Your search Clayton A. Stacey, Trustee Under the Clayton A. Stacey Trustagreement Dated February 26, 1975; and Patricia Janestacey, Trustee Under the Patricia Jane Stacey Trustagreement Dated February 26, 1978; Kathleen R. Strayer;landelin J. Dillon and His Wife, Noreen Dillon; and Martina. Brennan, Jr. and His Wife, Eileen Brennan (82-1806),plaintiffs-appellants,helen T. Gleeson, Trustee Under the Helen T. Gleeson Trustagreement Dated May 8, 1972, and Helen T. Gleeson(82-1813), Plaintiffs-appellants, v. Charles J. Rogers, Inc., a Michigan Corporation; Charles Construction Company, a Michigancorporation; and William H. Leoni,jointly and Severally,defendants-appellees did not match any document.