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Michael J. Hassen
Class Action Defense Blog Michael J. Hassen Reallaw The Class Action Defense Blog covers Arbitration, CAFA, Class Certification, Employment Law Class Actions, FCRA, FDCPA, Removal & Remand, RESPA/TILA, PSLRA/SLUSA, Multidistrict Litigation, Class Action Court Decisions, Class Action Statutes & Rules. Visit Class Action Defense Blog
Larry Bodine
Larry Bodine Marketing Blog Larry Bodine The Larry Bodine Marketing Blog covers a wide array of law firm management, legal marketing and business development issues and ideas, including accounting and management consulting firm marketing, business and practice development, public relations, branding, Web sites, e-marketing, brochures, newsletters, direct mail, announcements, press releases, relationship building, cross-selling, networking, conferences, referrals, visiting clients on site and reverse seminars. Larry Bodine also runs The Law Marketing Portal which contains a wealth of legal marketing information. The Larry Bodine Marketing Blog and The Law Marketing Portal are great places get informed. Visit Larry Bodine Marketing Blog
Hotel Law Blog
Hotel Law Blog - Global Hospitality Group® Jeffer Mangels Butler & Mitchell LLPThe Hotel Law Blog focuses on legal issues that affect the hospitality industry. Published by the Global Hospitality Group of Jeffer Mangels Butler & Mitchell LLP, the blog covers hotel purchases and sales, finance, development and management issues. The blog also highlights ADA, labor and employment, and bankruptcy law developments that affect hotel owners and lenders.The Global Hospitality Group® of Jeffer Mangels Butler & Mitchell LLP represents the interests of hotel owners, developers, investors and lenders.
Pillsbury's CommLawCenter
Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman's CommLawCenter provides breaking news and analysis of communications law and business. CommLawCenter covers FCC news, administration, and enforcement, and provides a calendar of upcoming FCC deadlines. The blog also analyzes legal cases, legislation, and current events of interest to the broadcasting and communications industries. CommLawCenter is written by partners and associates in Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman's communications group, which represents clients before the FCC and other regulatory authorities, as well as in complex transactional negotiations. Visit Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman's CommLawCenter
Stephen Bainbridge
ProfessorBainbridge.com is the blog from... Professor Bainbridge of UCLA Law School. The blog covers business and corporate law, including agency law, corporate governance, corporate social responsibility, employment law, executive compensation, fiduciary duties, hedge funds and private equity, insider trading, management, mergers and acquisitions, Sarbanes-Oxley and securities regulation. It also covers the legal landscape of blogging and online media. And it is an excellent resource for information on a variety of wines. Add a little legal economics analysis, and one can quickly see why ProfessorBainbridge.com is a great daily read. Visit ProfessorBainbridge.com
Bill Gratsch
Blawg's Blog is the official Blog of Blawg.com. As a central part of the Blawg.com community of blawgers, Blawg's Blog covers news and thoughts from the blawgosphere, introducing readers to new ideas and new blogs. Blawg's Blog is published by Bill Gratsch, and is a great great community feature of the site. We encourage all legal bloggers to join the Blawg.com community and blawg directory and to read Blawg's Blog. Visit Blawg's Blawg.
Adam Smith, Esq.
Bruce MacEwen, Adam Smith, Esq. covers the economics of law firms. This blog is essential reading for attorneys and law students, who seek insight into the changing economics of the legal services industry, as well as the health and outlook of their current or future employers. For serious, in-depth analysis of law firm management, finance, and compensation, read the Adam Smith, Esq. blog. Visit Adam Smith, Esq.
