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18 May 2010, 8:00 am by Glenn Reynolds
IN THE MAIL: From Gabriel Schoenfeld, Necessary Secrets: National Security, the Media, and the Rule of Law. [read post]
29 May 2010, 10:17 am by Glenn Reynolds
AT POWER LINE, a review of Gabriel Schoenfeld’s Necessary Secrets: National Security, the Media and the Rule of Law. [read post]
28 May 2014, 9:23 am by Jack Goldsmith
Gabriel Schoenfeld, author of the indispensable Necessary Secrets, has a new essay in Hoover’s Emerging Threats series entitled “Secrecy, Leaks, and Selective Prosecution. [read post]
7 Mar 2007, 11:40 am
Vacation off: Gabriel Schoenfeld on the Libby verdict. [read post]
31 May 2007, 11:29 am
Gabriel Schoenfeld has some thoughts on next Tuesday's decision. [read post]
5 May 2010, 6:39 am
Gabriel Schoenfeld is remind readers of the blows struck against our surveillance techniques in recent years by the New York Times and others.. [read post]
2 Jan 2008, 8:02 am
Gabriel Schoenfeld rusn through the results of a recent nuclear wargame involving Iran and Israel.It is horrific. [read post]
2 Jun 2010, 6:18 am
The transcript of my conversation with Gabriel Schoenfeld from yesterday's program is here. [read post]
30 Oct 2007, 6:32 am
From Gabriel Schoenfeld's wonderful new Commentary blog, "Connecting the Dots": Don't build a dam on a gypsum foundation. [read post]
30 Oct 2007, 2:14 pm
(Here's the wiki on Professor Hill.)From Israel, Barry Rubin of the Gloria Center, author most recently of The Truth About Syria.Plus Gabriel Schoenfeld on his... [read post]
8 Jan 2008, 5:37 am
From Gabriel Schoenfeld's blog "Contentions": As we noted yesterday, the January 1 deadline for North Korea to turn in a complete accounting of its nuclear-weapons program, as it agreed to do last February, has come... [read post]
4 Jun 2010, 8:04 am by Ted Frank
Manhattan Institute event, June 10: Former AG Mukasey introducing Hudson Institute's Gabriel Schoenfeld on the press's role in publishing leaks of sensitive national-security information. [read post]
25 Apr 2008, 2:04 am
Over at Powerline, they write: Gabriel Schoenfeld reports on the latest Obama foreign policy adviser who turns out not to like Israel very much. [read post]
3 Aug 2015, 9:57 am by Tom Smith
The Obama Justice Department has been making vigorous use of this and related statutes that punish the mishandling of government secrets, prosecuting leakers of classified information in the fiercest crackdown since Richard Nixon’s plumbers. [read post]
25 Mar 2010, 4:05 pm by Stewart Baker
Gabriel Schoenfeld points out in the Weekly Standard that the administration’s nominee to be general counsel of the Army, Solomon B. [read post]
3 Jul 2008, 1:05 am
And last Saturday in The Wall Street Journal, Gabriel Schoenfeld had this review of the book. [read post]
15 Feb 2008, 8:42 pm
Read the whole thing, but the keeper graph is this: What Scheuer is referring to is not an attempt by me or any of these individuals to amend the Constitution, or to silence him through the courts, or to repeal his... [read post]
11 May 2011, 6:38 am by Walter Olson
Separately, Gabriel Schoenfeld at National Affairs argues that “when it comes to the American government’s efforts to provide for the common defense, a far-reaching legalism has taken hold,” and Anderson has more on the legalities of last week’s Bin Laden raid. [read post]
19 Oct 2018, 9:10 am by Victoria Clark
Gabriel Schoenfeld reviewed Greg Miller’s book “The Apprentice: Trump, Russia, and the Subversion of American Democracy. [read post]
5 Dec 2018, 12:59 pm by Anushka Limaye
Gabriel Schoenfeld reviewed David Preiss’s new book, “How to Get Rid of a President: History’s Guide to Removing Unpopular, Unable, or Unfit Chief Executives. [read post]