Your search James Singletary, Plaintiff-appellant, v. Daryl F. Gates, Former Chief of Police; Willie Williams,chief of Police; City of Los Angeles; Richard Alatorre;mike Hernandez; Rita Walters; Hal Bernson; Nate Holden;michael Woo; Mark Ridley-thomas; Marvin Braude; Joypicus; Zev Yaroslavsky; Ernani Bernardi; Robert Farrell;john Ferraro; Joan Flores; Ruth Galanter; Gloria Molina;joy Picus; Joel Wachs; Rudy Svornich; Jackie Goldberg;laura Chick; Richard Alarcon; Unknown Good, Mr., Officer;one Hundred Unknown Named Lapd Officers; La City Attorneys,100 Unknown Named Deputy or Assistant Who Have Recommendedto the Los Angeles City Counsel That It Indemnify Lapdofficers for Punitive Damages Assessed Against Thoseofficers, or Who Have Caused or Participated in the Paymentby the City of La of Lump Sum Settlement of Lawsuits Inwhich Punitive Damages Were Awarded Against an Lapd Officer;la City Employees, 100 Unknown Named Who Were Employed Asjailors Nurses, Nurses Aids or Other Employees in the Vannuys Jail All Except the City of Los Angeles Sued Both Intheir Individual and Official Capacities; C.o. Prather, Asindividual and in Official Capacity; J. Krulac, Asindividual and in Official Capacity; H. Rhudy, Asindividual and in Official Capacity; L. Metz, As Individualand in Official Capacity; R.g. Abrams, As Individual and Inofficial Capacity; J. Garcia, As Individual and in Officialcapacity; M. Pomeroy, As Individual and in Officialcapacity; R.m. Moore, As Individual and in Officialcapacity, Defendants-appellees did not match any document.