Your search Aaron Flint, Plaintiff-appellant, v. George Dennison, in His Official Capacity As President of the University of Montana-missoula (umt); Associated Students of the University of Montana (asum); Kyle Engelson, in His Official Capacity As the Asum Elections Committee Chair; Justin Baker; Averiel Wolff; Sophia Alvarez; Anna Green; Kris Monson; Derek Duncan; Katie Boeckx, in Their Official Capacities As Elections Commissioners for the Associated Students of Umt; Jessica Adam, Defendants-appellees, Andgale Price, President; Vinnie Pavlish, Asum Vice President; Cassie Morton, Asum Business Manager, and Ex-officio Member of Asum Senate; Bryce Bennett; Andrew Bissell; Brad Cederberg; Tyler Clairmont; Nezha[488 F.3d 817]haddouch; Shawana Hagen; Chris Healow; Andrea Helling; Derf Johnson; Britta Padgham; Kimberly Pappas; Josh Peters; Rebecca Pettit; Jake Pipinich; Ross Properi; Jon Snodgrass; Leslie Venetz; Nathan Ziegler; Casey Hogue, in Their Official Capacities As Asum Senators, Defendant did not match any document.