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24 Apr 9:03 am
THE TOP THREE RECIPIENTS WERE ALL DEMOCRATS: Members of Congress Who Questioned Mark Zuckerberg Had Received $641,685 From Facebook. [read post]
24 Apr 9:01 am
WHEN THE NEW YORK TIMES CAN’T TELL “FAKE NEWS” FROM REAL: It’s not “far-right,” either. The NYT, and Facebook, seem to think that the two are synonymous. [read post]
24 Apr 9:00 am
Governor Cuomo Announces Finalists for $2.5 Million Reimagine the Canals Competition Selected Entries Chosen for Visionary Ideas on Transforming the Canal System into Source of New Economic Development and Increased Tourism Seven Finalists Chosen from 145 Entries from Nine Nations Governor Andrew M. Cuomo recently announced that seven finalists have been chosen for the $2.5 million Reimagine the Canals Competition, which seeks innovative ideas to transform the State's Canal System as it begins its second century of operations. The competition, managed… [read post]
24 Apr 8:43 am
The Texas Public Policy Foundation's newsletter arrived in my Inbox this morning and their top story related to over-incarceration in rural counties, focusing on pretrial detention:What to Know: Criminal justice reforms are decreasing jail populations and recidivism rates. “The American criminal justice system’s gradual realization that too many people are in jail needlessly just got a large, visible boost from the city of Philadelphia,” the Washington Post reports. “The city announced last week that it would close its notorious 91-year-old House of… [read post]
24 Apr 8:39 am
Today the Supreme Court issued its decision in Jesner v. Arab Bank, PLC, which addresses whether corporations may be liable in actions brought under the Alien Tort Statute (ATS), 28 U.S.C. § 1350. It’s a fractured decision, as evidenced by... [read post]
24 Apr 8:35 am
El Programa de Educación Jurídica Continua (PEJC) del Tribunal Supremo de Puerto Rico reinició labores tras un breve receso ocasionado por el traslado de sus oficinas a nuevas instalaciones, localizadas en el piso 4 de la sede de la Oficina de Administración de los Tribunales, #268 de la Avenida Muñoz Rivera en Hato Rey. Así lo anunció el Director de ese programa, licenciado José I. Campos Pérez. El Director del PEJC recordó a los integrantes de la profesión legal que el 30 de junio de 2018 vence el… [read post]
24 Apr 8:35 am
Whether you're thirsty in Capetown or Flint, living near the Mississippi, or simply depend upon a habitable climate on Earth, this water news affects you. The post Water News, from Local to Global appeared first on Legal Reader. [read post]
24 Apr 8:28 am
I’d like to speak a little bit about use taxes because use tax is a particularly hot topic in California and in other states. Use tax is applied when sales tax is not applied. For example, if I’m a retailer in Arizona and I ship a product into California, then the purchaser of that product in California is not going to pay any sales tax but the purchaser within California is going to be obligated to pay use tax. From an individual perspective this isn’t really a big concern but from a business perspective, especially for businesses buying heavy machinery or equipment… [read post]
24 Apr 8:28 am
  One of the other most common sales tax audits are audits for sales for resale. You’ll have a situation where you have a client who is purchasing goods either mostly with a reseller’s permit and that they are selling those goods to another individual and that that individual or business is showing them a reseller certificate so they are excused from the collection of tax. This happens a lot with businesses that are kind of in the middle of the supply chain if they are receiving raw wood and converting it into lumber and then reselling it to somebody who’s… [read post]
24 Apr 8:27 am
I want to talk a little bit about the types of records that are requested in a sales tax audit and ways that you can use them to your advantage. The auditor at the beginning of an audit can issue a big long list of everything that they’re looking for and basically they are looking for as much information as possible to verify sales and verify purchases in most cases. Now depending on why the client was audited you’re going to have different auditors looking for different things. But I want to go over some of the records and we can talk about what the easiest way to combat… [read post]
24 Apr 8:25 am
Press release: NACDL establishes Fourth Amendment Center: Washington, DC (Apr. 24, 2018) – Today, the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (NACDL) announces the establishment of the NACDL Fourth Amendment Center, a project made possible by support from the Charles … Continue reading → [read post]
24 Apr 8:25 am
Do you do business in Florida, Pennsylvania, or Nevada? If so, you’ll want to check out our upcoming webinars to learn some state tax filing tips and tricks, including starting and closing a business, common sales tax issues, and more.   Florida State Tax Update – May 24 Pennsylvania State Tax Update – June 26 Nevada State Tax […] [read post]
24 Apr 8:25 am
Wills are formal documents that are difficult to change. That is not the case with all trusts. For many purposes, trusts are better and easier legal instruments to work with than wills.  However, they can also be a difficult situation, according to the Wills, Trusts & Estates Prof Blog in "Preserving a Trust." When a particular trust is easy to revoke or alter, it is easier for someone else to do so fraudulently. For trusts to be valid, they do not have the formal requirements that wills do. No one needs to be present to witness the trust being signed in most states. That… [read post]
24 Apr 8:25 am
The Department of Justice recently announced an $11.5 million settlement with a Texas-based radiation therapy company, SightLine Health LLC, to resolve allegations that the company was defrauding Medicare and other federal healthcare programs. The case began when a whistleblower filed a lawsuit on behalf of the federal government under the False Claims Act, accusing SightLine… The post Anti-Kickback law violations lead to settlement of whistleblower lawsuit appeared first on Pate & Johnson Law Firm. [read post]
24 Apr 8:24 am
The auditor uses methods to determine a client’s liability and what they use is they use different testing methods. They’re going to take a data that you provide them and they going to run it through several tasks just to make sure that it all matches. One of the biggest and easiest tasks is they’re going to match the sales tax returns to the federal income tax returns the merchant account statements and any other data that they have on file to make sure that data sex. That’s one of your very first tasks that you’ve to go through in presenting information… [read post]