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Covers legal publishing and web 2.0. By James Mullan.
Last Updated: January 26, 2016 - Rank this Week: 586
Covers trademark, patent and copyright infringement. By Overhauser Law Offices, LLC.
Last Updated: May 31, 2017 - Rank this Week: 587
Covers IP/IT law, with a strong focus on copyright and internet law. By Barry Sookman.
Last Updated: June 25, 2017 - Rank this Week: 588
Covers developments in privacy law. By David T.S. Fraser.
Last Updated: June 7, 2017 - Rank this Week: 589
Covers social science approaches to law and legal institutions, legal doctrine and legal policy implementation, and profession issues for academics. By Professors Jeff Yates and Andrew Whitford.
Last Updated: April 23, 2014 - Rank this Week: 590
Articles and comments by attorneys and legal scholars, and related legal news. From Michael Ginsborg.
Last Updated: October 28, 2010 - Rank this Week: 591
By Luke Gilman at the University of Houston Law Center.
Last Updated: November 24, 2014 - Rank this Week: 592
Covers Canadian competition law. By by Steve Szentesi.
Last Updated: May 29, 2017 - Rank this Week: 593
Covers career development, client development, and lawyer marketing.
Last Updated: October 13, 2016 - Rank this Week: 594
Covers copyright and freedom-based distribution methods for artists.
Last Updated: January 12, 2017 - Rank this Week: 595
Covers copyright, patents, trade secrets and trademarks. By D. Keith Henning.
Last Updated: October 14, 2008 - Rank this Week: 596
Features news and resources for the Southern California appellate lawyer. By Nate Scott.
Last Updated: June 22, 2017 - Rank this Week: 597
Features research tips, pop culture, and legal news. By the Georgia State University Law Library.
Last Updated: June 14, 2017 - Rank this Week: 599
Covers New Jersey and Pennsylvania personal injury, criminal and traffic offenses legal developments. By Saile & Saile LLP.
Last Updated: February 10, 2017 - Rank this Week: 598
Covers evidence in medical malpractice cases.
Last Updated: September 19, 2015 - Rank this Week: 600
Covers current Issues in video game law. By Davis LLP.
Last Updated: March 28, 2014 - Rank this Week: 601
Ruminations on law and life
Last Updated: June 20, 2017 - Rank this Week: 603
Covers eminent domain news with a focus on Michigan. By Ackerman Ackerman & Dynkowski.
Last Updated: December 2, 2015 - Rank this Week: 602
Covers personal injury topics such as auto accidents, premises liability, worker's compensation, wrongful death, medical malpractice, nursing home abuse, and dog bites. By Abels & Annes, P.C.
Last Updated: June 17, 2017 - Rank this Week: 604
A place for law librarians to discuss AALL Spectrum articles and their profession
Last Updated: June 15, 2012 - Rank this Week: 605
Covers civil and commercial law. In Spanish.
Last Updated: May 6, 2015 - Rank this Week: 606
Explores new technology, recent legal developments, and interesting arguments at the intersection of computers and the law. By Jeffrey Brown.
Last Updated: July 9, 2014 - Rank this Week: 607
Thoughts and Observations from Al Nye.
Last Updated: July 26, 2013 - Rank this Week: 608
Reviews FLSA cases. By Andrew Frisch.
Last Updated: June 23, 2017 - Rank this Week: 610
Covers white collar crime news. By Jef Henninger.
Last Updated: May 21, 2017 - Rank this Week: 609
Covers legal news and observations. By J. Craig Williams.
Last Updated: May 3, 2016 - Rank this Week: 611
Announces programs hosted by the Law Library of Congress, including legal film series, speaker series, and recognition events.
Last Updated: April 21, 2017 - Rank this Week: 612's Podcast topics include estate planning, wills, trusts, divorces, contracts, hiring a lawyer, copyrights, trademarks, patents, personal injury, bankruptcy and more.
Last Updated: June 4, 2011 - Rank this Week: 613
Offers news and commentary on specialty insurance, risk management and private equity, with an emphasis on professional liability and entrepreneurship. By Tennant Risk Services.
Last Updated: June 13, 2017 - Rank this Week: 615
The Official Blog of the United States Department of Justice.
Last Updated: November 22, 2013 - Rank this Week: 614
Reporting on news & issues of Justice, Law & Politics, from Scotland.
Last Updated: March 1, 2017 - Rank this Week: 616
Covers class action litigation, fraud, consumer law and shareholder disputes. By DiTommaso Lubin Austermuehle.
Last Updated: June 20, 2017 - Rank this Week: 617
Covers legal issues relating to wealth transfer, asset preservation, probate, and taxation. By Greg Herman-Giddens of Trust Counsel, P.A.
Last Updated: May 29, 2015 - Rank this Week: 618
Covers Rhode Island divorce and family law. By Chris Pearsall.
Last Updated: March 2, 2017 - Rank this Week: 619
Covers California family law. By Claery & Green.
Last Updated: June 19, 2017 - Rank this Week: 620
Covers New Jersey family law. By Fox Rothschild, LLP.
Last Updated: June 7, 2017 - Rank this Week: 621
Covers DWI and DUI law, cases and sentences in California. By Michael Kraut.
Last Updated: June 20, 2017 - Rank this Week: 622
Covers family law and divorce in Australia. By Stephen Page.
Last Updated: June 6, 2017 - Rank this Week: 623
Covers California litigation issues, including product liability, busines litigation, Proposition 65, Unfair Competition Law, and employment litigation. By Bruce Nye.
Last Updated: May 24, 2017 - Rank this Week: 624
Covers employment laws and cases. By Philip Miles.
Last Updated: June 19, 2017 - Rank this Week: 625
Covers personal injury news and developments. By Tim Edwards and Ed Wallis.
Last Updated: September 28, 2015 - Rank this Week: 626
Covers car accident cases, and personal injury cases in the news. By Kevin W. Chern.
Last Updated: February 6, 2015 - Rank this Week: 627
Law Student Blog with a focus on ecomonics. By Brian Hollar at George Mason University.
Last Updated: December 31, 2016 - Rank this Week: 628
By the Center for Children, Law & Policy at the University of Houston Law Center.
Last Updated: June 21, 2017 - Rank this Week: 629
Covers China law, business and economics. By Stan Abrams.
Last Updated: January 13, 2015 - Rank this Week: 630