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The Ag Docket [Feed]
Offers a perspective on current agricultural law issues. By the Center for Agricultural Law and Taxation at Iowa State University.
Last Updated: January 20, 2021 - Rank this Week: 1868
Moses & Moses Law Blog [Feed]
A corporate, family and tax law blog. By Moses & Moses, P.C.
Last Updated: December 5, 2020 - Rank this Week: 2000
ISU CALT Articles [Feed]
Covers key issues in agricultural law and taxation, including federal and state legal opinions and critical legislative developments. From Iowa State University's Center for Agricultural Law & Taxation.
Last Updated: November 30, 2020 - Rank this Week: 2012
Tom Tax Lawyer Blog [Feed]
By the Law Office of Thomas S. Groth.
Last Updated: January 8, 2020 - Rank this Week: 2046
The Tax Lawyer Blog [Feed]
By William D. Hartsock.
Last Updated: May 15, 2020 - Rank this Week: 2049
Thorn Law Group Blog [Feed]
Covers Virginia tax law.
Last Updated: December 30, 2020 - Rank this Week: 2070
Tax Blog [Feed]
By the Law Office of Kunal Patel, LLC.
Last Updated: December 26, 2020 - Rank this Week: 2076
Let's Talk About US Tax [Feed]
Covers US tax laws for American expatriates living and working overseas, US-dual (or multi-)national families, green card holders, those wishing to expatriate, foreign investors into the US market or other foreign persons having any US connections.
Last Updated: September 28, 2018 - Rank this Week: 2212
Bernick Lifson Business Law Blog [Feed]
Covers topics related to business law, including intellectual property, trademarks, litigation, and employment law.
Last Updated: November 6, 2020 - Rank this Week: 2239
California Tax and Estate Planning Law Blog [Feed]
By NewPoint Law Group. Covers taxation, estate planning, business law, and real property law.
Last Updated: October 16, 2020 - Rank this Week: 2290
California Litigation Attorney Blog [Feed]
Covers legal news. By Reid & Hellyer.
Last Updated: March 21, 2018 - Rank this Week: 2325
California Residency Tax Planning [Feed]
Covers estate tax and trust administration issues. By Manes Law.
Last Updated: June 17, 2020 - Rank this Week: 2354
Taxidermy: Getting Under the Skin of Tax Law [Feed]
Insight into the trials and tribulations of a UK tax lawyer. By Ann L. Humphrey.
Last Updated: February 14, 2019 - Rank this Week: 2364
Property Tax in Florida [Feed]
Covers property tax law in Florida, including questions relating to valuation, homestead exemptions, agricultural classifications, and how to challenge decisions of the taxing authority. By Sherri Johnson.
Last Updated: January 17, 2012 - Rank this Week: 2437
MW Attorneys Blog [Feed]
Covers tax news and tips. By Montgomery & Wetenkamp.
Last Updated: January 13, 2021 - Rank this Week: 2451
Nolo's Tax Law Tips [Feed]
Covers tax law.
Last Updated: December 8, 2014 - Rank this Week: 2498
Money Law Blog [Feed]
Covers bankruptcy and tax law issues in DC, Maryland and Virginia. By Edward Gonzalez.
Last Updated: January 8, 2019 - Rank this Week: 2535
Tax Policy Blog [Feed]
Covers federal, state and international tax issues, including AMT, capital gains and dividends taxes, corporate income taxes, income taxes, property taxes, and sales and use taxes. By the Tax Foundation.
Last Updated: January 19, 2021 - Rank this Week: 2536
South Carolina Tax Credit Blog [Feed]
Follows stories and pertinent issues that relate to the tax credit industry in South Carolina for both state and federal tax credits. By Christian L. Rogers.
Last Updated: August 23, 2013 - Rank this Week: 2667
Tax Relief Blog [Feed]
By Mike Habib, EA
Last Updated: January 4, 2021 - Rank this Week: 2686
Utah Estate Planning [Feed]
Covers estate planning, probate, trusts and wills in Utah. By Jason C. Hunter.
Last Updated: March 16, 2018 - Rank this Week: 2695
Ohio State Tax Blog [Feed]
Covers Ohio state and local taxes, including Ohio sales tax and multistate tax planning. By Steven A. Dimengo and Richard B. Fry III.
