Your search Charles L. Feather T/a Feather Trucking; Thomas V.patterson; Lawton Trucking, Inc.; D.p. Zimmerman, Jr.;michael D. Rose; David B. Smogyi; Donald Benyack; Ruth A.cordes, Admx. Est. Edward W. Cordes, Jr.; Everett C.teeter, Jr., T/a Everett C. Teeter Trucking; Williamnileski and Robert C. Ermin, Cross-appellants in Nos. 82-5464 & 83-5327 v. United Mine Workers of America and District 2, United Mineworkers of America and Local 1600, United Mineworkers of America, Appellants in Nos.82-5438 & 83-5326 did not match any document.