FOSS Patents
FOSS Patents Florian Mueller FOSS Patents offers in-depth coverage of software patent litigation before domestic and international courts. Written by Florian Mueller, the blog focuses on patents covering wireless and mobile devices, including smartphones and tablet computers. To get up-to-date on the latest software patent battles involving Apple, Samsung, Google, Microsoft and others, read the FOSS Patents blog. Visit FOSS Patents
Steve Elias
Nolo's Bankruptcy, Debt & Foreclosure Blog The Law Reform Soapbox Steve Elias Nolo Nolo's Bankruptcy, Debt & Foreclosure Blog covers foreclosure & bankruptcy issues in plain English to help folks during these tough economic times. The Law Reform Soapbox looks at the legal system and how we can make it work for lawyers and non-lawyers.The blogs are published by attorney and Nolo author Steve Elias, who has written many books on consumer financial issues, including the recently released Foreclosure Survival Guide.For anyone facing potential foreclosure or bankruptcy, check out Nolo's Bankruptcy, Debt & Foreclosure Blog and the Nolo resource centers on Bankruptcy & Foreclosure. Visit Nolo's Bankruptcy, Debt & Foreclosure Blog and The Law Reform Soapbox
Kim Dayton
Elder Law Prof Blog Kim Dayton William Mitchell College of Law The Elder Law Prof Blog covers elder law issues and policies, as well as general health care legal issues. The blog is published by law professor Kim Dayton who also runs the National Elder Law Network (NELN) Website which has in-depth information on legal issues for seniors, their families and advocates. Both the Elder Law Prof Blog and the National Elder Law Network Website are great resources that we highly recommend. Visit Elder Law Prof Blog
Mary Minow
LibraryLaw Blog Mary Minow California Association of Library Trustees and Commissioners The LibraryLaw Blog covers legal issues faced by libraries. These include Internet legal subjects, such as copyright laws, the Patriot Act, information access and the Children's Internet Protection Act, as well as topics such as library governance. As information becomes more digitized, librarians are at the forefront of the access and intellectual property issues facing the public. The LibraryLaw Blog is published by Mary Minow and is a must read for those interested in library legal issues. Visit LibraryLaw Blog
Evan Schaeffer
The Illinois Trial Practice Weblog Legal UndergroundThe Legal Underground Podcast Evan Schaeffer Schaeffer & Lamere P.C. Evan Schaeffer's Legal Underground covers the blawgosphere, legal news and "random" observations on the practice of law. The Illinois Trial Practice Weblog covers trial practice with many tips and suggestions of great value to the trial attorney, whether or not practicing in Illinois (Evan also has a new book Deposition Checklists & Strategies). Both blogs shine a light on the practice of law and are great examples of how lawyers can help inform the online community. Visit The Illinois Trial Practice Weblog, Legal Underground and The Legal Underground Podcast
Tom Mighell
Inter Alia Tom Mighell Cowles & Thompson Inter Alia introduces users to new legal resources on the Internet, technology tips and legal blogs (by way of his Blawg of the Day feature). Tom also writes the Internet Legal Research Weekly which has a number of online legal resources and complements the Inter Alia blog (subscribe by email here). Read Inter Alia and discover new blogs and research sites and maybe even ask him to introduce your blog to the people. Visit Inter Alia
Gerry Riskin
Amazing Firms, Amazing Practices Gerry Riskin Edge International Amazing Firms Amazing Practices covers the business of law, including law firm management, strategy and marketing. Gerry's blog covers these topics in an interesting and entertaining way. He a founder of Edge International, where he provides education and consulting services to large law firms. And do not miss his latest article in Edge International Review: Intelligent Design for Law Firms and of course read his blog daily. Visit Amazing Firms, Amazing Practices
Howard J. Bashman
How Appealing Howard J. Bashman Law Offices of Howard J. Bashman How Appealing provides continuous updates of judicial and court news and information, with links to original news sources. There is a focus on appellate decisions, as well as information about the judiciary and court system. it is published by Pennsylvania appellate attorney Howard J. Bashman whose practice focuses on appellate litigation. How Appealing is a great resource for anyone wanting to be updated of what is going on in the court system. Visit How Appealing
Ed Poll
LawBiz Blog LawBiz Blog - Audio Podcasts LawBiz.com The LawBiz Blog covers the full spectrum of legal practice, including law firm management & strategy, legal marketing and business operations. The blog includes the LawBiz podcast that includes interviews with other experts. Ed Poll is extremely well known in the law practice area, as he works to help law firms and the legal practice move towards 21st century business practices. The blog is a great place to get new ideas and best practices on running a law firm. Visit LawBiz Blog
Douglas A. Berman
Sentencing Law and Policy Douglas A. Berman Moritz College of Law The Sentencing Law and Policy Blog covers criminal law cases, policies, legislation, news and scholarship. There is analysis on sentencing and capital punishment, with links and summaries of relevant resources found on the Web. It is great place to get commentary on the news, which is consumed by criminal law cases from Scooter Libby to Genarlow Wilson. It is published by The Ohio State University Moritz College of Law Professor Douglas A. Berman and is a great place to learn about the laws and policies behind the criminal law cases. Visit Sentencing Law and Policy
Paul L. Caron
