18. Covers marijuana collectives, dispensaries and legalization in California.