Your search Deborah A. Stone; Janet Ellen Dietrich; Ruth M. Logue, Asindividuals and Representatives of the Class Ofinvoluntarily Transferred Teachers; Gary F. Kaul; Karenkay Wass; Katherine L. Haselton; Norma J. Hetrick;william Schyman; Joseph Price; John A. Lapolla, Jr.;louis Reck; Sandra Sue Serf, Plaintiffs-appellants,sylvester J. Vaughns, Jr., by His Father and Next Friend,sylvester J. Vaughns; James R. L. Brooks, Jr., by Hisfather and Next Friend, James R. L. Brooks; Reginald Wiggs,by His Father and Next Friend, Hosea D. Wiggs; Reginald A.jackson, Jr., by His Father and Next Friend, Reginald A.jackson; Carolyn Gilmore, by Her Father and Next Friend,sterling K. Gilmore, John A. Williams, Individually and Onbehalf of All Other Persons Similarly Situated; Nationalassociation for the Advancement of Colored People, Princegeorge's County Chapter, an Unincorporated Association; Mr.and Mrs. Thomas Newman; Robert and Delores J. Williams;mr.and Mrs. Glenn J. Sterling; John and Florence Rosser Andthe United States of America, Plaintiffs-appellees, v. Prince George's County Board of Education, Defendant-appellee did not match any document.