TaxProf Blog Paul L. Caron The University of Cincinnati College of Law TaxProf Blog covers tax law news, legislation, policy and academic scholarship. The blog is an especially great place to learn about the latest tax scholarship, with updates on papers, talks and nearly everything else in the academic arena. In addition, nearly all of the big tax issues of the day are discussed. The TaxProf Blog makes tax interesting to non-tax professionals and is from tax law professor, Jurist, SSRN Tax and TaxProf list Editor, Paul Caron with research help from Ron Jones (who is also co-editor of the Law Librarian Blog). It is a great place to learn about Tax Law! Visit TaxProf Blog
The Supreme Court Practice
SCOTUSblog The Supreme Court Practice Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld LLP The SCOTUS Blog is devoted to coverage of the US Supreme Court. It covers Supreme Court cases, news related to the Supreme Court and the Justices, as well as the confirmation hearings of new Justices. They also have an audio PodCast (RSS feed) for your listening pleasure. The blog was founded by Thomas C. Goldstein and receives posts from a number of individuals of Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld LLP. If you want to learn more about the Supreme Court, read and subscribe to the SCOTUS Blog. Visit SCOTUSblog
Kevin O'Keefe
Real Lawyers :: Have Blogs Kevin O'Keefe LexBlog David Swanner's South Carolina Trial Law Blog covers trial practice, including legal technology, law practice management, trial techniques, presentations & exhibits, arguments and much more. David also is a founder of the Trial Lawyer Resource Center Blog, which brings a number of legal bloggers together to write about trial techniques. Both blogs are great! Visit, subscribe and read often! Visit Real Lawyers :: Have Blogs
David Swanner
South Carolina Trial Law Blog Trial Lawyer Resource Center David Swanner David Swanner's South Carolina Trial Law Blog covers trial practice, including legal technology, law practice management, trial techniques, presentations & exhibits, arguments and much more. David also is a founder of the Trial Lawyer Resource Center Blog, which brings a number of legal bloggers together to write about trial techniques. Both blogs are great! Visit, subscribe and read often! Visit South Carolina Trial Law Blog
Dennis Kennedy
DennisKennedy.blog Dennis Kennedy LexThink Dennis Kennedy's Blog covers legal technology for law firms, includes product reviews, blogging and the blawgesphere. Dennis is one of the most knowledgeable and respected legal technologists, and with his blog he shares his knowledge with the online community. Dennis is also the Futurist and Director of Innovation of LexThink which brings technology thinkers together in conferences that are unlike any other. Visit DennisKennedy.blog
James Duggan, Diane Murley, Frank Houdek and Candle Wester-Mittan
Law Dawg Blawg James Duggan, Diane Murley, Frank Houdek and Candle Wester-Mittan Southern Illinois University School of Law The Law Dawg Blawg serves the SIU Law School community, as well as the general Web public, introducing readers to legal research resources, legal research tips, book reviews and Law Dawgs (Little Sheba the Hug Pug was a guest Law Dawg!!!). The blog is published by the librarian team at the Southern Illinois University School of Law who have done a great job creating a community atmosphere. Visit the SIU Dawg (and cat :) friends while learning legal research tips and finding legal resources. Visit Law Dawg Blawg
Eric Goldman
Technology & Marketing Law Blog Goldman's Observations Eric Goldman Santa Clara University School of Law Santa Clara Law School's Eric Goldman writes one of the most widely read legal technology and marketing blogs. Eric's Technology & Marketing Law Blog provides analysis of the latest technology and Internet cases. A must read for those who want to stay current on Internet law. Goldman's Observations Blog covers a broader area of the law and life, from academics to finance to anything else he is interested in. Great blogs to add to your Google Reader account. Visit Technology & Marketing Law Blog and Goldman's Observations
Professor of Law Michael Froomkin
Discourse.net Professor of Law Michael Froomkin University of Miami School of Law Professor Froomkin's blog provides detailed commentary and information on cyberspace law, from ICANN policies to net neutrality. Discourse.net also covers the legal and political issuesof the day in a very well thought out and straight forward manner. A great blog to read before you vote. Visit Discourse.net
Robert Ambrogi
LawSites Media Law Legal Blog Watch Lawyer 2 Lawyer Robert Ambrogi Law Office of Robert J. Ambrogi One of the best known legal bloggers, lawyer, writer, editor Bob Ambrogi is also one of the busiest. Bob writes the popular LawSites blog which covers the blawgosphere, legal Websites and legal technology tools & software and MediaLaw, which covers freedom of the press (and blogs). Bob also cowrites Law.com's Legal Blog Watch and cohosts the weekly podcast Lawyer 2 Lawyer, which covers the legal issues of the day. We read / listen-to them all!! Visit LawSites, Media Law, Legal Blog Watch and Lawyer 2 Lawyer
David Lat
Above the Law Underneath Their Robes David Lat David Lat is the editor and chief of one of the most popular and most read legal blogs, Above the Law. ATL gives readers the "inside" scoop of the judiciary, government and large law firm "life". It combines legal analysis with a lot of insider gossip, and is always an enjoyable read. Prior to ATL, David wrote Underneath Their Robes (and still posts there once in awhile). And join David's Above the Law Facebook group -- and read Above the Law, once you start, you can't stop. Visit Above the Law and Underneath Their Robes
Tom Bruce
b-screeds LII Announce Tom Bruce Legal Information Institute The Godfather of free legal information on the Internet, Tom Bruce write the blog b-screeds that covers legal happenings, technology and research. The blog focuses on many of the issues that are being worked on by LII and the legal community in making the raw materials of law useful to researchers and the general public. So check out the voice of free legal information and read Tom's blog b-screeds. Be a part of the revolution as it happens. Visit b-screeds and LII Announce