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4 Apr 8:32 am
Visita nuestro Observatorio COVID-19 en Puerto Rico La comisionada residente, Jenniffer González Colón, ofreció ayer una conferencia virtual para orientar sobre cómo aplican las medidas de estímulo económico dentro la Ley CARES (Ley Pública 116- 136) a Puerto Rico. Junto a la comisionada participaron del “webinar” el secretario de Hacienda, el CPA Francisco Parés; el secretario del Departamento de Desarrollo Económico y Comercio, el ingeniero Manuel Laboy; la Secretaria del Trabajo, licenciada Briseida Torres… [read post]
4 Apr 8:30 am
Visita nuestro Observatorio COVID-19 en Puerto Rico By: René Avilés García, Esq. (Ferraiuoli LLC) The PR Treasury issued PR Treasury Circular Letter 20-23 to authorize disaster relief distributions from PR tax qualified retirement plans to alleviate losses or damages suffered by participants during the COVID-19 pandemic. The authorization is granted pursuant to an amendment to an existing guidance (PR Treasury Circular Letter 20-09) to authorize for distributions for the recent earthquakes that impacted certain regions in Puerto Rico in January 2020. The new… [read post]
4 Apr 8:27 am
We often hear that the current COVID crisis came “out of the blue,” that “nobody” was expecting it.* But anyone with a decent grasp of pressing issues in public health knew the risks of pandemics. As I wrote in 2014: [R]eduction in hospital facilities and other resources, although “efficient” in normal times, may prove disastrous if there is an epidemic. For example, one national preparedness plan for pandemic flu estimated that, in a worst-case scenario, the United States would be short over 600,000 ventilators. “To some experts, the… [read post]
4 Apr 8:16 am
Masha Simonova and Nathaniel Sobel analyzed the federal executive emergency authorities available to address the coronavirus pandemic. Manal Cheema and Ashley Deeks explained the legal basis for prosecuting purposeful coronavirus exposure as terrorism. Hilary Hurd analyzed Britain’s COVID-19 response. Amanda Sloat discussed the implications of the virus for Brexit. Jen Patja Howell shared an episode of the Lawfare Podcast featuring dispatches about how nine different countries are handling the COVID-19 outbreak: Stewart Baker shared… [read post]
4 Apr 8:13 am
[If law students can run a moot court tournament through video conference, I'd think appellate courts ] Each spring, the Case Western Reserve University School of Law hosts the Dean Dunmore Moot Court competition, in which students enrolled in Appellate Practice compete. Preliminary rounds are typically held at a local courthouse, with the semifinals and finals in the law school's moot courtroom. For obvious reason, the Dunmore could not proceed as it had in the past, but it did proceed. the Dunmore Moot Court Board (which is made up of students) figured out how to place the entire… [read post]
4 Apr 8:06 am
The case of Germany. Meanwhile in that wealthy but dysfunctional backwater known as the United States... [read post]
4 Apr 8:02 am
“Who’s in Charge? It’s easy to interpret the disorder of our COVID-19 response through the lens of unpreparedness or partisanship; But that misses the complex legal structure of emergency governance.” Law professor Robert L. Tsai has this essay online at Boston Review. [read post]
4 Apr 8:00 am
IN THE MAIL: HOW TO LIVE ON ALMOST NOTHING AND HAVE PLENTY: A Practical Introduction to Small-Scale Sufficient Country Living. Plus, browse today’s Gold Box and Lightning Deals. [read post]
4 Apr 8:00 am
[Fabricio Guariglia is Director of Prosecutions, Office of the Prosecutor, International Criminal Court. The opinions in this article are solely the author’s and should not be attributed to the Office of the Prosecutor or the International Criminal Court.] As we move further into the uncertain, our offices turned virtual, our children at home, our social habits transformed, our concerns for... [read post]
4 Apr 8:00 am
Domestic violence charges are taken very seriously in the State of Texas. If allegations are not handled properly by a qualified attorney, you may face life-long consequences. Here are some guidelines to help you if you face such charges. First, it is important to know the law in Texas. There are three general ways in […] The post Domestic Violence Charges are Taken Very Seriously in Texas appeared first on Scheiner Law Group, P.C.. [read post]
