June 2012 Washington Top Blawgs

  1. Covers legal and investment issues facing emerging tech companies.
  2. Covers food poisoning and foodborne illness outbreaks. By Marler Clark.
  3. Covers US immigration and naturalization law. By Tahmina Watson.
  4. Covers green building law, LEED legal topics, public contracting, liens & bonds & other progressive construction law topics. By Reiser Legal.
  5. Covers DUI and traffic law issues. By W. james Kotlowski.
  6. Covers IP, technology and media news. By Stacia Lay of Hendricks & Lewis PLLC.
  7. Covers emerging legal issues in IP, technology, commerce, and the arts. From the Washington Journal of Law, Technology & Arts.
  8. Covers copyright and other intellectual property topics. By Tonya Gisselberg.
  9. Covers Washington car accident and other personal injury news. By Premier Law Group PLLC.
  10. Covers trademark law developments from Seattle and beyond. By Michael Atkins.
  11. Covers news, strategy and legal services of businesses and entrepreneurs. By inVigor Law Group PLLC.
  12. Offers news items and resources relating to trial advocacy, with a focus on Washington State. By Mary Whisner.
  13. Covers various accident, injury, and medical malpractice topics including nursing home abuse and wrongful death. By Farber Law Group.
  14. Covers tax laws and cases.
  15. Covers construction contracts, disputes and liens. By Wolfe Law Group.
  16. Covers construction litigation and legislation in Washington, Alaska and Oregon. By Ahlers & Cressman PLLC.
  17. Covers listeria news and outbreaks. By Marler Clark.
  18. Covers Native American art, gaming, employment, and treaties. By Foster Pepper.
  19. Published By Injury at Sea
  20. Provides surveillance and analysis on salmonella news and outbreaks. By Marler Clark.