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18 Feb 2020, 12:01 pm
Book reviewsLast week, our SpecialKat Hayleigh Bosher reviewed a recent book publication from…our SpecialKat Chijioke Okorie, “Multi-sided Music Platforms and the Law, Copyright, Law and Policy in Africa”. [read post]
5 Aug 2019, 12:27 am
Team NewsGuestKat Rose Hughes will soon begin a new role as Patent Attorney at AstraZeneca in Cambridge, UK.Africa Correspondent Chijioke Okorie has been appointed a Queen Elizabeth Scholar under the Open African Innovation Research (Open AIR) project. [read post]
7 Jun 2020, 6:15 am by Anastasiia Kyrylenko
 SpecialKat Chijioke Okorie started a series of posts on the implementation of the Beijing Treaty on Audiovisual Performances in Africa. [read post]
27 Jan 2019, 3:01 am
A recent case in the US gives the opportunity to Katfriend Chijioke Okorie (Penguide) to reflect on this issue from the perspective of Nigerian law. [read post]
15 Mar 2018, 9:24 am
Katfriend and AfroIP blogger Chijioke Ifeoma Okorie returns on a topic that has been increasingly at the centre of attention recently: collective rights management and collecting societies in Nigeria.Here’s what Chijioke Ifeoma writes:“At a meeting of the Board of Directors of the Copyright Society of Nigeria (COSON) held on 7th December 2017, COSON’s founding Chairman (Mr. [read post]
30 Jul 2019, 9:04 am
Africa Correspondent Chijioke Okorie reports that UN Economic Commission for Africa launches the Assessing Regional Integration in Africa (ARIA) IX. [read post]
5 Jan 2014, 4:01 pm
This blog, which offers the largest single searchable online source of recent African IP news, has recently added Caroline Ncube, Isaac Rutenberg and Chijioke Ifeoma Okorie to its blog-squad. [read post]
19 Jan 2015, 11:37 am
Questions of trade mark dilution and defamation in Nigeria are raised on Afro-IP in this post by Chijioke Ifeoma Okorie on the use of the term "yahoo yahoo".A dinner by any other namewould be as tasty ...How IP-relevant can we make it? [read post]
26 Aug 2019, 12:09 pm
Supreme Court in the next term.Africa Correspondent Chijioke Okorie reports on Raconteur Productions Limited v Dioni VisionsEntertainment Limited and 2 Others, heard before the Lagos Division of the Federal High Court of Nigeria, concerning the possibility of copyright infringement of a ‘screenplay’, which is not specifically mentioned or defined in the Nigerian Copyright Act as a protected work.Platform Liability -Former GuestKat Mirko Brüß examines… [read post]
26 Feb 2019, 1:20 pm
The case included the court discussing the differences between the EPO and German caselaw on selection patents.Nigerian law regarding forfeiture orders was discussed by Katfriend Chijioke Okorie in relation to the potential forfeiture of a trade mark as a part of a criminal conviction This followed news of a jury in California convicting a motorcycle club and finding that their trade mark could be subject to civil forfeiture.Finally, there was an in memoriam post for photographer… [read post]
3 Dec 2019, 12:25 am
 Alex Woolgar provided further details.Kat Eleonora Rosati examines copyright protection available to fictional characters and the extent to which it could go, looking at the meaning of a 'work' that is sufficiently 'original' and of the 'right kind', as well as how many and which copyrights it would be entitled to.PatentsGuestKat Rose Hughes discusses the high-profile CRISPR patent dispute relating to the EPO interpretation of "any… [read post]
1 Nov 2019, 1:17 am
This case, concerning the joint authorship of the screenplay of the 'Florence Foster Jenkins' film, revisited the (admittedly) thorny issue of joint authorship of copyright works.SpecialKat Chijioke Okorie looks at some of the highlights of the recently published African Regional Intellectual Property Organisation (ARIPO) Model Law on Copyright and Related Rights.PatentsGuestKat Rose Hughes brings breaking news, reporting on the UK Supreme Court decision… [read post]
10 Oct 2019, 12:32 am
 SpecialKat Chijioke Okorie examines some of the highlights of Kenya’s Copyright (Amendment) Act 2019, which repealed some elements of the original Copyright Act of Kenya to ratify the Marrakesh Treaty and a myriad of other issues. [read post]
26 Mar 2018, 9:14 am
Enjoy the green and blooming 187thedition of Never Too Late.Ginger KatCopyrightKat Eleonora Rosati reflects on an Irish legislative proposal to introduce a text and data mining exception, which would be available to persons who have lawful access to a creative work solely for the purposes of a non-commercial research and provide a sufficient acknowledgment: Irish Government proposes introduction of Irish text and data mining exception.Infighting at Nigeria’s main… [read post]
13 Sep 2019, 6:17 am
 Trade Agreement SpecialKat Chijioke Okorie discussed the regional integration of Africa through trade agreements in the shadow of the xenophobic attacks against Africans living in South Africa. [read post]
21 Feb 2019, 10:24 am
Her commentary highlights the teachings from this decision that even well-known trade marks must succumb to providing high quality evidence of genuine use.Kevin Spacey’s Christmas video – “Let Me Be Frank” has stunned Hollywood as well as our Kat Mathilde Pavis, who comments on the potential copyright infringement implications of Kevin Spacey impersonating the well-known character off script.Katfriend (now guest Africa Correspondent) Chijioke Okorie writes… [read post]
8 Jul 2013, 4:24 am
 Ben Challis continues his excellent and entertaining series of CopyCat posts on the 1709 Blog here, while Afro-IP's Chijioke Ifeoma Okorie explains a vigorous scraps for control of acronyms that are becoming quite a popular pastime in Nigeria these days. [read post]
30 Sep 2013, 7:57 pm
This blog, which offers the largest single searchable online source of recent African IP news, has recently added Caroline Ncube, Isaac Rutenberg and Chijioke Ifeoma Okorie to its blog-squad. [read post]
25 Nov 2013, 10:44 am by Kingsley Egbuonu
FHC/ABJ/CS/579/2012) against the Registry by the Intellectual Property Lawyers Association of Nigeria (IPLAN) as reported by Chijioke Ifeoma Okorie. [read post]
1 Apr 2014, 3:16 pm
This blog, which offers the largest single searchable online source of recent African IP news, features Caroline Ncube, Isaac Rutenberg and Chijioke Ifeoma Okorie within its blog-squad. [read post]