4 Apr 7:56 am
On April 1, 2020, U.S. Defense Secretary Mark Esper said that states have the option of using the National Guard to enforce stay-at-home orders amid the coronavirus pandemic. He compared having the National Guard deal with the coronavirus to its duties when a hurricane or another natural disaster strikes the country, saying the force would be used to curb the outbreak’s effects. How does this affect employers? National Guard members (and National Disaster Medical System reservists) are protected under the Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act… [read post]
4 Apr 7:51 am
Columbia Global Freedom of Expression seeks to contribute to the development of an integrated and progressive jurisprudence and understanding on freedom of expression and information around the world.  It maintains an extensive database of international case law. This is its newsletter dealing with recent developments  in the field. Covid-19: Expression in a Time of Crisis ● Coronavirus has started a censorship pandemic, Global Freedom of Expression Expert Jacob Mchangama writes in his article for Foreign Policy. Governments around the world are banning fake… [read post]
4 Apr 7:47 am
The Maricopa County Family Court Department (Superior Court) has issued guidelines for parents to know how to navigate their parenting plans, court orders, and communications with the other parent during the COVID pandemic. They can be found here on the Superior Court website, posted on 4/3/2020. Please review those guidelines for answers to some of your questions about whether children should be exchanged pursuant to parenting time orders (YES), and what you should do if you feel you have serious evidence that your child’s safety or your safety are at risk from following… [read post]
4 Apr 7:44 am
QUOTE OF THE DAY: “In just ten days, we discovered that neither the tampon issue, nor the participation of transsexuals in the Olympic Games, nor the climate emergency were real problems, nor emergencies, nor anything of the sort. They were just fictitious problems, the pastimes of a generation that hadn’t known tragedy.” — Itxu Diaz, National Review.  Via Ricochet, which has further thoughts worth reading: “This crisis will be resolved by truckers running the long haul on deserted highways, doctors and nurse working double shifts in scavenged PPE,… [read post]
4 Apr 7:44 am
THIS STORY SEEMS TO BE MISSING SOME DETAILS: Daughter, grandson of Kathleen Kennedy Townsend, RFK’s daughter, presumed dead in canoe accident. [read post]
4 Apr 7:42 am
Brian L. Frye (Kentucky) & Maybell Romero (NIU) recently posted to SSRN their paper The Right to Unmarry: A Proposal. Here is the abstract: BLF: This is a marriage proposal in the form of a law review article. In this... [read post]
4 Apr 7:33 am
As COVID-19 continues to spread rapidly, with the number of confirmed cases in the U.S. well above 200,000, Georgia has now joined the growing number of states implementing statewide stay-at-home orders. Although Governor Brian Kemp initially favored county-by-county determinations, he recently announced a statewide Shelter-in-Place Order, as well as an order shutting down all Georgia public schools for the remainder of the academic year. The governor’s comprehensive Shelter-in-Place Order, which is in effect from 6 p.m. on April 3, 2020 through 11.59 p.m. on April 13, 2020,… [read post]
4 Apr 7:30 am
OUT: WAR REQUIRES SACRIFICE. IN: Harvard Student op-ed: During this ‘state of war,’ Harvard should give all students a 4.0. [read post]
4 Apr 7:20 am
On December 21, 2019 two men (JG and JM) who shared an apartment in Newburyport went out for a few drinks. They returned back to the apartment. It is at this point that the two versions of what happened differ wildly. The police reports contain the following: According to JG, who owned the lease on the apartment, JG asked the roommate JM to leave the apartment. When JM refused to leave an argument broke out and JM punched JG and pushed him to the floor knocking over a Christmas tree. According to JM, when they returned from the bar JM tried to go to sleep but JG began arguing with JM… [read post]
4 Apr 7:14 am
WAPO: TRUE DEATH TOLL IN WUHAN COULD BE 40,000+. Related: Additional evidence the coronavirus could have been accidentally released by a Chinese lab. [read post]