Your search Celsius Energy Company, a Nevada Corporation, Joseph K.morford Ii, a California Resident, Paul M. Shaverand Jack L. Stanford, Oklahomaresidents, Plaintiffs-appellants, v. Mid America Petroleum, Inc., a Colorado Corporation, Map1981-3 Drilling Partnership, a Texas Limited Partnership,map 1982-3 Drilling Partnership, a Texas Limitedpartnership, Map 1983-1 Drilling Partnership, a Texaslimited Partnership, Map 1983-2 Drilling Partnership, Atexas Limited Partnership, Map 1983-3 Drilling Partnership,a Texas Limited Partnership, Knox Industries, Inc., a Texascorporation, Carodyne Energy 1981 B Ltd., a Texas Limitedpartnership, Carodyne Energy 1982 B Ltd., a Texas Limitedpartnership, Dynasty 1981-1 Ltd., a Texas Limitedpartnership, Dynasty Oil Corporation, a Delawarecorporation, Kaztex Joint Venture, a Division of Kaztexfinancial Inc., a Wisconsin Corporation, Ted Woods, Jessedwards, Gordon Knox and R. Charles Northington, Texasresidents, Defendants-appellees did not match any document.