November 2012 Law Student Top Blawgs

  1. By a full-time legal secretary attending law school part-time at night.
  2. Covers judicial news.
  3. Collective blog for the University of Colorado School of Law.
  4. Canadian law student blog.
  5. The thoughts and ramblings of three UK law students trying to make it to qualification.
  6. Features recent legal developments. By the Bournemouth and Poole College Sixth Form.
  7. Covers the law of tax exempt entities. By Jedediah Bodger.
  8. Law school blog and podcast from Canada.
  9. Covers law foundations of Canadian Law. From McGill University's Neil Wehneman and Erin Morgan.
  10. Features posts and occasional symposia about law and law school.
  11. News and information of interest for the New England School of Law OUTLaws, and other members and supporters of the GLBT law school community.
  12. Resources and personal experiences for students interested in law school.
  13. About life in law school.
  14. Covers the First Amendment, democracy and design in the digital age. By New York Law School Professor Beth Simone Noveck and members of the First Amendment in the Digital Age Course at Stanford University.
  15. Stories from the fruits and nuts of the University of California, Berkeley School of Law (Boalt Hall).
  16. Information and study techniques for law students.
  17. By Luke Gilman at the University of Houston Law Center.
  18. Macintosh + Law School.