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27 Oct 2022, 5:55 am by Florian Mueller
Florian Mueller (@FOSSpatents) October 21, 2022 The only thing I wish to clarify for accuracy's sake is that app developers can't even buy ads on their own app pages for defensive purposes the way many brands do on Google. [read post]
6 Apr 2022, 10:14 pm by Florian Mueller
Joe Mueller made it even clearer that Apple wants the Texas court to determine the rate, and that his client would enter into a license agreement on that basis:JOE MUELLER (FOR APPLE): "I'll try to be as clear as I possibly can be on this point because it is crucial. [read post]
1 Apr 2022, 8:52 pm by Florian Mueller
I replied with only a screenshot (the bottom section--because they try to hide those disclosures--of ACT's About page) to which I added an arrow):— Florian Mueller (@FOSSpatents) April 2, 2022 As I was producing that image, I noticed that Microsoft was no longer listed. [read post]
23 Mar 2022, 11:42 pm by Florian Mueller
At this stage, may I just refer you to the actual order (which you find right below) and an early February post that contains a table comparing the parties' preferred ways forward and explanations of how either party sought to get there.22-03-23 Order on Motions t... by Florian Mueller Follow @FOSSpatents Share with other professionals via LinkedIn: Share| [read post]
23 Feb 2022, 7:16 am by Florian Mueller
QE is not representing Samsung against its former employees.Finally, here's the court filing with which Samsung brought its counterclaims:22-02-13 Samsung Answer to ... by Florian Mueller Follow @FOSSpatents Share with other professionals via LinkedIn: Share| [read post]
7 Feb 2022, 10:46 am by Florian Mueller
Apple that "iOS is not unique because there is a broad market for game distribution, such that the “Fortnite” gamein question could be played on many other alternative platforms in addition to iOS, including Samsung phones, Windows PCs, or Microsoft Xboxes" (quoting Ericsson's accurate summary of Apple's position, not an Apple filing).Below you can find Ericsson's two replies to Apple's public interest statements (first the one filed in the two non-SEP… [read post]
31 Jan 2022, 10:52 pm by Florian Mueller
I'll provide some detail on that further below, but let me first show you--and comment on--Apple's latest Texas filing: 22-01-31 Apple Riso Early Cmc by Florian Mueller on ScribdThat reply brief in support of Apple's request for an early case management conference in the Eastern District of Texas relates to where and how to resolve the parties' claims. [read post]
28 Dec 2021, 10:57 pm by Florian Mueller
Apple antitrust and patent infringement complaint from Florida:21-12-15 9-21cv82235 Coring... by Florian Mueller Follow @FOSSpatents Share with other professionals via LinkedIn: Share| [read post]
21 Nov 2021, 4:52 am by Giorgio Luceri
Florian Mueller on Foss Patents provides commentary on the Epic Games v. [read post]
9 Nov 2021, 10:45 pm by Florian Mueller
#appstore— Florian Mueller (@FOSSpatents) October 29, 2021 Of course, the jury is still out on the second part--or, more precisely, the Ninth Circuit motions panel has not even begun its deliberations yet as Apple firstly need to file its motion (which I expect to happen shortly). [read post]
29 Aug 2021, 4:54 am by Sophie Corke
TechnoLlama presented an overview of the creator's copyright fight to clean up Pepe's image - and how NFTs fit in.PatentsThe news that both the South African patent office and the Federal Court of Australia have accepted the designation of an AI as inventor on a patent application has caused ripples in the patent community, with JUVE Patent cautioning however that recognition from major bodies such as the EPO will be necessary before any sea-change materialises.Over on FOSS Patents,… [read post]
8 Aug 2021, 9:21 am by Florian Mueller
Florian Mueller (@FOSSpatents) August 8, 2021 I then decided to also write this blog post so as to ensure that many more of my readers, who include many decision makers and multipliers, would become aware of this.There's a lot more that one could discuss when it comes to Apple, privacy, and hypocrisy. [read post]
19 May 2021, 8:43 am by Florian Mueller
My immediate follow-up is to publish my slide deck (this post continues below the document):21-05-19 Florian Mueller Sl... by Florian MuellerWhile some speakers focused more narrowly on antisuit (and anti-antisuit) injunctions, the first part of my presentation put antisuit injunctions into the wider context of extraterritorial overreach. [read post]
15 Apr 2021, 3:04 am by Florian Mueller
Florian Mueller (@FOSSpatents) April 15, 2021 Of course, even the second part (access to those other systems) could involve duties to deal. [read post]
12 Apr 2021, 9:16 pm by Florian Mueller
Florian Mueller (@FOSSpatents) April 10, 2021 What Apple wanted was for the court to preclude three witnesses--Vivek Sharma of Facebook, Lori Wright of Microsoft, and Benjamin Simon of a five-people company named Yoga Buddhi--"from testifying unless they agree to make sufficient productions four business days in advance of their depositions. [read post]
10 Apr 2021, 12:34 am by Florian Mueller
#OpentheAppStore— Florian Mueller (@FOSSpatents) April 9, 2021 A few hours later, it became known that the chairwoman of the Subcommittee on Competition Policy, Antitrust, and Consumer Rights, Senator Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn.), and the subcomittee's Ranking Member, Senator Mike Lee (R-Utah), sent a letter to Apple CEO Tim Cook (PDF), basically calling on him to stop stonewalling. [read post]
21 Mar 2021, 8:24 am by Florian Mueller
"Finally, the opening and rebuttal opinions by Epic's primary expert on platform economics, David Evans, also place great emphasis on "the competitive effects of Apple's foreclosure of alternative channels of iOS app distribution":376-8 David Evans Opening O... by Florian Mueller376-9 David Evans Rebuttal ... by Florian Mueller Follow @FOSSpatents Share with other professionals via LinkedIn: Share| [read post]
19 Mar 2021, 11:23 pm by Florian Mueller
The preliminary opinion that there likely IS a distinct market for #iOS apps bodes well for an important group of non-parties to this particular case: app developers like @EpicNewsroom and @Spotify @appfairness— Florian Mueller (@FOSSpatents) March 17, 2021 In Russia, a court hearing on Apple's appeal of a regulatory decision (regarding the rejection of apps) was postponed on short notice. [read post]