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6 Dec 10:00 am
Brian Leiter (Chicago), Ranking Boycott Update: [I]t's a safe assumption that any school that hasn't announced (or doesn't announce very soon) is also not joining the boycott. Alas, if only 15 or 20 schools boycott, that will not create insurmountable obstacles for, Why Some Law Schools Are... [read post]
6 Dec 9:37 am
ShareThe Supreme Court heard a confusing and wide-ranging discourse yesterday in MOAC Mall Holdings LLC v. Transform Holdco LLC. For the generalist Supreme Court follower, the case is a technical one, involving the authority of a court of appeals to review a bankruptcy order authorizing a bankrupt tenant to sell its interest in a lease. To give a sense of the context, the parties to the case are the landlord at Mall of America, the largest retail shopping center in North America, and Transform Holdco, a shell entity created to purchase most of the operating assets held by Sears before… [read post]
6 Dec 9:25 am
  Originally, originally posted 2007-06-13 20:42:40. Republished by Blog Post Promoter They make that sound like a bad thing. Now, I wouldn’t agree with each and every little thing Stan Schroeder, the author... The post Death By Lawyer appeared first on LIKELIHOOD OF CONFUSION™. [read post]
6 Dec 9:15 am
The latest mainstream version of the ubiquitous Wi-Fi standard, known as IEEE 802.11ax or “Wi-Fi 6,” offers substantial technological improvements over traditional Wi-Fi, including Wi-Fi 6’s immediate predecessor—Wi-Fi 5 (IEEE 802.11ac). In particular, Wi-Fi 6 offers faster performance, lower power consumption, and better battery life, all while enabling reduced network congestion and latency. These substantial improvements made over even the immediate predecessor in Wi-Fi technology are made possible by several key technological advances. Wi-Fi 6 has enjoyed… [read post]
6 Dec 9:00 am
Some factors could increase or decrease the risk of perpetuating and/or experiencing elder abuse in nursing home facilities and assisted living centers. [read post]
6 Dec 9:00 am
By George F. Indest III, J.D., M.P.A., LL.M., Board Certified by The Florida Bar in Health Law On November 10, 2022, the US Supreme Court announced that it would weigh in on what it means to commit identity theft. In the case the Supreme Court accepted for review, the petitioner, a managing partner at a psychological services company, was convicted of Medicaid fraud in Texas in 2013. As the dispute comes to the Supreme Court, he's challenging a separate conviction under federal law that makes it a crime to use another person's identity while committing another crime (identity… [read post]
6 Dec 8:59 am
Factor, the managed services company that spun off in 2019 from alternative legal services provider Axiom, describes itself as providing “complex legal work at scale” for the corporate legal market it serves. But more recently, it has begun to position itself as falling within a new category of alternative legal services. It calls this new category “integrated law,” and describes it as bringing together the expertise of traditional law, the efficiency of new law, and the business alignment of in-house law. On this episode of LawNext, Varun Mehta,… [read post]
6 Dec 8:57 am
These bonuses are magical! The post Global Firm Takes A Chance On A Bonus Match appeared first on Above the Law. [read post]
6 Dec 8:55 am
Andrew Coan (University of Arizona, James E. Rogers College of Law) has posted What Is the Matter with Dobbs? on SSRN.  Here is the abstract: Contrary to its critics, Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization is not illegitimate or lawless. It is a highly consequential but fundamentally ordinary example of the inextricable connections between morality and constitutional law. If abortion is akin to murder, Dobbs could not—and should not—have come out any other way. If abortion is essential to personal autonomy and equal citizenship, the case was wrongly… [read post]
6 Dec 8:54 am
A cien años de su muerte en una cárcel en Leavenworth, Kansas, el gobierno federal decretó que el 2022 fuese nombrado el año de Ricardo Flores Magón. 2022 también ha sido el año en el que el modelo de seguridad pública que el Estado mexicano ha implementado informalmente desde el 11 de diciembre de 2006 ha tomado la forma jurídica que, posiblemente, tendrá hasta el año 2028. En este año, pues, el derecho y la historia se cruzan para hacer una celebración de la ironía: al mismo tiempo que… [read post]
