Your search James P. Johnson, As Equity Receiver to Collect Assets, Onbehalf of the Claimants of Chilcott Commodities Corporation,chilcott Portfolio Management, Inc., Thomas D. Chilcott,d/b/a Chilcott Futures Fund, Thomas D. Chilcott, Andchilcott Futures Fund, Plaintiff-appellant, v. Don R. Hendricks and Betty M. Hendricks; Gary K. Hilgersand Dona M. Hilgers; Richard R. and Delores Grenfell;vesta E. Dilts; Chester D. Huffmire and Shirley J.huffmire; John T. and Annis L. Doto; Charles v. Roth, Jr.;malvin M. Krinsky and Florence Krinsky; Lawrence W. Sadiland Virginia R. Sadil; Elizabeth A. Demaree, M.e. Demareeand D.c. Demaree; Rosemarie E. Sprague; Joseph Studholmeand Renebelle B. Studholme; and Charles H. Pope,defendants-appellees did not match any document.