Your search Drew Brody, Jennifer Hohnstine, by and Through Their Nextfriend, Joanne Sugzdinis, on Behalf of Themselvesand Other Students Similarly Situated v. Edward Spang, Individually and in His Official Capacity Asprincipal, Downingtown Area Senior High School, Ronald Gray,individually and in His Official Capacity As Superintendent,robert Eldredge, Individually and in His Capacity Aspresident, Downingtown Area School Board, Cynthia Hallman,nancy Glenn, Olen Simmons, James Watson, Benjamin Lagarde,andrew Harden, Frank Marcocci, Shirley Hamhons, Individuallyand in Their Official Capacities As Members of Downingtownarea School Board, Bonnie Fitzgerald, by and Through Herguardian, Millard C. Fitzgerald, Millard C. Fitzgerald As Anindividual, Charles Guth, by and Through His Guardian Johnguth As an Individual, Lauri Kyler, by and Through Herguardian, Laura Kyler, Laura Kyler As an Individual, Timothycura, by and Through His Guardian Joseph Cura, Joseph Curaas an Individual, Amber Fernald, by and Through Herguardian, Patricia Fernald, Patricia Fernald As Anindividual, on Behalf of Themselves and Other Students Andtaxpayers Similarly Situated, Proposed Intervenors, Appellants did not match any document.