6 Dec 8:52 am
Investors in VII Peaks Co-Optivist Income BDC II (“VII Peaks BDC”) may have FINRA arbitration claims, if their investment was recommended by a financial advisor who lacked a reasonable basis for the recommendation, or if the nature of the investment was misrepresented by the stockbroker or advisor. In 2021, the Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”) announced settled charges against investment adviser VII Peaks Capital, LLC (“VII Peaks Manager”) and its co-owner and managing member, Gurprit Chandhoke (“Chandhoke”), for breaching… [read post]
6 Dec 8:50 am
Alicia Wilson, a well-known figure in the Baltimore area’s legal, development and civic communities, has been named the managing director of JPMorgan Chase’s North American regional philanthropy team. Wilson, who currently is vice president for economic development and community partnerships at Johns Hopkins University and Johns Hopkins Health System, will oversee Chase’s local philanthropic strategies ... The post Wilson leaving Hopkins for role at Chase philanthropic arm first appeared on Maryland Daily Record. [read post]
6 Dec 8:47 am
Marisa Wright is a US National Correspondent for JURIST, and a 2L at Harvard Law School.   On Wednesday, December 7, the US Supreme Court will hear oral arguments in a case involving a fringe legal idea called the independent state legislature theory that poses a threat to the current system of election administration in the United States. Moore v. Harper stems from a challenge to North Carolina’s congressional and legislative redistricting plan as unconstitutional partisan gerrymanders. When the North Carolina Supreme Court struck down the redistricting… [read post]
6 Dec 8:47 am
Ambos se divorcian en el 2016, pero mantuvieron la relación con el menor. [read post]
6 Dec 8:45 am
Have any suggestions for the 3 Count? Let me know via Twitter @plagiarismtoday. 1: Freeplay Sues CNN Over Music Used in News Reports First off today, Chris Cooke at Complete Music Update reports that the music production company Freeplay music has filed a lawsuit against CNN, alleging that the news organization used their music in news segments without a license. According to Freeplay, CNN used music it owns on at least 283 segments internationally without permission or a license from the company. As such, they are seeking some $17 million in damages, saying… [read post]
6 Dec 8:32 am
“Doris Pryor, IU grad, will be the first Black judge from Indiana to join Seventh Circuit”: Johnny Magdaleno of The Indianapolis Star has this report. Nate Raymond of Reuters reports that “U.S. Senate confirms first Black federal appellate judge from Indiana.” Madison Alder of Bloomberg Law reports that “Pryor Confirmed to Seventh Circuit as Schumer Tees Up More Votes.” Marilyn Odendahl of The Indiana Lawyer reports that “Pryor makes history in confirmation to 7th Circuit.” And Max Brantley of Arkansas Times reports that “Boozman,… [read post]
6 Dec 8:32 am
A primer on stock option repricing during market volatility. The post Repricing Stock Options During Market Volatility appeared first on Above the Law. [read post]
6 Dec 8:28 am
Prof. McConnell is one of the top First Amendment law scholars in the country, and I was delighted that he passed along this item: Much of the commentary on today's argument in 303 Creative starts from the premise that the case pits free speech (or maybe religious freedom) against LGBTQ rights. The headline in The Economist reads: "A new Supreme Court case may dampen protections for LGBT people." Anyone listening carefully to the argument will discover that this framing is off the mark. Both sides in the argument were peppered with hypotheticals—some of them bizarre—about… [read post]
6 Dec 8:20 am
Australian nonprofit the Human Rights Law Centre Tuesday reported that 60 percent of legislation regarding human rights between 2019 and 2021 was passed by the Australian Federal Parliament with no review by the Parliamentary Joint Committee on Human Rights. The Committee was created in 2012 “to examine all bills and legislative instruments for compatibility with human rights, and to report to both Houses of Parliament on its findings.” However, according to the report, “43 out of 72 pieces of legislation passed in the 2019 – 2022 parliamentary term before human… [read post]