March 2014 Entertainment and Sports Law Top Blawgs

  1. Discusses copyright law for those in the content industries and the general public. By Terry Hart.
  2. A blog about the legal business of sports by lawyers and law professors.
  3. Covers global copyright and legal issues affecting the music industry.
  4. Focuses on how the entertainment and media industries are impacted and influenced by the law. From The Hollywood Reporter.
  5. Features art and cultural heritage law resources and reviews.
  6. By the Bennet Law Office.
  7. Observations on developments in law, business, medicine, culture, sports, and other matters of general interest to the Houston business, professional, and academic communities. Published by Houston attorney Tom Kirkendall.
  8. Covers intellectual property and other legal issues affecting the entertainment and fashion industry.
  9. Discusses current legal topics in the media, sports, and entertainment industries. By Joseph A. Bahgat.
  10. Covers the law and business of digital media and traditional entertainment. By Jonathan Handel.
  11. Provides analysis and commentary on newly-filed cases, decisions and other developments in the arts and entertainment industry. By Hank Fastoff.
  12. Covers current Issues in video game law. By Davis LLP.
  13. Covers legal issues affecting the entertainment industry, particularly the issues which arise in litigation. By the Avanzado Law Firm.
  14. Answers questions about basic legal and business issues, concepts, trends, problems, and practices important to the arts and entertainment field. By Goldstein & Guilliams PLC.
  15. Covers the economics, law and business of sports.
  16. From the Donald E. Biederman Entertainment & Media Law Institute at Southwestern Law School.
  17. Covers gaming law news from around the world with a focus on Canadian gaming law. By Christine J. Duhaime.
  18. Covers the entertainment business and deal making culture. By Peter L. Kaufman.