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21 Sep 2020, 2:00 pm by Amy Howe
” Barrett was also a member of the Federalist Society, the conservative legal group, from 2005 to 2006 and then again from 2014 to 2017. [read post]
21 Sep 2020, 6:48 am by Howard Bashman
“‘She’s been groomed for this moment’: Amy Barrett’s Supreme Court preparation began early; From her first year as a Notre Dame law student, conservatives marked her as a future leader in the mold of the Federalist Society. [read post]
19 Sep 2020, 5:27 pm by Howard Bashman
Bender of The Wall Street Journal report that “White House Counsel, Others Steer Trump’s Supreme Court Nomination Strategy; Federalist Society, other conservatives are influential; Pat Cipollone is key adviser. [read post]
17 Sep 2020, 5:57 pm by Anna Salvatore
Because there was no rule of law in that society to enforce them. [read post]
16 Sep 2020, 6:30 am by Sandy Levinson
”  The Senate, of course, was to be selected by state legislatures, and the president by electors who, we were solemnly promised in Federalist 68, would protect us against demagogues by using their discretion to select only truly trustworthy leaders. [read post]
14 Sep 2020, 2:14 pm
In December of 2019. the Florida Supreme Court JNC, they of the "if you are not a member of the Federalist Society" don’t bother to apply group, interviewed 32 candidates for the two open seats on the Supreme Court of Florida. [read post]
11 Sep 2020, 11:32 am by Will Baude
As I understand the application of Levy's theory to a law school, it would mean that a student group like the Federalist Society is free to invite any speaker they wish, but the law school might offer an endowed lecture or an honorary degree only to a former Solicitor General in the Obama administration and not in the Trump administration. [read post]
10 Sep 2020, 6:26 am by Kevin Kaufman
Creating temporary credits and boosting charitable contributions may lead to greater psychological assurance that lawmakers are watching out for civil society. [read post]
31 Aug 2020, 4:43 am by James Romoser
In an article published by the Federalist Society, Michael Bindas anticipates how yet another recent blockbuster — Espinoza v. [read post]
31 Aug 2020, 4:00 am by Joshua Sealy-Harrington
I was recently invited to participate in a Runnymede Society debate against Asher Honickman—a co-founder of the Society—on “the future of legal education and curriculum. [read post]
26 Aug 2020, 6:01 am by Josh Blackman
And yesterday, I delivered a standup version of the essay to the Nashville Federalist Society Chapter. [read post]
26 Aug 2020, 4:30 am by Eric Segall
Does anyone think a judge's membership in the Federalist Society or the American Constitution Society does not reveal a lot about how that judge will likely resolve many difficult constitutional law questions? [read post]
20 Aug 2020, 6:50 pm by Howard Bashman
Federalist Society Blocks Basic Judicial Ethics Rule”: James P. [read post]
20 Aug 2020, 12:31 pm by Josh Blackman, Seth Barrett Tillman
On July 23, the House Judiciary Committee held a markup of a new bill, the Abuse of the Pardon Prevention Act. [read post]
18 Aug 2020, 7:10 pm by Amanda Frost
Justice Antonin Scalia likely enjoyed being toasted at Federalist Society events just as much as Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg presumably likes having her face emblazoned on the t-shirts of members of the American Constitution Society. [read post]
14 Aug 2020, 8:08 am by Howard Bashman
“2020 Annual Supreme Court Round Up”: On Monday, the Federalist Society‘s Washington, D.C. [read post]
10 Aug 2020, 11:52 am by Russell Pearce
 Fortunately, Trump’s most recent egregious trial balloons (or warning shots) about subverting the election drew pushback from even his supporters, such as the co-founder of the Federalist Society, who called Trump’s tweet “fascistic” and “itself grounds for … immediate impeachment. [read post]
5 Aug 2020, 6:30 am by Guest Blogger
As someone who keeps close tabs on the Federalist Society and the conservative legal movement, this struck me as startling. [read post]