Your search David A. Sumrall, Plaintiff-appellant, v. Harry Hughes, Ex Governor of Maryland; William D. Schafer,governor of the State of Maryland, J. Joseph Curran, Jr.,attorney General of Maryland, A. Frank Carven, Iii, Specialassistant, Mr. Lightfoot, Ex Secretary of Public Safety Andcorrectional Services, Arnold J. Hopkins, Marvin N. Robins,executive Director, Inmate Grievance Commission, Ralphpackard, Ex Warden Maryland House of Correction, Captainvargo, Captain Hall, Lieutenant Williams, Lieutenant Harris,lieutenant Diggs, Lieutenant Robertson, Lieutenant Nolan,p.h.p. Health Care Corporation, Dr. Gupta, Ann Bell, Nurse,physician's Assistant Fisher, Physician's Assistant Bithman,nurse Day, Pt. Chesnut, State of Maryland, and Its Agencies,state of Maryland, and Its Agencies of Office of Thecomptroller, Department of Public Safety, Correctionalservices, the Division of Correction, and the Maryland Houseof Correction, Frank E. Basil, Inc., Nurse Chavous, Doctorsharp, Physician's Assistant Morgan, and Other Unknownemployees of Frank E. Basil, Inc., Defendants-appellees did not match any document.