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13 Sep 2022, 3:00 am by Jack Sharman
  Jack Sharman is chair of the White-Collar Criminal Defense and Corporate Investigations practice group at Lightfoot, Franklin & White LLC. [read post]
8 Sep 2021, 8:17 am by Jack Sharman
White collar crime Trial by podcast.The trial of Elizabeth Holmes offers many unusual aspects in the white-collar world, not least of which is the depth and variety—book, podcasts, movie—of media both mainstream and social, as I recently pointed out for The Recorder : Jack Sharman, a white-collar defense and government investigations lawyer with Lightfoot, Franklin & White in Birmingham, Alabama, said that realization could potentially affect jurors’… [read post]
1 Mar 2021, 2:30 am by Jack Sharman
Go to the App Store.Click “GET” Search for “White Collar Wire” or Jack Sharman” Download it. [read post]
3 Jul 2019, 1:41 pm by Jack Sharman
From Morgan Chalfant at The Hill, notes on the production of that political and constitutional theater known as “executive privilege”: Jack Sharman, a former special counsel to Congress during the Whitewater investigation, noted that there have not been many judicial opinions concerning struggles between the legislative and executive branches over congressional oversight requests and that in most cases the two sides resolve the dispute outside of the courtroom. [read post]
14 Jun 2019, 5:20 am by Jack Sharman
[NOTE: my friend and law school classmate Greg Schuetz co-authored this piece, which appeared in the June issue of “The Docket,” the monthly publication of the Association of Corporate Counsel. [read post]
2 May 2019, 4:09 pm by Jack Sharman
That didn’t happen here,’ Sharman said. [read post]
19 Apr 2019, 8:25 am by Jack Sharman
In the torrent of comments on the report submitted by Special Counsel Robert Mueller, here are mine from Law 360: Jack Sharman, who served as special counsel on the House Financial Services Committee during the Whitewater investigation and is now a partner at Lightfoot Franklin & White LLC, agreed that those findings in the report raise serious questions for Congress going forward. [read post]
22 Jan 2019, 4:30 am by Jack Sharman
  Listen here: with the photo above, I just finished Churchill: Walking With Destiny. [read post]
11 Dec 2018, 5:45 am by Jack Sharman
The Big PicturePerhaps I have a face made for radio, but I enjoyed being a guest on SiriusXM’s POTUS show “The Big Picture” with guest host Chris Frates, making a few points about Mike Flynn: Balce Ceneta/AP    [read post]
13 Nov 2018, 11:25 am by Jack Sharman
With the help of  John Connelly at Legal Filmworks Unlimited, here is a 5-minute video summary of the important points about search warrants and subpoenas: Subpoenas and Search Warrants, Jack Sharman from LFW on Vimeo. [read post]
18 Oct 2018, 12:08 pm by Jack Sharman
“If they have struck a deal where they’re going to cooperate, then that’s a pretty good indication that special counsel’s office believes they have something worth cooperating over,” said Jack Sharman, a former special counsel to Congress for the Whitewater investigation. [read post]
21 Feb 2018, 7:33 am by Jack Sharman
On “The 11th Hour with Brian Williams” to discuss the Rick Gates plea: Jack Sharman – MSNBC – The 11th Hour with Brian Williams (Feb. 19, 2018) from LFW on Vimeo. [read post]
8 Dec 2017, 1:20 pm by Jack Sharman
An unusual point arose here (at the end) regarding an FBI agent’s political text-messages and cross-examination: Jack Sharman – MSNBC – Meet the Press (Dec. 5, 2017) from LFW on Vimeo. [read post]
6 Dec 2017, 3:30 am by Jack Sharman
Here, a few thoughts on the Special Counsel, the President and obstruction of justice: Jack Sharman – MSNBC – The 11th Hour with Brian Williams (Dec. 4, 2017) from LFW on Vimeo. [read post]
2 Nov 2017, 12:08 pm by Jack Sharman
On “The 11th Hour with Brian Williams” to discuss the Mueller indictments: Jack Sharman – MSNBC – The 11th Hour with Brian Williams (Oct. 31, 2017) from LFW on Vimeo. [read post]
14 Aug 2017, 1:13 pm by Jack Sharman
And here, for Amber Phillips of the Washington Post: He’s also the perfect target to send a message to the rest of Washington that the special counsel investigation means business, said Jack Sharman, a white-collar lawyer in Alabama and former special counsel for Congress during the Bill Clinton Whitewater investigation. [read post]
1 Jun 2017, 11:49 am by Jack Sharman
First, the short-version video: Jack Sharman – Learning in Congress from Legal Filmworks Unlimited on Vimeo. [read post]
8 May 2017, 11:40 am by Jack Sharman
  Aggressive enforcement effects others in healthcare as well, including management: “It’s very hard for medical professionals and those in upper management, such as hospital CFOs, CEOs, and CMOs, to see themselves as criminals,” says Jack Sharman, partner at Lightfoot, Franklin, and White, a law firm headquartered in Birmingham, AL. [read post]
22 Apr 2016, 2:32 pm by Jack Sharman
Syndrome, the interviewee is in an impossible position: “Government Agents,” a Lightfoot140 by Jack Sharman. from LFW on Vimeo. [read post]