Last Updated: November 17, 2020 - Rank this Week: 2741
Planning Notes [Feed]
Covers fundamental concepts relevant to estate planning, business law, real estate law, and tax law. By Cook & Cook.
Last Updated: February 16, 2017 - Rank this Week: 2750
Special Needs, Elder Law, Wills, Trusts, Estates & Tax Blog [Feed]
By Friedman Law.
Last Updated: August 7, 2019 - Rank this Week: 2806
Bellevue Tax Lawyer Blog [Feed]
Covers tax law. By the Law Office of Aaron P. Richter.
Last Updated: June 7, 2017 - Rank this Week: 2817
Maryland Business Litigation Lawyer Blog [Feed]
Covers taxes and business law. By Silverman, Thompson, Slutkin and White.
Last Updated: January 19, 2021 - Rank this Week: 2910
Life/Death/Law Blog [Feed]
Covers tax planning, estate planning, trusts, wills and charitable giving. By Liza Hanks.
Last Updated: December 2, 2020 - Rank this Week: 2912
Texas Tax Blog [Feed]
Covers Texas tax law.
Last Updated: August 13, 2020 - Rank this Week: 2936
Todd S. Unger Blog [Feed]
Covers those who have gotten in trouble with the IRS, and how to avoid tax problems.
Last Updated: April 4, 2017 - Rank this Week: 2947
Canadian Tax Litigation [Feed]
Covers Canadian tax litigation developments. By FMC Law.
Last Updated: January 14, 2021 - Rank this Week: 2989
Tax Trials [Feed]
Covers decisions and developments in federal and state taxation. By Asbury Law Firm.
Last Updated: June 7, 2019 - Rank this Week: 2993
Philadelphia Estate and Tax Attorney Blog [Feed]
Focuses on income, estate and gift tax matters, estate planning and probate administration. By Steven J. Fromm.
Last Updated: January 12, 2021 - Rank this Week: 3000
Urbach & Avraham CPAs Law Blog [Feed]
Covers forensic accounting, estate administration, and personal, corporate, and estate income taxes.
Last Updated: January 6, 2021 - Rank this Week: 3026
Your Texas Estate Plan [Feed]
Covers tax and estate planning. By Jacob Pelley.
Last Updated: January 12, 2020 - Rank this Week: 3042
Tax Nightmares [Feed]
Covers common events in tax and bankruptcy practice.
Last Updated: July 8, 2012 - Rank this Week: 3084
Insight Law Firm [Feed]
Covers tax laws and cases.
Last Updated: December 16, 2012 - Rank this Week: 3219
IRS Report Card [Feed]
Comments of a 30-Year Former IRS Insider. By Mopsick Tax Law, LLP.
Last Updated: June 19, 2020 - Rank this Week: 3230
Tax Problem Attorney Blog [Feed]
Covers topics such as sales and payroll tax problems, offers in compromise, tax audits, tax debt, tax disputes, tax fraud, tax litigation and tax controversy, and tax preparer penalties. By Brager Tax Law Group.
Last Updated: July 7, 2020 - Rank this Week: 3309
409A Dismay [Feed]
Covers IRS regulations regarding deferred compensation. By Richard S. Meisner.
Last Updated: November 13, 2013 - Rank this Week: 3311
California Tax Attorney Blog [Feed]
Covers tax controversies involving the IRS and California Franchise Tax Board, as well as California probate, estate planning matters and business transactions. By Mitchell A. Port.
Last Updated: August 30, 2013 - Rank this Week: 3493
Nonprofit Law Blog [Feed]
Covers legal issues affecting nonprofit and tax-exempt organizations. By Gene Takagi and Erin Bradrick.
Last Updated: January 16, 2021 - Rank this Week: 3614
IRS-Hitman [Feed]
Covers IRS tax problems. By Richard Close.
Last Updated: May 8, 2015 - Rank this Week: 3639
Start Making Sense [Feed]
Tax and budget policy by Dan Shaviro
Last Updated: December 15, 2020 - Rank this Week: 3711
ataxingmatter [Feed]
Tax law and economics by Linda Beale
Last Updated: March 10, 2020 - Rank this Week: 3729
from milan to mumbai [Feed]
Post and riposte from a resolutely cranky but creative law professor, emphasizing international and comparative tax law... by Michael Livingston
Last Updated: November 8, 2012 - Rank this Week: 3749