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8 Feb 2014, 6:55 am by Yishai Schwartz
Meanwhile, Carrie Cordero commented on the Daoud disclosure order, which required the disclosure to defense counsel of FISA materials. [read post]
17 Jan 2014, 4:46 pm by Ritika Singh
The conversation featured Ben, Bobby, and frequent Lawfare contributor Carrie Cordero of Georgetown University Law School. [read post]
16 Jan 2014, 4:36 am by Yishai Schwartz
Carrie Cordero gave a three part response to the Report: In Part 1, she concludes that the Report’s lack of discussion of methodology hurt its credibility, and that what we do know of the PRG’s “process” doesn’t inspire confidence. [read post]
12 Jan 2014, 11:00 am by Benjamin Wittes
” I tend to agree with Carrie Cordero that these recommendations are some of the more important, if some of the less discussed, suggestions in the document. [read post]
4 Jan 2014, 7:00 am by Nick Basciano
 Carrie Cordero gave a thoughtful three-part analysis of the Report: Part I looked at the Review Group’s process and asked if it was adequately thorough; Part II discussed the theme of intelligence reform that the Report seemed to embrace; and Part III found the diamond in the Report’s rough–the need to harden classified networks. [read post]
11 Dec 2013, 10:56 am by Raffaela Wakeman
Cordero (Testimony) Adjunct Professor of Law, Georgetown Law, Director, National Security Studies at Georgetown University Law Center, Washington, DC [Update: Testimony added.] [read post]
16 Nov 2013, 5:35 am by Nick Basciano
Georgetown Law’s Carrie Cordero described what she sees at the two most prominent arguments against mass surveillance—the “power of metadata” and “privy protection to foreigners”—and gave us the reasons why she finds both rather unconvincing. [read post]
5 Oct 2013, 7:00 am by Raffaela Wakeman
Despite the government shutdown, Congress’s doors were open, in particular to discuss the NSA surveillance programs: the Senate Judiciary Committee held a hearing, featuring the usual suspects (NSA Director Keith Alexander and DNI James Clapper), frequent Lawfare scribe and Georgetown Law Professor Carrie Cordero, Georgetown Law Professor Laura Donohue, and Princeton’s Edward Felton. [read post]
2 Oct 2013, 9:00 am by Raffaela Wakeman
The Senate Judiciary Committee holds its hearing on NSA surveillance programs today, featuring Georgetown Law’s Carrie Cordero and Laura Donohue, Princeton’s Edward Felton, and General Alexander and DNI Clapper. [read post]
2 Oct 2013, 7:18 am by Raffaela Wakeman
(Update: it seems the Judiciary Committee mislabeled Laura Donohue’s testimony as Carrie Cordero’s. [read post]
28 Sep 2013, 9:00 am by Raffaela Wakeman
Georgetown Law’s Carrie Cordero offered an alternative to the “special advocate” proposal that some in Congress (and the President, too) are endorsing to reform the FISA process. [read post]
26 Sep 2013, 11:00 am by Benjamin Wittes
The following is my my prepared statement for today’s hearing of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence. [read post]
23 Sep 2013, 5:02 pm by Raffaela Wakeman
” The panel, composed of Georgetown Law Professors Carrie Cordero, Laura Donohue, and Marty Lederman, focused on the FISA surveillance programs leaked by Edward Snowden and described in recently-declassified FISA materials, in particular the business records metadata collection program. [read post]
9 Sep 2013, 2:07 pm by Steve Vladeck
Ben may agree with Carrie Cordero that the FISC opinion pushing back against these misrepresentations proves that the process “works”; to me, it proves only that, when the FISA Court actually knows what the NSA is up to, it’s often skeptical, not “approv[ing]. [read post]
6 Sep 2013, 7:45 am by Raffaela Wakeman
Jack Goldsmith, More on the UN Charter, Syria, and “Illegal but Legitimate” Ken Anderson, Five Fundamental International Law Approaches to the Legality of a Syria Intervention Jack Goldsmith, Marty Lederman on the President’s Syria Press Conference, and a Brief Response Jack Goldsmith, Two Important Implications from President’s Press Conference in Sweden Lauren Bateman, Recent Presidential Remarks on Syria Raffaela Wakeman, SFRC Approves Syria Authorization Language Jack… [read post]
24 Aug 2013, 8:00 am by Raffaela Wakeman
Here’s what we’ve published thus far: Ben’s Introduction Summary of the October 2011 FISC Opinion, written up by Ben and Lauren Summary of the November 2011 FISC Opinion, by Ben and Jane Summary of the September 2012 FISC Opinion, by Ben and Sean Summary of Statements to Congress, by Ben, Ritika and me Summary of the Minimization Procedures, by Ben and Sean And some analysis came in from Georgetown Law’s Carrie Cordero, whose piece received a critique from… [read post]
17 Aug 2013, 8:00 am by Raffaela Wakeman
Lawfare hosted a debate between Carrie Cordero and Steve. [read post]
13 Aug 2013, 1:04 pm by Steve Vladeck
I must confess to being somewhat vexed by Ben’s reply this morning to the exchange between Carrie Cordero and me on FISA reform–not for what Ben says, but for why he thinks that leaves him in a  ”very muddled middle ground” between us. [read post]
12 Aug 2013, 11:21 am by Steve Vladeck
On the potential role of security-cleared private counsel, Carrie fears that “[t]he advocate will eventually be just another participant in closed-door government deliberations. [read post]
8 Jun 2013, 8:00 am by Raffaela Wakeman
 Carrie Cordero also authored a guest post explaining why national security leaks of this nature are detrimental to the national defense. [read post]